This is why your T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T/Sprint store doesn’t have live units on the showroom floor [VIDEO]



It’s tough out there for a T-Mobile sales person. Ever wondered why — depending on your area — your local T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/AT&T retail store may not feature live display units of the latest smartphones to play around with? Well, it might have something to do with stop n’ robs like what occurred at a T-Mobile retail store in Seattle, WA.

It was a day like any other. T-Mobile store employees helped customers, filed paperwork, dusted off store shelves… and oh, yeah — they got robbed. With the hottest smartphones on the market so easily accessible, a pair of goons just couldn’t help themselves from walking into this T-Mobile store, pushing down an employee then, using wire cutters to detach the devices from their security wiring, running off with a Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S2, and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Believe it or not, this is actually the 3rd time a snatch n’ grab has occurred in just this store within the past 6 months. This is why we can’t have nice things. So, the next time you’re out and about shopping for the next big thing, don’t get too upset if your local carrier store can’t afford to place any live demos on the showroom floor. If nothing else, it could be to protect employees from instances like these.

The suspects from the video are still at large and if you recognize them, feel free drop a line to 1-800-222-TIPS.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I hope they get caught and get a plunger shoved in their ass like the cops did that guy in New York. o_o

  2. I hope they will get caught and go to jail for long time.. That`s not good for everyone.

  3. Typical dirtbag losers. Surveillance video ought to make it easy to catch them.

  4. what a bunch of idiots stealing fake dummies when their the dummies

    1. The T-Mobile stores I’ve been in have had live devices, not display dummies.

      Not gonna argue the point that *they’re* the dummies though. ;-)

  5. Lol the next video is obama a at a fair

  6. They ran off with a GS2 and 3? What a couple of dummies, not going for the GS4

    1. Maybe they thought they did.. I hear even Samsung employees get their own phones confused. Especially during long trials vs Apple! (in big red letters):

      @11:08am: “Samsung got its own phones confused in front of the jury”

      1. if you have good eyes 1 look at the screen should tell you enough.
        you can see a pattern like a chainlink fence on the S3 from quite a distance, but to see it on the S4 you need to get very close.

      2. They took a Nexus 4. They must don’t know about Google Play. That phone will have no resale value.

    2. And a Nexus 4, which sells online new for $350.

    3. my thoughts exactly…..bunch or dumdums…..they dont know no better i guess….n they wonder why we get stereotyped…cuz of stupid shyt like this

  7. What a couple of idiots……

  8. Call em what they are DUMB ASSES ,wtf are you going to do with those phones assholes or dont you know that they are always inventoried and entered into a database ?!

    1. I doubt they care whether they work once they’ve pawned them or sold them on eBay.

    2. Or they could just insert a SIM from a different carrier and it will work just fine. I’m sure T-Mo will blacklist the phone, but others won’t.

      1. Aren’t the phones locked?

  9. The stores need to continue have real phones to display if they want to sell me a phone. No way should they let assholes f it up for everyone else.

    1. Most T-Mobile stores I’ve been in, the reps have some hidden away of the newest models for the first few weeks. If you ask, often they’ll find one for you if they can.

  10. Usually surveillance videos are mediocre at best but these dudes looked like they got filmed at 720p, LOL. Its only a matter of time before they get arrested.

    1. LMAO

    2. how da hell they gonna charge dem phones they just stole??? if they gonna do a half azz job they might as well have just turned themselves in with the offense of being officially retarded…smh

      1. I’m assuming they’ll just buy a charger? Or they could steal one of those from Wal-Mart.

  11. It happened here in Pittsburgh at my favorite AT&T store back in Feb.

  12. Glad this didn’t happen at a Verizon retail store. They’d most likely increase all of their subscribers bills a few cents to recoup the losses. Phew! Got lucky.

  13. They should start disabling stolen phones… Would help themselves and their clusters too.

    1. They do. But it’s an IMEI or ESN lock. If the crooks can alter either through software…

      1. Super glue a dummy simcard in the slot, the phone is basically uselessto use as a phone.

        1. Two problems with that…

          1) Most T-Mobile stores I’ve been to have live demo SIM cards in the demo phones.
          2) They can no longer sell the display when the model is discontinued.

    2. Remotely wipe /system partition, basically soft brick the phones.

      1. I really hope they can’t do that. Then all it takes is Anonymous getting pissed at my carrier and *my* phone can get soft-bricked.

      2. Wouldn’t you need root to do something like that? LoL!!

  14. I’ve never been in a corporate store that didn’t have live demo units on the sales floor.

  15. We need to bring back the geatein don’t know how to spell it but we need public decapitation of scum like this.

    1. guillotine*

      1. Thanks

        1. They are just phones. Not worth horrible execution. But I can understand how a willfully ignorant, yet privileged white male, would make such an contemptible statement. Nice hat by the way…

          1. Trust I’m far from privileged the I’ve came from not having anything leaving home when I was 14 everything I have now is from hard work. Thats what scum like this needs to learn. Otherwise we do not need them leaching off society. Also no where did I put race in to the issue so I don’t know where that came from.

          2. The question is: who cares?

          3. Plenty of people care. Saying people should be executed over cell phone theft is absurd. A person from a privileged postion shouldn’t flippantly call for antiquated forms of punishment.

          4. And you know these people are privileged how? You are talking out your ass to defend assault and theft. Yes execution would be harsh but if that kind of law existed then crimes like these would drop significantly. Plus whos fault is it that these people are privileged? I live in ny and their are hard working people who have died over their cell phones? These man arent stuck in a 3rd world country, they are lazy excuses for man. You sir are the ignorant one.

          5. ummm again i really wish people wouldnt say stuff without thinking….no the crime wouldn’t drop significantly…wheres your statistics sheet that shows what u say would be reality….actually if u think about it, if they were publicly executed, other criminals are sure to watch, and would take note, and figure out other ways around getting away with stuff like this….these few stupid criminals dont speak for the rest of the half way decently smart criminals….u guys really need a crash course in common sense and understanding the psychological reason for what people do when it comes to criminal activity

          6. fact sheet China Tiananmen Square Massacre now they don’t protest.

          7. how about something realistic inside of our own borders there buddy….are u saying that u rather live in a communist country? are u slow or something?

          8. im not saying we need to live in a communist country, but we need to do something with our criminal system. we live in a country where we spend more on housing and caring for inmates than on education. if we just executed scum like this once we have 100% certainty it was them it would save tax payers so much money. plus we could sell tickets to the show. to help compensate the community for their wrong doing.

          9. i give up man….i give up trying to explain…and it would seem that my comments have been disabled so i dont even know if youll se this reply, but listen, things arent that black n white…no pun intended. if the government had that type of power it would only end up getting abused.

          10. o nevermind i guess trolls last comment is being moderated so i couldnt reply to his idiotic reasoning, but since i can post here, hey TROLL, heres my response to your comment to me::

            first off buddy whoa nelly slow your roll, i didnt say i was psychic….so no i dont read minds, scond off, some people really cant break free from an ignorant mind, and some people really cant change how they act, how would u know unless you talk to the people in this video….who cares that u know the same “types” of people in your neighborhood, everybody isnt the same,approaching the situation with an open mind is much more preferable than doing it based on a majority way of thinking, i mean come on bro, do u seriously think, that everybody is mentally capable of changing things???
            maybe people arent as strong minded as you, it depends on the situation youve been brought up in, but moreso it depends on the strength of your mind. perfect example, my life was all sorts of screwed up as a kid, but i serve my country, i have kids that have wonderful lives and im makin money and have my own stuff, however my twin on the other hand, grew up with family, never had to want for anything, but his dumbass has been in and out of jail for the past 7 years….so my point is, u cant always go off of what the status quo is or should be, its all about the individual, thats all im sayin brother.

          11. Pull the race card when you counter argument always wins right?

          12. Not about winning Large Father.

          13. Are you?

          14. Dont worry. The fact that he pulled the race card and called you priviledged soley based on your race proves hes an idiot. These men are lazy mofos who would rather steal than work. I hate when people pull that “white man has everything” crap. As a black man from a bad neighborhood I know first hand how shady these people are. They would steal regardless because its fast money. This idiot wouldnt have so much to say if one of his family members died because they refused to give up their samsung phone. ( which by the way happens a lot where live)

          15. yeah i already figured this out but thanks and trust me im not blind to the issues in these neighborhoods ive grown up in surroundings like this and that is one of the things i gate most is the race card. i judge a man by how he carry himself and his ethics there are whites worse than these guys and blacks that are outstanding citizens and community leaders. it is all a matter of choice and hard work.

          16. i find it laughable that u can judge a man seeing as you arent god or a supreme court justice.

          17. And what do you think you re doing judging. I hope scum like this comes up and steals your phone since you want to protect them so bad.

          18. first off im not protecting them, and i have insurance on my phone so if someone decides to try and rob me for it, ill just get a new one. furthermore your displaying awesome ignorance with every word u type on this thread. it would seem that u lost sight of your own argument, im not protecting them just because i dont agree with your draconian way of dealing with petty crime. grow up dude seriously. u know what, im done with this thread, refute whatever i say because u dont want to face facts that stuff isnt as simple as you would like for it to be…and i also see u still haven replied to my questions to you about how u would feel if your method of thinking was actually used against u, but i guess for u its better to throw stones at people when u yourself live in a glass house. have a ball talkin about this all day if u like, i have better things to do. good day to u sir.

          19. hey buddy if their heads get chopped off how do u expect them to learn? and it would be sure to turn into a race riot if they were publicly executed for something as petty as stealing a few phones….do u think about what u say before u decide to throw your half minded logic out there??? sure u didnt say anything about race, but its a reality that thats what this issue would turn into had the world resorted to your methods of retarded and unwarranted lethal punishment…ever heard the term punishment fitting the crime??? don’t make a fool out of yourself…think before u say stuff…#jussayin

          20. they would learn the punishment outweighs the crime and think about it before doing it, and how would it turn into a racial riot if the punishment had no racial boundaries.

          21. because there are ignorant people like you who have these out of this world reasoning and also because people like to play the rce card, as is evident in this thread. so let me ask you a question, since youre all about extreme punishment, of course its easy to talk about the stuff if it didnt apply to u, but how would u like getting your balls chopped off for doing a california roll at a stop sign, or maybe how would u like to have your family killed because you maybe jaywalk across the street, or how bout having you girlfriend wife or boyfriend shot in front of your face because you got a traffic violation like parking one minute past the time u were supposed to move your vehicle from a public parking spot??? has any of that went thru your head before u decided what should happen to these guys for something as stupid as what they did? im pretty sure u havent so yeah just shut up before u make yourself look dumber than these guys. im glad youre not an official politician tho or this country would be a mess more than it is right now. SMH

          22. Now a California stop does not take anything from anyone but I would be for it for doing it to wreckless drivers swerving through lanes on the freeway who are endangering others lives

          23. Lol cosign.

          24. You must don’t know about Chinese laws.

          25. My point exactly if we had laws like that nobody would be stealing crap

          26. i think these guys should be publicly humiliated and on display like a freak show at the circus…i’d much rather be killed then have to be looked down upon with shame for some stupid shyt that ive done.

        2. Oh my goodness!! That’s what you were trying to spell!? =.P

    2. Well, in some parts of the world, they will cut your hand off for stealing.

    3. little bit extreme dont u think…its not like they robbed the store at gun point or severely harmed anyone….i’d go for maybe public humiliation, that way they have to live with being laughed at for being jack asses, maybe then they’d just kill themselves for the shame they feel, there u have it, clean conscious for everybody! lulz

  16. I bet this doesn’t happen at Verizon stores as they don’t have all the popular smartphones. :)

  17. Hope the scum goes to jail

  18. These phones all have imei numbers linked to them. As soon as they try to use them or someone who buys one does will be easily tracked. Never understood why someone would steal something with half a dozen ways to track you.

    1. Criminals aren’t the smartest bunch.

      1. at least not these ones lol, they forgot the charging cables lmao

    2. These are the phones on Craigslist that are priced at just too good to be true

    3. They won’t use them. They will pawn them or sell them on eBay/Craigslist.

      They couldn’t care less if they work or continued to work.

    4. The phones will go straight to a shady pawn shop for quick cash.

    5. dont forget GPS as well lol

  19. I’ll never understand petty criminal behavior like this. Legally it’s not “petty”, likely this is Second-Degree Theft under Washington law but it’s still ridiculous to risk those kinds of charges for a couple of mobile phones.

    1. Plus criminal battery.

      1. That too, idiots.

    2. if the phone retail value is anything over $450, its actually grand theft

      1. Here in Texas that’s the law but I just thought they called it “Second-Degree Theft” under Washington law.

  20. They should put live phones out with GPS tracking software, and use them as bait. By the time the crooks figure out how to disable them, the cops will probably be knocking on their door.

  21. I would have been on the phone calling the cops as soon as the guy in the Boston hat walked in.

  22. Too bad these phones didn’t have AndroidLost installed…they’d be able to track the location and take pictures/audio of the thiefs.

    1. they probably have ‘find my mobile’.
      it’s built into many recent samsung devices.

    2. Ceberus. You trippin’. LoL!!

  23. Correction for my area (RSA 344) – Verizon/AT&T/USCC stores, Metro and T-Mobile only have authorized dealers here, and Sprint doesn’t have service. I’ve never seen anything like that happen here.

  24. Provide your employees with their own pair of knuckle dusters for this type occasion! Lol

    1. What are those going to do against a gun? I highly doubt that the store clerk is going to risk his safety or life for a phone.

      1. That’s why store managers should be armed, never see a robbery again.

  25. BMW keys and had to steal a phone

    1. He need to sell the phones to pay for the insurance of the car unless he stoled the keys from one of his buddies… -_-

  26. When there’s video and a reward they’re caught within hours.

  27. If only all places had video surveillance systems like this one. Geez, I don’t think you could have had a more clear picture of these guys. Shouldn’t take long for someone to recogonize one of these fools.

  28. Seems to me that all these phones have cameras ad GPS. There are plenty of “Secret” video/audio recording apps in the Play Store. ALL display phones should be recording everyone who touches them and should be set to track where they are. I’m no techie, but I can set my phone to do both in about 15 minutes. Someone who knows what they are doing could probably do it in 5. “An ounce of prevention……”

    A side note: It would be wonderful irony to use an app that is specifically developed to “catch” the police doing the wrong thing for the purpose of catching criminals do the wrong thing.

  29. I thought it was just that the non-corporate Sprint stores were the ones without live demos.

    1. I’m sure it depends on the location of the store as well, a retailer in the hood would most likely not carry live demo phones as one in an upper class area would.

  30. typical statistics there not saying any more but you get the hint dumbass get a job and buy a phone lol

  31. Where is there a video of someone base jumping from Mount Everest in the middle of the article??

    My local Verizon store has all working units, pretty much every Verizon store I’ve gone into (Also AT&T) has working units. Pretty much all Sprint and T-Mobile stores only have like one or two working units. I’ve always figured it was because since Verizon and AT&T are way bigger companies than Sprint and T-Mobile that they had the money to put about $5,000 worth of devices on their show floors whereas smaller companies like Sprint and T-Mobile couldn’t really afford it.

  32. the video link isn’t there. I weep no tears for t-mobile or any corporate store. #1 they have insurance that repays them. #2 they don’t pay for the demo phones, they are given to them by the manufacturers.

  33. These people are the idiots that break into your car because you have a HTC G1 laying on your car seat.

    They can’t get over $400 with what they stole. -_-

    1. hahahahahahahaha lmao

  34. Looking at 5 to 10 years for robbery, and felony assault and battery. Dumb asses ROFL.

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