May 15th, 2013

Many would call Google IO the biggest Android event of the year (watch the keynote here) and I would undoubtedly agree. I’m here in San Francisco to bring you all the Google IO news, reviews, and insight your little heart can handle. And I didn’t come alone…

At Phandroid, we’ve been diehard Android fans since the platform was announced, and our blue android buddy has graced our pages from the start. Thanks to our friends at Accessory Power and GOgroove, we’ve now got a real live PhanBot to call our own, in the form of a portable speaker that absolutely rocks.

For a limited time, you can purchase the blue PhanBot and/or the traditional green PalBot for only $21.99 (including shipping) by entering the promotional code “PHANDEAL” when you check out. I think you’ll be really impressed with the GOgroove PhanBot on a number of levels. The deal will run until Sunday at 11:59PM Pacific, assuming they last that long.

First of all, the audio is LOUD and clear! If you think this tiny speaker is more of a desktop decoration, think again. Its highest volume could ignite a miniature dance party and the quality of the audio is crisp, with plenty of base.

Second of all, PhanBot is easy to use: plug the neatly retractable cord into any 3.5mm headset jack and the PhanBot will begin delicately serenading you or blasting out tunes, depending on the volume you’ve set. Or perhaps it could blastingly serenade you, but we haven’t tried that yet.


Thirdly, the PhanBot seems to have wonderful battery life. It comes with a MicroUSB to USB cord which you can conveniently connect to your computer for consistent power and/or charging.

Lastly, the PhanBot or Pal Bot will look gorgeous on the desk of any Android fan. It’s got a rock solid feel and substantial enough weight to seem like it has great build quality, yet light enough to make it an awesome option for portable music, regardless of where you’re going.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of everything Android related over the past few years. That will continue for years to come, with the intent of constantly improving along the way. Special thanks to those of you who have made Phandroid and our beloved PhanBot a regular chunk of your life, whether through leaving comments, lurking on the forums, sending in news tips, telling Chris you love his perfectly spiked hair, or anything else. The PhanBot is somewhat representative of this exciting journey we’ve taken together.

Buy a PhanBot

Go ahead and snag a PhanBot now for $21.99 while supplies (and the special price) last or be an OG and go with the original green flavor Pal Bot. Remember, all you’ve got to do is enter the promotional code “PHANDEAL” to get the special price!

Win a PhanBot

Oh, wait, did I hear that you wanted to WIN one? Sounds like fun, let’s do it:

  • Leave a comment guessing what the biggest surprise announcement of Google IO 2013 will be
  • Comment must be received by the time the Google IO 2013 keynote live stream starts (estimated at 9AM Pacific on May 15th, 2013)
  • After the Keynote, Phandroid staff will pick from a randomly assorted collection of our favorite guesses to identify the winner.
  • Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of and Neverstill Media, LLC
  • We’ll simply select a bunch of comments we enjoy and randomly select one of them. Main selection criteria are entertainment level, knowledge/realism, and accuracy.
  • There will be TWO winners: one will win a PhanBot and the other will win a Pal Bot. Winners will have 24 hours to respond once contacted or a replacement winner will be selected.

We’ll update this post once winners have been selected… that way, if you don’t win one, you’ll still be able to buy one for dirt cheap!

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