May 16th, 2013

It was rumored for quite sometime that we might see a refreshed Nexus 7 tablet (Nexus 7+?) announced at this year’s Google IO. With the keynote fast behind us, many were disappointed to find no mention of this fabled Nexus 7 update, rumored to come equipped with a 1080p full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon CPU, and constructed out of pure unicorn horn.

New Nexus 7 leak

Well, we may have been given a quick glimpse at the rumored device. This after Google uploaded a Google Hangouts promo video to their YouTube channel yesterday, highlighting the all new and fully featured app. In the video, we see some rambunctious young people with all the latest tech, (upside down) Nexus 4, Nexus 10, iPhone, and what’s this — a Nexus 7 tablet with an LED notification? Weird, because the current generation Nexus 7 features no such hardware. Flip ahead to the 0:20 second mark for the possible “leak.”

Many will be quick to point out the heavily doctored UI’s on these devices — and yes, the clueless dude in the video is holding his Nexus 4 upside down. But all the hardware in the video is very much real and currently available. Most of it anyway. When it comes to the scene of the Nexus 10 featuring HSPA+ connectivity, I don’t buy it. Again, the screens were all displayed using special effects. What do you guys think? New Nexus 7? Or some good old fashioned CGI?

Update: On 5th glance, it looks like it’s simply the front facing camera and using special effects, it lights up “blue.” Clever.

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