May 13th, 2013


I have such mixed emotions deep inside me. On one hand, I’m super jazzed that ABC is finally catching up to modern times and that, starting this week, will begin live streaming to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, Google TV?) via their upcoming “Watch ABC” application. On the other hand, I’m wondering why the hell this hasn’t been done sooner?

Either way, The LA Times is reporting that ABC’s live programming will, in fact, be coming to mobile devices first, for users in New York and Philadelphia starting tomorrow, May 14th, then will continue rolling out to an additional 6 cities this summer. By the fall, ABC hopes to hit more than 200 additional markets. However, there is a small catch. Besides not being available everywhere, the live programming also wont come free. Users will be required to have a current pay-tv or cable subscription, and must authenticate their accounts before they live stream on their smartphones or tablets.

While an Android version wasn’t specifically mentioned, I’m wondering what ABC could have planned as their ABC Player never saw the light of day in the Play Store, despite being released on iOS and even Windows 8. Still, overall pretty good news and a first for any broadcast network. Your move NBC, CBS, Fox, and everyone else.

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