Refreshed Nexus 7 spotted in Google Hangouts promo? [VIDEO]


It was rumored for quite sometime that we might see a refreshed Nexus 7 tablet (Nexus 7+?) announced at this year’s Google IO. With the keynote fast behind us, many were disappointed to find no mention of this fabled Nexus 7 update, rumored to come equipped with a 1080p full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon CPU, and constructed out of pure unicorn horn.

New Nexus 7 leak

Well, we may have been given a quick glimpse at the rumored device. This after Google uploaded a Google Hangouts promo video to their YouTube channel yesterday, highlighting the all new and fully featured app. In the video, we see some rambunctious young people with all the latest tech, (upside down) Nexus 4, Nexus 10, iPhone, and what’s this — a Nexus 7 tablet with an LED notification? Weird, because the current generation Nexus 7 features no such hardware. Flip ahead to the 0:20 second mark for the possible “leak.”

Many will be quick to point out the heavily doctored UI’s on these devices — and yes, the clueless dude in the video is holding his Nexus 4 upside down. But all the hardware in the video is very much real and currently available. Most of it anyway. When it comes to the scene of the Nexus 10 featuring HSPA+ connectivity, I don’t buy it. Again, the screens were all displayed using special effects. What do you guys think? New Nexus 7? Or some good old fashioned CGI?

Update: On 5th glance, it looks like it’s simply the front facing camera and using special effects, it lights up “blue.” Clever.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I laughed way too hard at that upside down nexus 4.

    1. Me too! More than I probably should xD

    2. Wow… that was sad, haha

  2. It’s not CGI, there’s no point in going through that much trouble. If they felt strongly enough that the Nexus 7 needed a notification LED (strongly enough to add it through CGI), then they would add one (which presumedly they did). Nice catch.

  3. Snazzy song.

  4. i want a tablet with a super OMLED screen. those colors would POP and if it was 3D compatible itwould be AMAZING!

    1. No, just no. Do you really want a pentile screen?

      1. Not all OLED screens are Pentile.

        1. Yes, but all have overly saturated, inaccurate color reproduction. I’m pretty sure that all of the HD amoled screens on phones right now are pentile.

          1. Most, but not all. The Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t. The GS2 didn’t.

            I’d agree that most do, but I’d disagree that it’s necessarily a big deal. I think the Pentile GS4 screen is amongst the best I’ve seen.

            I’m not trying to be pedantic. My point is simply that, just because a screen is OLED doesn’t necessarily mean it will be Pentile.

          2. the galaxy s4 is not pentile…

          3. My 720p Galaxy Note 2 screen is full RGB AMOLED and it looks great.

    2. I too want a tablet with a screen technology that doesn’t exist!

  5. I want a flashy colored LED for my Nexus 7. It’s no multicolored scroll ball but it would do.

    1. I would rather have a front facing speaker.

      1. That functionally would be better but I feel like it’s not really a nexus device without a multicolor something.

  6. Sweet. Put it on the play store with that $200 price tag and I’ll start throwing my money at the screen… hoping that I don’t get stuck in limbo or sh!tty google servers.

    1. Seriously, I had to “purchase” 3 Nexus 7’s in order to get an actual processed order that shipped to me. Then, of course, a month later they shipped me another after assuring me that all was well…
      I so hope Google would get their act together or let someone else distribute their devices.
      The last time I had that poor level of customer service was dealing with Best Buy.

  7. and we also saw an unknown phone during the April fools joke, Google treasure hunt. maybe they’re forming up their line in secret glimpses

  8. LOL that’s actually pretty hilarious to see the Nexus 4 upside down.

  9. it’s light reflecting off of the camera glass, you can see it dim when she moves her arm..nothing to see here carry on.

  10. With all the doctored UI’s I don’t think that suggesting a Nexus 7 refresh would be a wise conclusion. But one can hope!

  11. Couldn’t care less about rumors, assumptions, perceived sightings, or info from knowledgeable sources. However, the upside down Nexus 4 is hi-la-ri-ous!

  12. Am I the only one more interested in what one guy and two girls are doing going on a camping trip? I mean, one tent and two females and I am having a field day. Screw hangout. lol.

    1. So, does “screw hangout” mean to forget the Hangouts app? Or is that the name you’re calling your tent on the camping trip?

      Wow, that was terrible. I’ll see myself out. *leaves….then comes back.* Whoops, forgot my hat.

  13. No one mentioned “you’re holding it wrong?”

  14. Wow did google blow all of it’s marketing money on I/O that they couldn’t hire a proper actor to figure out how to hold his Nexus 4 LOL

  15. I think that it’s just the lighting. Her arm hovers across it to pick it up and I think that’s why it looks like it’s flashing but it’s not.

    1. Google focused on that spot for a reason….. so it has to be a light.

  16. At 0:37, the notification bar is slightly see-through! Maybe part of the 4.3 update?

  17. Ya screen images are always simulated. Fine by me. I’m really curious about this new Nexus 7 though….. I hope it has a bezel-less design…..

  18. a HSPA+ Nexus 10? that’d actually be pretty sweet.

  19. Upside down Nexus L| = h
    notification [L]ight = L
    hspa+ showing up on the Nexus 10 is the 3rd error in the video = 3

    HL3 Confirmed.

  20. All of the people talking about the nexus being upside down – it works the same and if you arent using hardware buttons or the speaker/mic then who cares which direction it is…

  21. Wow why do I feel like this is…fake? the nexus 7 leak the upside down nexus 4 and 2 giros 1 guy going camping is googleing trolling us? Cuz its funny as hell

  22. I do not think its the new Nexus 7. Man people are really having a No Nexus re-drawal symptom this Google IO.

  23. Maybe Google wanted to emphasize you can hold your phone however you want, or that the new tech turns your world upside down… or… ok I give up.

  24. Yea, I also remember around Christmas last year, A Nexus 10 dock was “spotted” in a Google commercial. Still waiting on that…

  25. This guy is going camping with two girls? Hmmmm

  26. It’s not the new N7. That’s the front facing camera, as you can just barely see the ambient light sensor next to it.

    They did some post video processing wizardry to add a “LED notification light” to it. The N4 was hilarious, though. Upside down and ostensibly running ICS (look at the old camera icon and regular AOSP browser), but it has the Android 4.2 quick settings button. Weird.

  27. Bahahaha fail hes holding his phone up side down the hole time bahahahahaha

  28. If it’s still built by Asus, then I’ll wait for a new Nexus 10 or 11 by Samsung. My N7 is a piece of junk. My 2010 Galaxy Tab is faster on the web and has better WiFi. And the screen isn’t falling off. When Asus can knowingly release the 32GB N7 months after knowing about a production glitch and still not bother to fix it, it just shows how little they respect their customers by giving them crappy products.

    I know the fanboys will scream: but what do you expect for so little money? The Kindle Fire HD is the same price and doesn’t fall apart. If Amazon can afford it, so can Google.

  29. So I’ve been holding my Nexus 4 wrong THIS. WHOLE. TIME?

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