Watch today’s Verizon announcement live online!

Verizon Wireless invites the press to a special event at CTIA 2013.

Verizon Wireless invites the press to a special event at CTIA 2013.

In case you’ve forgotten, the fine folks at Verizon are about to announce… something. What, we don’t know. But the announcement is being aired live for anyone who wants to follow along, so be sure to tune right here for a first-hand account of everything Big Red has to tell or show us. Will we get news regarding a possible HTC One or a variant of it? Will there be some network-related news such as the expansion of VoLTE? Is Verizon going to spend an hour just taunting all the other carriers? Anything can happen, but whatever it is you can be sure we’ll be reporting it right here on Stay tuned!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. +1 Taunting the other carriers. “Everyone hates us and we STILL have more customers than you!”

  2. I hope it’s a “The Feds have decided we need to be broken up like Ma Bell was”, but obviously I’m not gonna hold my breath. VoLTE would be cool, but like SVDO that was promised years ago and never materialized, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    It’s probably some device announcement, maybe a demo of their S4 (with out the tapdancing pest), and a reminder that they’re the largest carrier in the country so they should get their way in all matters. Douches…

  3. No HTC One? Wtf verizon

    1. I can’t blame them for this. The last several HTC phones they’ve carried have been stinkers, specifically the Thunderbolt. After that fiasco, any company would take pause considering another device from the same manufacturer.

      1. Droid Incredible LTE (one s) and the DNA are rock solid. The TB was 2 years ago…..

  4. Latinos!!! LALALALA

  5. dafuq?

  6. That was a buzzkill!

  7. In other words, the Latino market is growing so……we’ll roll out something that directly targets the Latino market so we can rake in even more money.

  8. Maybe they have decided undercut T-Mobile’s pricing!

    (OK…OK… I can’t keep a straight face while saying that… LMAO!)

  9. well that was pointless. instead of segregating our customers to different stores we should be focused on enhancing the singular store experience for ALL

    1. Cingular stores no longer exist… NYUCK NYUCK!

      1. ;)

  10. What the hell is a Verizon?

  11. Its been a while since I have read the Phandroid comments. Are they always this bad now?

  12. Still no One for Verizon? Wow.

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