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CONTEST: Win a Limited Edition PhanBot by guessing Google IO’s biggest surprise


Many would call Google IO the biggest Android event of the year (watch the keynote here) and I would undoubtedly agree. I’m here in San Francisco to bring you all the Google IO news, reviews, and insight your little heart can handle. And I didn’t come alone…

At Phandroid, we’ve been diehard Android fans since the platform was announced, and our blue android buddy has graced our pages from the start. Thanks to our friends at Accessory Power and GOgroove, we’ve now got a real live PhanBot to call our own, in the form of a portable speaker that absolutely rocks.

For a limited time, you can purchase the blue PhanBot and/or the traditional green PalBot for only $21.99 (including shipping) by entering the promotional code “PHANDEAL” when you check out. I think you’ll be really impressed with the GOgroove PhanBot on a number of levels. The deal will run until Sunday at 11:59PM Pacific, assuming they last that long.

First of all, the audio is LOUD and clear! If you think this tiny speaker is more of a desktop decoration, think again. Its highest volume could ignite a miniature dance party and the quality of the audio is crisp, with plenty of base.

Second of all, PhanBot is easy to use: plug the neatly retractable cord into any 3.5mm headset jack and the PhanBot will begin delicately serenading you or blasting out tunes, depending on the volume you’ve set. Or perhaps it could blastingly serenade you, but we haven’t tried that yet.


Thirdly, the PhanBot seems to have wonderful battery life. It comes with a MicroUSB to USB cord which you can conveniently connect to your computer for consistent power and/or charging.

Lastly, the PhanBot or Pal Bot will look gorgeous on the desk of any Android fan. It’s got a rock solid feel and substantial enough weight to seem like it has great build quality, yet light enough to make it an awesome option for portable music, regardless of where you’re going.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of everything Android related over the past few years. That will continue for years to come, with the intent of constantly improving along the way. Special thanks to those of you who have made Phandroid and our beloved PhanBot a regular chunk of your life, whether through leaving comments, lurking on the forums, sending in news tips, telling Chris you love his perfectly spiked hair, or anything else. The PhanBot is somewhat representative of this exciting journey we’ve taken together.

Buy a PhanBot

Go ahead and snag a PhanBot now for $21.99 while supplies (and the special price) last or be an OG and go with the original green flavor Pal Bot. Remember, all you’ve got to do is enter the promotional code “PHANDEAL” to get the special price!

Win a PhanBot

Oh, wait, did I hear that you wanted to WIN one? Sounds like fun, let’s do it:

  • Leave a comment guessing what the biggest surprise announcement of Google IO 2013 will be
  • Comment must be received by the time the Google IO 2013 keynote live stream starts (estimated at 9AM Pacific on May 15th, 2013)
  • After the Keynote, Phandroid staff will pick from a randomly assorted collection of our favorite guesses to identify the winner.
  • Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of and Neverstill Media, LLC
  • We’ll simply select a bunch of comments we enjoy and randomly select one of them. Main selection criteria are entertainment level, knowledge/realism, and accuracy.
  • There will be TWO winners: one will win a PhanBot and the other will win a Pal Bot. Winners will have 24 hours to respond once contacted or a replacement winner will be selected.

We’ll update this post once winners have been selected… that way, if you don’t win one, you’ll still be able to buy one for dirt cheap!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. New mobile device! Either a new Nexus or the Google ‘X’ Phone being snuck out!

  2. New version of Android! :)

  3. New Android version!:)

  4. new music service from google

  5. The biggest surprise of I/O will be the largest Android statue ever seen in existence Unfortunately it will be one of a kind and likely displayed on the 3rd floor, but people will be in awe of that BIG surprise.

  6. New redesigned nexus pad

  7. Android 4.2.3 … the THIRD version of Jellybean (where’s my Key Lime Pie!)

  8. Google will actually integrate Google Voice into Android (seamlessly using built-in messaging app.)

  9. A new wrapper to run BlackBerry apps inside Android. Then run Android apps inside that. Appception!

  10. Google Streaming Music!

  11. How about a nexus 8? Not sure so, I went with a WAG.

  12. Big Changes to Google Maps, including indoor mapping among other features.

  13. They will (re)announce the Nexus Q, only this time with the new GTV on android jellybean 4.3 and being the ultimate home entertainment system with its integration of Google Games!

    Watch movies/youtube, play music, play games, browse EVERY app in the market (some phone apps will have to be controlled using a synced android phone)
    Syncing your phone to the device is as simple as an nfc swipe…because…well that’s how you sync it (phones without nfc can connect through a QRcode shown on tv screen when it boots with no synced controller attached)

    And the killer feature!
    It will come with an Android Home app (for managing future android@home accessories)

    People who already own the nexus Q can expect the OTA update within 2 weeks. Updates will start appearing as early as the end of the keynote.

  14. Chrome Pixel will have redesigned chrome features, better integration with babel

    Google Maps will have indoor mapping

  15. Babel will work with iMessage

  16. Better keypad and new features. Google Hangout will be more integrated

  17. Google will reveal… the Google Home! Search for anything in your house, and it pops up on a screen… car keys, wallet, pens, cats, etc. Also, reminders for when you need to clean the house, when the last time you vacuumed your room, etc.

  18. Android support for laptops / desktops. Better mouse support and improved multitasking.

  19. Google Wallet for everyone! (especially Australia and Antarctica)

  20. Google will unveil a cloud based IDE for Android to further encourage groups to move toward Chromebooks. Being able to develop for one of their major platforms using their other major platform makes perfect sense and its currently a big gap in the ecosystem. It could also be one of the reasons for this years combined keynote.

    1. I hope this one is true.

  21. New features for Google Keep that integrates other Google services.

  22. smart watch with hangout and more sensors

  23. Google Play games app that allows u to have a chrome extension for the desktop browser so you can play anywhere..which saves all your data from the game to a cloud. Which is why Google updated its cloud storage to 15gb.

  24. Google Reader lives!!…in the form of an updated Google Currents aimed at taking on Feedly.

    1. I wish I could plus this one more than once…

    2. Fingers, toes, hairs, eyelids, etc… all crossed!

  25. Google will announce a combination on Chrome and Android that integrates new video compression into Android.

  26. Smart Watch Samsung s4 google edition music service and a revamped nexus q with google tv

  27. Google Now for Chrome and (watered-down) GN compatibility with ICS devices. Hoping for a Google Watch but don’t think it’s ready yet

  28. Google tired of all the patent lawsuits has went and bought apple, lmmfao

  29. New Nexus Q. Possible shape change to a cube and revolves around gaming.
    Chrome HDMI dongle for Chrome OS on the go
    Multiplayer games with the ability to play on multiple screens simultaneously
    Reintroduction of Android@Home
    Babel to be a cross platform all in one messenger
    Announcement of Google Watch
    Possible new android os and device(s)

  30. the Q comes back at a much lower cost or more like a roku type media player.

  31. Find my android or Andy the Butler from Straight Talk commercials.

  32. x phone will be revealed, but I want an android powered fart machine.

  33. Android Framework support baked into new versions of Chrome OS.

  34. Google smart watch demoed. Extravagant stunts to go along with it.

  35. Biggest surprise is going to be Google games on Google tv. Like a console but using the cloud and Google games will provide multiplayer.

  36. X phone with key lime + with chrome os

  37. A new version of Google Play were all apps will be encrypted in a way that will end all Android piracy for the time being.

  38. A more perfect union of Chrome OS and Android.

  39. White 32gb nexus 4

  40. A source familiar with the matter suggested to me that Google is buying Phandroid and using it for its all new media streaming service where loyal Android fans will be able to consume music, movies, audio books, porn, and sandwiches buffet style. All for the low price of 24.99 USD/year. But wait, there’s more! All Nexus devices will now come with an enhanced “SOC”, or “smell on a chip”. This will allow your device to smell like the corresponding treat your Android version is named after!

  41. Streaming Music Service !!

  42. Nexus 7 with Snapdragon 800, everyone else is saying S4 Pro

  43. Google has partnered with RayBan to create Google sunglasses so you don’t look like such a techno douche.

  44. I think the biggest thing will be lte enabled nexus 4…

  45. Google Brain. Fully cybernetic brains running Android to replace our inferior fleshy ones that connect to Google glasses for input and to android phones for network connectivity to introduce the Google singularity. Google watch will record our vitals. Google TV will help wash our new brains.

  46. Not thinking there are going to be as many shocks this year as in the past. I think we can look forward to an announcement of an updated Nexus 7 and perhaps a revival/refresh of the future of Google TV

  47. Google sandwich. It’s a sandwich…by Google.

  48. New version of Android will still be Jellybean

  49. the biggest suprise will be new venture with dish as a cell carrier!!!!

  50. Phandroid buyout!

    1. ????

  51. I’m willing to bet that they’ve teamed with a wireless company and will be starting Google Wireless alongside Google Fiber so that you are NEVER out of sync!

  52. chrome and android integration

  53. Every I/O atendee will receive Google Glas

  54. Support for running HTML5 apps, and support for them in Google Play. The HTML5 apps behave like regular native apps, transparently using Chrome. An API for control of file system, buttons and more is provided, much like the API for Chrome extensions and apps for desktop.

  55. The biggest surprise is that they wont announce a new phone.

  56. Google Maps version of cyberspace, now you can get a virtual road map of the destination website, will have options of detouring through all the porn.

  57. Biggest Surprise: Google & Motorola will develop an array of phones for systematic release this Fall beginning with the X Phone….up to 10 different models available on most carriers.

  58. A new Verizon Nexus device

  59. Nexus 5
    Google play Games
    Nikon Camera in Nexus 5
    Key-lime pie
    Google watch
    and last but not least
    there will be some stuff related to Motorola

  60. The Google Watch is shown :D

  61. google has had enough of mobile carriers and announces they will be purchasing spectrum and be developing their own wireless service with nexus devices.

  62. CDMA/LTE Nexus 4 (for Sprint and VZW) with 32GB storage in white and black

  63. Google edition phones with pure android. this will fix the fragmentation issue android has.

  64. Google games Google’s response to steam

  65. It’ll be white everything for a start all the nexusi ( if that’s the plural for nexus? ), better memories, more definitions (HD 1080p displays) and the return of the Q ( probably in white too)

  66. I’m not a US resident, therefore I’m not sure if I can participate as there is nothing written on the rules. But I guess Google Play Games will be one of the biggest surprises considering the fact they’ll focus on developers. Hopefully, in the near future, a nice piece of hardware to play those games on the TV. I know we already have some nice projects like Ouya, but I’m expecting something from Google.

  67. I will go for the big surprise being that there is no surprise.

  68. The G Watch Will Be Shown

  69. Peanut Butter and Jellybean update to Android – 4.3 with features that include Rosie from the Jetsons built into your phone where it makes you sammiches, cleans your house and takes care of your dog.

  70. A tablet 3mm thick or a phone with a flexible screen.

  71. Google TV / Nexus Q / Google Gaming Console. The device will basically be the Jelly Bean version of Google TV with “Air Play” and Google Games through a remote.

  72. Location based reminders built in to Google Keep!! Hopefully!

  73. Gaming center with cloud back up
    A refreshed nexus 7
    New map design improved google now
    And android 4.3
    New app guide lines for 4.3 and help for devs
    And some sort of streaming or new music to Google music

  74. Google smart watch

  75. Google reveals an official wireless Android gaming controller available on the play store.

  76. A streaming music center like Rhapsody, integrated into your Google play music.
    It will also have a catz.

  77. Chromebook Pixel for everyone at the conference!!!

  78. I have the green one, cute and nice thing to have.
    As for the surprise, I am guessing Nexus 8!! LOL, if one can only wish right?

  79. Google new Spotify-ish music service.

  80. I think Google will announce a partnership with a eye-ware manufacturer, but I think it will be Oakley because they have previously showed an interest in android when they released the android powered snow goggles. I really hope this happens as the current Google Glass may not appeal well to everyone (I love them thought). If they were able to integrate Glass into a more attractive looking package maybe with transition lenses so they can be worn inside and outside this would be a big hit with not only android addicts like myself but probably business execs and other people who need to keep up with important information.

  81. Not only is there now a PhanBot, but there will be a special Google IO version called GiOBoT

  82. A streaming music service that costs more than the competition, and has fewer artists..

  83. I’m guessing by the looks of things that they’re going to announce Google Glasses availability by Christmas this year for those who are filthy rich and have nothing else to do but secretly spy on their neighbors and take pictures and videos of them. Though I wonder how their going to block up-skirt pics?

  84. A smart watch that syncs with Google Glass.

  85. Key Lime Pie

  86. The Nexus 7 refresh will actually be a Nexus 8 with an 8″ screen instead

  87. It’s gotta be the goggle play games. The ability to store save games and all the other stuff is going to be great for mobile gamers.

  88. Google will announce eye tracking gestures and facial expression recognition mostly for ad support. They will track your eye movement from the FFC and pinpoint where you are looking on the screen and determine how long you look at an ad. Also helps with ad placement.

    Facial expressions will determine effectiveness of said ads as well. This kind of eye based tracking for use on screen based devices has been meddled with in the past. Now El Goog plans to cash out on even BETTER ad placement!

  89. Everyone gets a new driverless car! the epitome of google’s “oprah moment.” But really, expanded fiber plans, maybe some home automation things (didn’t forget Android@Home?), maybe finally combining the the last of the three OSs (ChromeOS, GTV, Android) for an Android based ChromeOS.

  90. Google Bounty – Google will pay registered Play Store users $300 for each iPhone “collected”, no questions asked. The toy phones will then be donated to zoos across the world for the lemmings to play with.

  91. Huge Google TV Overhaul

  92. The biggest surprise will be the fact that nothing huge is actually announced.

  93. smart home system or smart car system!

  94. New Moto phone with Vanilla 4.3 (Not necessarily the X)

  95. Pure Android Samsung GS4

  96. Key lime pie or android 5

  97. Android 2.3

  98. Google will buy out all of the cable companies, there will only be Google TV and Google Fiber

  99. More integration of Google account with map, play store, music services, eBook, drive.

  100. Cross plate form chat and talk on other mobile plateform

  101. i think android 4.3 will be the biggest announcement. But that’s already confirmed so its not much of a guess as it is a fact.

  102. 4.3 will introduce their “Roadrunner” or less power consuming OS. The one that was rumored for release with 4.2.

  103. Google glass commercial

  104. New nexus model

  105. Motorola x

  106. Nexus Q with Google TV

  107. new Nexus 7 model

  108. Subscription miusic service with sony!

  109. google signs a deal with Microsoft, the result of which: google Search will be powered by Bing.

  110. The Google Samsung Motorola Galaxy XFON S4 Nexus Galaxy 5 – Explorer Edition (running Android 5.0 KandyWiz Pastry)

  111. Google Nexus 5

    The recipe:

    The dreams of billions of Phandroids across world
    5″ SLCD 3 1080p full HD display (RGB layout)
    Sapphire Glass technology
    Snapdragon 600 1.9GHz
    2 GB RAM
    64 GB total storage
    3000 mAh battery
    4G LTE 700MHz and AWS band
    Stereo sound from sides of the device
    Super thin bezel design with all aluminum build
    Android Jelly Bean + 4.3.1
    Google Babel
    New all in one OTA syncing service akin to Helium
    (insert your favorite nonfeatured item here)
    Manufactured with love by Googlerola

    -Prep instructions-

    Have self described geek Tom Dickson of Blentec (Will it blend?) lightly blend all ingredients together for a rich and hearty jellybean flavored geek smoothie.


  112. GOOGLE CELLULAR…nation wide 5G

  113. Google watch

  114. Chris Chavez is really a guy. The hissy fits and whining is just the way he was born.

  115. NEXUS 5

  116. Nexus 7 2nd gen
    Motorola X
    Nexus 5
    Google glass release window and pricing

  117. It’s Google ring contest……..

  118. i want the bump bot!

  119. Got a green one, they look awesome!

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