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Since its inception in 2008, Google I/O was meant to be a conference for developers to come and get help with developing for the latest and greatest in web and mobile technology. That focus has never waned, with jam-packed developer workshops and sessions gracing the schedule each year. However, Google has shown a penchant for launching new products at the show the past few years, with keynotes often indulging us about the latest version of Android or a new Nexus device.

It looks like that might not be the case this year. New Android headmaster Sundar Pichai wasn’t afraid to start nipping a bit of the rumor mill in the bud ahead of the event kicking off this Wednesday. He said the event would be less about launching new products and more about helping developers get more in tune with the likes of Android and Chrome OS.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t expect anything new — we’d at least expect word on the next versions of Android and Chrome — but it sounds like Pichai wants to try and curb some disappointment ahead of time. To be specific, some product launches we thought might be happening at I/O have recently been rumored to come at a later date.

Word is we won’t see the Motorola X Phone Google has had a hand in developing, nor will we see the Nexus 5 we expect LG to craft (the timing on that last one would be off anyway — the last Nexus phone launched only half a year ago). Recent murmurings have suggested Google would be launching a refreshed version of the Nexus 7, but nothing is certain right now.

We’re excited regardless, and we’re sure Google I/O won’t disappoint even with Pichai’s reservations. We’ll be hitting the ground running to cover the show for you starting this week Wednesday, so be sure to circle back and rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

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