Technically, Key-lime Pie WAS at Google I/O…


Key Lime Pie

Oh, Google. Only you know how to get us in a tizzy. When we heard rumors that Key-Lime Pie would be at Google IO, we were expecting something… different. It was there, though — we just weren’t looking hard enough to find it. Google slipped these easter eggs into various sessions of theirs, with one showing a BugDroid chilling on a park bench eating a delicious-looking slice of key-lime pie, with another showing an RPG where one of the characters’ special moves is, you guessed it, key-lime pie. Now, if only we could get the Mountain View company to bestow upon us the software upgrade by the same name…

key lime pie 2

[via Google+, Reddit, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. #SlowNewsDay

  2. Damn and I was really pulling for Kettle Corn…:-(

    1. Nothing like getting trolled by Google, right? Ah…but we love ’em anyway.

  3. I guess something had to be published on a Monday ha-ha.

  4. Lol nice

  5. Magic Missile! Magic Missile!

  6. Haha, troll level: over 9000.

  7. I want that RPG…

    1. It looks like a Final Fantasy game because I see Black Mage in the party.

      1. Its not just black mage its his android cousin.

  8. Pretty sly of them. It looks like we’re the judges of the next OS. Everyone!! Let’s band together and create the next name.

    Lemon Creme maybe?

    1. Lemon drop

      1. Licorice, the black edition.

    2. Lollipop

      1. I won’t settle for anything BUT this name for the next iteration…
        In fact…if it’s not Lollipop..I’m quitting Android…

    3. Lama Del Rey. O_o

    4. just imagine…Android Tiramisu

  9. Anyone notice it’s Larry and Sergey as party members and the monster is holding an Apple?

    1. didn’t notice that so thanks!

    2. I didn’t notice the monster was holding an apple, lol. I wonder who the third human is supposed to be? Sundar Pichai maybe?

    3. Zomg. It is them! Very observant. Who is the guy on the bottom?

  10. Out of topic question but why does my Disqus picture have the phandroid logo on it? I didn’t change it at all.

    1. I think it may change depending what site you’re on. So say, Phandroid can have it so that if no custom image is used for your avatar, the default picture is changed to the Phandroid icon. That’s my guess, at least.

      1. Nice guess so thanks but I had a custom image and it got replaced with the phandroid logo.

  11. I remember that time I cast Giga-Stan on some evil Flan.

  12. Game changer…

  13. Google has been pushing Android updates VIA a full OS upgrade for far to long. What Google has done is stripped out the more functional parts of the OS to allow those more user centered items to reach more users without having to upgrade to a new phone. This is a great direction by two fold. One when you “leave people behind” you get people who are more likely to jump to another platform. Secondly we are not realizing the shear amount of phones being sold in the world today and if you have to toss a phone out every two years just to have a new OS then you are really killing the environment more. Today we have had quad core CPU’s for over a year now and no sign of increasing in the future so the speed is here and here to stay. Unlike 3 years ago when a phone simply could not handle what a new OS provides due to size and processing power required to keep up with the OS, today’s phones are more future proof. Bigger storage, memory and CPU/GPU means that the phone could potentially handle three to four OS upgrades but as we often see the manufactures refuse to provide that.

    My hat off to you Google for allowing more people with older equipment to enjoy what they can regardless of the screen and CPU and what the manufacture will provide.

    Lets just hope that KLP will introduce better back end and less new features that cannot roll back to older OS’s.

  14. I’m going to guess that the numbers are actual date for the release/update of the items on the left. :)

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