Caterpillar’s rugged Cat B15 smartphone launches in the US for $350


cat b15

It’s been a while since we last heard from Caterpillar regarding the Cat B15, the company’s extremely rugged Android smartphone. It’s a 4-inch WVGA device powered by MediaTek’s MT6577 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a 5 megapixel rear camera with 720p video recording accompanied by a VGA front camera, aGPS, a microSD card slot and more.

The specs don’t immediately jump out at you, but that’s fine if you’re someone who needs a smartphone that can take a beating. The Cat B15 has been built to IP67 specification, making it dust-proof, shock proof, and water-proof for up to 30 minutes when submerged in up to 3.2 feet of water. And if the words don’t mean anything to you, just look at that beast above — it’s one tank of a smartphone.

Many wondered whether Caterpillar would be bringing its smartphone to America whenever it was ready for launch, but wonder no longer: it is here, and you’ll be able to buy your own online for an unlocked price of $350. Caterpillar vows to become the number one manufacturer of rugged handsets in the world, and if this smartphone is an indication of things to come we can’t see any scenario where they don’t have a chance.

Quality One Wireless is the only known location for buying the device at this time, but considering it’s owned and operated by the same entity overseeing Caterpillar we’d say that shouldn’t be a problem for any of you looking to purchase one. Get over to their site and grab yours now if you’re interested.

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  1. didn’t they ever hear about otterbox?

    1. Otterbox is not waterproof. Or even dustproof.

  2. This thing reminds me a lot of a Runbo x5 minus the walkie talkie feature.

  3. This thing looks pretty friggin durable lol. Definitely a good buy for ppl out and about doing rugged crap and still need a phone. Can see this as perfect for those who go out camping/mountain biking/kayaking…etc. Pretty much the outdoorsey folk who still need to keep in touch with the modern world but dont want to risk dropping their HTC One or Galaxy S4 off a damn ravine LOL.

  4. All i can think of his Moto’s patent for the octagon shaped phone

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Lawsuit anyone…

      1. If Moto was owned by anyone else.

        1. If Moto was owned by Apple*.

  5. Only 3G? LOL

  6. Who is actually building the phone? Is it in house CAT?

  7. Another super rugged phone with low-end specs.. oh well :-

  8. Why can’t they make a rugged phone with good specs? Why should those who need durability have to sacrifice speed and performance, etc.?

    1. Galaxy S4 Active…

      1. Those are mid range specs nowadays.

  9. wow…. Way to make a tank of a phone with the most pitiful specks….. At $350, get two… one to try and use, the other to destroy with a CAT D8 and 6ft. ripper….. 8 D

  10. P.S. my year old S3 OtterBoxed is still going….. Sheppard Trucking Co.

  11. And it begs the question of when the !@#$ing !@#$ will Verizon release the already-approved-by-the-FCC-months-ago Casio C811? LTE but VZW is being their dickbag selves and not even admitting it exists, much less has a launch date. Yes, it’s over 2 years since the first Android Casio, so early adopters are punished with old phones and no upgrade path.

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