May 8th, 2013


The day has finally come, folks — CyanogenMod 10.1 has finally graduated to release candidate status. These releases aren’t seen as fully stable, but they should be good enough to be daily drivers and only rarely will you run into an experience-breaking bug. If you were looking for something close to stable but don’t mind waiting for the stable version itself then you’ll definitely want this.

Unfortunately not all previously supported CyanogenMod devices are supported yet, but that could change in the near future. The team mentioned this would probably the one of the last, if not the last, milestone releases ahead of a fully stable release, so we’re about as close as we’e going to get.

We imagine the team will want to quickly shift focus to whatever Google’s announcing at I/O next week, and you know we’ll be breathing down their necks to see what, exactly, their plans will be. Head to the CyanogenMod mirror and get your build of choice. Builds for the devices from the list below might not be up there immediately, but it shouldn’t take long for everything to get uploaded and propagated around the web. Get to it!

  • a700
  • captivatemtd
  • crespo
  • crespo4g
  • d2att
  • d2cri
  • d2mtr
  • d2spr
  • d2tmo
  • d2vzw
  • e975
  • endeavoru
  • epicmtd
  • galaxysmtd
  • grouper
  • hercules
  • i9100g
  • maguro
  • mako
  • manta
  • odroidu2
  • otter
  • otter2
  • p3100
  • p3110
  • p5100
  • p5110
  • p760
  • p880
  • p930
  • quincyatt
  • quincytmo
  • skyrocket
  • steelhead
  • su640
  • tf700t
  • tilapia
  • toro
  • toroplus
  • vs920

[via CyanogenMod]

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