May 15th, 2013

It was an exciting day at Google IO for not just Android fans, but tech fans, as Google rolled out a wide variety of updates and announcements. From the new Google Play Games and All Access for Google Music to the Google Play for Education and Google+ Hangouts, Google focused on services and features they could roll out to the masses.


But something the masses couldn’t do? Physically attend Google IO 2013 and walk around the ocean of technological wonder. Perhaps you can’t experience it yourself, but I’ve taken a bunch of pictures in hopes you can somewhat live vicariously through Phandroid.

The first thing you notice are a couple Google Street View vehicles on the first floor of the Conference Center. Pretty cool all on their own, but there were actually 5 street view vehicles scattered throughout the event: Car, Trike, Trekker, Trolley, and Snowmobile. They’re really going to take Google Maps everywhere… maybe (eventually and with your “don’t be evil” permission) even into your house.


As usual, Google had a bunch of other amazing booths set up as well: everything from virtual sky diving with a multi-screen display leveraging Google Maps API to a tent lounge featuring 360 panoramic photospheres of beautiful scenery.


Google IO has already been a blast with a ton of exciting announcements and we’ve got 2 more days.

Don’t expect tomorrow or Friday to be as chalk full of breaking news and tech goodness, but keep your eyes on Phandroid because I’ll be using a much finer comb to sort through the rest of the conference floor.

For now, I’m off to the 2013 Google IO Party featuring music from none other than… Billy Idol? I mean, Billy Idol! Cheers, Phandroids, and Happy IO 2013.


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