New Google Maps invites being sent out to early adopters


The New Google Maps Rancho Cucamonga

If you’ve been dying to try out the new Google Maps since it was announced yesterday and signed up to test out the early preview — now might be a good time to check your email. Invites are currently being sent out to early adopters (myself included), allowing you to test all the new features from the new Google Maps.

Keep in mind that it’s still very beta and some users are reporting that driving directions are currently broken. If this sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, don’t worry, it’s easy to switch it back to the crusty, old Google Maps we’ve all been using for centuries. Have you all received your invites? Let me know how you’re liking it so far!

[Google Maps]

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  1. No invite yet and I signed up the moment the invite page went live :/

    1. Same boat my friend

      1. Me three :(

      2. Same Ship here.

        1. Same yacht here.

          1. Same cruise liner here.

          2. Same canoe here. ;(

          3. same Oil Tanker here =)

          4. Same Kayak in these waters =P

    2. Ditto here, same train.

      1. same banana boat here

    3. which invite page? the maps.google.com/preview?
      Because while that page was still giving a 404 error another page had a live signup and I signed-up there (together with a bunch of other people) so maybe those people got in first (I know I did) and then the people who waited for maps.google.com/preview

    4. No love here either.

  2. Got it but I’m at work so I haven’t given it a shot yet

  3. I got it. Its pretty good but i cant figure out how to add the photos layer

  4. Got mine. Also at work where they still use XP which means I only get the Lite version.

    1. What time (in what time zone) did you sign up?

  5. Same here no invite yet and I signed up the moment it was live as well :-(

  6. just spent about half an hour looking up my addresses and such.. the earth view is a better version of what apple tried to do, but kinda funky.. found my car a few times!!! :) i’ll test teh driving directions on the way home!

  7. So found something worthwhile to look for… http://imgur.com/a/2BpKA but cant find it on the MAPS.. found a picture in the general area but no ‘Earth/Sat’ Shot

  8. Pretty good so far. My favorites (stars) don’t stand out. But I’m sure that’ll change when it’s released.

  9. Got my invite about an hour ago.

  10. Got mine, but it neither works on Firefox on my PC (running XP) or on Chrome on my GSIII.

  11. I love it!

  12. Got mine at 2pm (Pac).. Really cool.. Still rough around the edges. If you use “My Places” you’ll be disappointed (I was) because when you click on my places ((Its in the settings cog(?) it switched back to “classic” map.. The new map is different enough to to make you a bit uncomfortable. But Ill get used to it.. The google earth integration is cool, with 3D view of the city and all. Once I get used to it Im sure Im gonna like it.

  13. Just got my invite

  14. Display doesn’t update at all on Firefox w/ Linux.

  15. How do i sign up?!

  16. I got mine last night… pretty sweet!

  17. No invite :(

  18. I can’t wait to try this out.

  19. No invite for me either.

  20. not yet…but really want it

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