White Nexus 4 pictured again, arrives June 10th on Google Play with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean [RUMOR]



Our friends at AndroidandMe have finally tracked down the elusive white Nexus 4 and confirming a few things. First, this all new white version of the Nexus 4 will be available on the Google Play Starting on June 10th. Second, it looks like it will come with a new software update — Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

For whatever reason, Google chose to hold off on announcing this white paint jobbed Nexus 4, or anything about this new version of Android. It’s expected that Android 4.3 will introduce support for Bluetooth Smart and possibly OpenGL ES 3.0. As Nexus devices do, you can expect a rollout to current gen Nexuses around that time frame. Expect pricing will remain the same, and no word if Google is planning on bumping up that internal storage to 16/32GB.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Still surprised Google made no major Android hardware/software announcements yet at I/O besides the SGS4

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting anything NEW, just refreshes. *shrugs*

      Maybe they’re planning a separate event seeing as how I/O was 3 hours long, and more focused on devs.

      1. Yes but when? I’d like to know!

      2. Think the fall event is for major hardware announcements.

        1. That’s when I would expect the next Nexus phone, but the N7 was announced last year. They may be moving it to align with the holiday quarter though.

      3. A separate event would make sense on a PR stand point. They would be getting double the publicity and spread out over a longer period of time. They had a lot to announce yesterday company wide and all of it was awesome in itself.

        Hopefully Android’s day comes sooner rather than later…my GNex is getting tired.

      4. Just because it’s how my mind works, what if Hangouts gets SMS integration…

        but only for devices running 4.3

        Can you imagine the screaming and gnashing of teeth if that were to happen?

        1. HA! Like Google Now ONLY on Jelly Bean…. Now I’m scared. O_o

        2. Honestly I wouldn’t find it at all surprising if Hangouts replace the standard messaging app in 4.3. I don’t think they’ll put a version requirement on it though except maybe Jelly Bean or ICS and up.

        3. Crap…and now you’ve gone and given them *that* idea.

          Way to go there, buddy. Way. To. Go. (he said jokingly)

          1. It won’t happen because the new Google Play services APIs are designed specifically to prevent this scenario. That’s, frankly, the entire reason why Android 4.3 was left out of Google I/O.

            They wanted to highlight their ability to give people new core features across multiple versions of Android. Instead of having to wait for a new version to roll out.

          2. ” That’s, frankly, the entire reason why Android 4.3 was left out of Google I/O.”

            Well, that’s the currently held belief, anyway. ;)

          3. True enough. It’s not gospel.

            It really makes sense though. Hell, it could have just been a last minute glitch with Android 4.3 (we may never know).

      5. I/O this year really went back to being a developers conference. Last year it was all about new hardware and software and cool shiny things. this year was all about making the core services better and giving developers new options to really deliver higher quality content/services.

        As a developer I think it’s cool. As a guy obsessed with new tech I really wanted to see some shiny new toys.

        1. No, the Keynote went back to being more developer focused. The sessions have always been developer focused.

          1. I was referring to the keynote. Sorry, should have been more clear.

      6. I’d like to think it’s because Apple begged for mercy. There’s only so much of a features beating a company can take. Google is just being the nice guy and letting Apple try to at least catch up software wise to Android 4.1 levels.

      7. Chris, I was browsing through Google Images for something and came across your picture… except it’s 30 years later lol jk, im not gay but ill be nice enough to say you look much better lol


        1. lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. sgs4 with pure android? sounds pretty good to me

      1. The only reason it sounds good to me is because hopefully Devs can pull that completely working stock Android and push it to other SGS4s. At $650 it just seems too out of reach for most even though it sounds great.

        1. That is standard pricing for buying a high end phone off the shelf, I’m not sure why anyone is surprised or put off by this…it’s the way it always has been.

          1. I know it is. And there aren’t too many people here in the states that pay full price for phones besides the Nexus 4. Clearly, in the enthusiasts market (phandriod raders for example) there is a higher percentage, but even still it’s not that high.

          2. I’m getting one, it’s still cheaper overall than getting a subsidized post-paid phone on AT&T

          3. Good plan. Too bad you’ll still be paying the subsidized price that’s built into your bill, though.

            Sadly, with most major US carriers, even if you buy your phone elsewhere, you’re paying a higher monthly price so they can offset the subsidy costs, even if you didn’t buy a subsidized phone from them. It’s annoying and I’m in the same boat.

          4. If your smart and use a prepaid carrier, you can get a SGS4, and prepaid service for less over the course of 2 years than you’d pay for your supposedly discounted phone on postpaid.

          5. Couldn’t Google theoretically implement a pricing plan of their own through Google Play? I think it would be a great idea to offer similar pricing plans to T-Mobile through Google Play for Nexus devices. They already have your credit card information and can do monthly billing.

        2. Prepaid/off-contract pricing:

          AT&T: $639
          T-Mobile: $629.99
          Sprint: $599.99

          So, it’s $10-20 more than with the two carriers it’s compatible with, the same price as Verizon, and $50 more than Sprint.

          1. Yeah but it would make no sense to buy the “Nexus” SGS4 and go use it on AT&T, because you can get the subsidized one for $199 and pay the same monthly bill.

            Math wise, it does make sense to buy it outright from Google play and use it on T-Mo, but again, a lot of people don’t like to front full price for a phone. Some do no doubt, but most don’t.

          2. It depends on what AT&T’s Prepaid plans look like, too. Or if you’re mid-contract and don’t have an upgrade.

            Remember, though, that fronting full price for a phone is how they roll in the EU. It’s really just the North American crowd who is used to the whole “subsidized” thing being standard.

          3. AT&T’s new prepaid pricing has already been released.

          4. I didn’t know they were doing new plans. I just meant I didn’t know what AT&T charged for prepaid. :)

          5. This. Glad someone else gets this.

            Carriers have been fooling us for a long time with this subsidized phone scheme. What a shame.

  2. If it wasn’t a black front I could get this for my girl. I want to get her into android but phone must be white.

    1. Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, have full white versions of their phones. I remember when I got my girl to try Android (2010) and ditch her iphone, she has neverlooked back.

  3. The white Nexus 4 is dropping dead gorgeous! I feel like buying one just to see it glitter…

  4. It should have LTE for T Mobile even if $50 to $100 more

  5. LTE or no LTE officially? I want official LTE so I don’t have to do the hacked/root method.

  6. can i get a nexus 4 with LTE?

  7. Would love to switch to nexus phones. No Sd card preventing Google from getting my money.

  8. hmm…

  9. What’s up with the flash? It’s all crooked. It’s either fake, or a botched production job. I can’t deal with that.

    1. I thought so too, but if you zoom in a little it looks like its just a glare. Optical illusions.

  10. This really pisses me off. I have waited out FOR MONTHS on getting a Nexus 4 because I wanted a white one. I just spent ove 400$ getting this thing, and now, the white is coming out, I will have to pony out another 400$. This irritates me, I finally get a GS3, and the 4 Comes out, I finally get the Nexus 4, and the white Nexus 4 Comes out… I can’t afford to keep buying this chiz.

    1. YOU DONT NEED TO BUY IT. It’s not your obligation ! xD

    2. Are you aware of technology?

    3. Dude, you need to read some more if you were totally oblivious of the sgs4. They refresh every year. It’s not like the sky was falling. Why didn’t you expect there to be a refresh this year? Also, you realize the white and black nexus 4’s will be exactly the same. I don’t know why you’re complaining. Maybe it’s just that time of the month.

    4. You’re mad because new versions of phones come out? I hope you realize that this is a perpetual process.

      The SGS3 and SGS4 example is even more hilarious. Do you not read about when new phones that may pique your interest are expected to become available before buying?

  11. Thinking of trying out the Lumia 928 on Verizon. Unless Google can get me a phone who’s camera is on par. I still love Android, but man, Nokia makes sexy phones.

  12. LTE! LTE! LTE! officially that is.

  13. Still waiting on Verizon…

  14. Chris,
    Why doesn’t any of the journalists from all these websites have the balls to ask these clowns at Google why don’t they give their dedicated customers who have made them who they are to bump up the damn storage to at least 32, I prefer at least 64gb. Never have enough storage. Many times phones start getting sluggish as hell due to very little memory left. If I was there I would be the first guy to drop that bomb and I wouldn’t let it lie, I would force the issue.

  15. so how many version do they plan on calling ‘jelly bean’ anyways?

    1. Android 8.5 Jelly Bean

    2. My guess is Android 4.3 will be the last. We’ll see Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the fall.

      Remember, Android 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 were all called Honeycomb. This isn’t exactly unprecedented.

      1. true, maybe there going in a way where the next major version x.0 gets a new name, and the minors, x.1, x.2 x.3, etc. don’t

  16. Nice for the choice of white and black, still happy with my N4, more concerned with getting 4.3 (if the rumor is true) on around the same time as the white one is released.

  17. But will it have “nubs”?

    1. I noticed that too. It doesn’t look like the nubs are present.

      Perhaps this design was done BEFORE the nubs change was implemented in production. Alternatively, maybe LG figured out a more elegant solution in the white Nexus 4 and implemented that in its design.

  18. All indications point to Android 4.3 being signed and sealed, but it wasn’t delivered (at the last minute) for some reason. That reason, I think, is because they wanted to show that Google Play services have powerful APIs that can be updated independently of the OS version and thus afford new features to even older versions of Android without having to go through the carriers in a long and arduous update QA process.

    Essentially, Google said “Hey, look, we can give you new core features in a timely manner without pushing an entire Android update.” They made their point and we’ll see the performance upgrades and perhaps some other “under the hood” changes in Android 4.3 next month.

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