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Here’s a quick heads up today regarding the Game for Fame series.  We appreciate everyone that took the time to submit their feedback in last week’s contest.  We are compiling, reviewing and digesting that feedback now to bring you exciting new changes to the Game for Fame contest.

Unfortunately, while we work on all of that, there will be no Game for Fame contests in the next couple of weeks.  Again, we do appreciate all the feedback and support we’ve gotten with the contest so far.  I look forwarding to coming back in a couple of weeks with a new and improved product for everyone to enjoy!

Previous Game for Fame Winners

Before we go, there’s just some quick housekeeping we need to take care of. For starters, the Hazard Rush contest winner from two weeks ago is Jamal Adam.  This past week’s randomly chosen winner for just submitting his feedback is Scott Hardy.  Congrats to both Jamal and Scott for winning $50 Google Play gift cards!

And as always, we want to thank NVIDIA for their sponsorship and involvement in the Game for Fame series!  Be sure to follow them on TwitterLike them on FacebookCircle them on Google+  and subscribe to them on YouTube for all the latest in Tegra gaming. We couldn’t have started all this without them!

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  1. ;(

  2. Thought I might have won…… Always next time right?????

  3. Jamal Adam should not have won as your score was 2,155,590 and his was 1,492,819 he did not beat your high school according to your rules.

    1. Actually, just to clarify, I stated in the video that you just needed to beat 1,000,000…not my actual score, so he was within the rules to win. Thanks for keeping us honest though!


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