Nexus Q wont be making another appearance at this year’s Google I/O, does this mark the end for the device? [RUMOR]



It was earlier today we heard from Google’s new Android lead, Sundar Pichai, that this year’s Google I/O would have a stronger developer focus, with the company steering away from announcing new hardware of any kind at the developer conference.

While that nixes a possible X-Phone unveiling, it doesn’t exactly rule out current hardware like the Nexus Q. Seen by some as nothing more than a $300 paper-weight, the Nexus Q offered Google Play connectivity to television sets, allowing users with NFC enabled devices to play music playlists, or YouTube videos straight from their tv’s. Because the entire device was produced in-house at Google’s HQ, it didn’t exactly come cheap. Google made the device available for pre-order before eventually giving them away to those that pre-ordered, postponing the consumer launch in the Play Store. The reasoning? Google had listened to feedback and simply wanted to make the Nexus Q “better.

So, will this new and improved Nexus Q make an appearance at this year’s Google I/O? Not according All Things D and their inside sources. It was our hope — as it was many’s — that Google would simply head back to the drawing board, making the Nexus Q a Google TV device instead, offering the same functionality it had before, only with the added benefit of a smart TV. Guess that wont be the case at all. With the possible absence of the Nexus Q at Google I/O 2013, we can’t help but wonder if this marks the official end of the device, silently going the way of Google Reader and SMS Search.

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  1. they should focus more on MiraCast as it is much cheaper. but this is the thing I love about google, they aren’t afraid to take risk and fail and listen to what user think(canceling nexus q last i/o)

    1. risks* listens* lol damn keyboard

    2. I agree should be the main focus Google should release a maracas hdmi dongle & maracas tablet & phone nexus or Motorola x devices.

    3. Yes, WiDi would be perfect.

  2. I would have bought the Nexus Q if it was a Google TV device as well as a media center without much of a thought. Not only did it look cool as heck, I would have loved to have Google TV.

    1. Even for $300? I think $200 would have been good. The quality on that thing is amazing.

      1. Man, you know he ballin’ like that. LoL!!

        1. You know me too well bruh

      2. $300 is definitely on the high side, but IF it had Google TV, ability to connect my cable box to it, its current media abilities and design, I can justify the price…
        But as it sits? It’s worth $100.

      3. I’d pay 300 for a high end GTV device. In fact I’d pay more if it came with updates and had high end hardware/features.

  3. I think they should just ramp up the abilities of Google TV and possibly produce their own to match the quality of the Q. Because my current Logitech Revue is showing its age

  4. The fact that they didn’t include Google TV onto the device, this is why no one bought it.

  5. I’m happily using my Nexus Q from Google I/O last year as a media center running a full version of Android (xbmc, netflix, emulators – the works) My only question is why Google doesn’t release the Nexus Q “home” functionality as an app that we can install on any Android device.

    1. That would be nice. I have an old Evo 3D that could be handy for that, though I’m sure I could do most of the functionality already.

  6. Can something without a beginning have an ending?

  7. Build it into the next gen GoogleTV for f’s sake.

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