May 3rd, 2013

Long before Samsung used caricatures for their Galaxy Note promotions, I’ve been a big fan of the carnival-style artform. The ability to watch the action unfold before your eyes is always entertaining. So what better way to celebrate the excitement of our newly owned Google Glass than by getting a Glasses-wearing Caricature while we record the entire thing with Google Glass?

There is none. So we did it. The blow video was recorded #throughglass:

In the below video (recorded by me with a Galaxy Camera), please notice the man in red with a gold chain who enters at the 2 minue 20 second mark. He becomes intensely frustrated with his inability to throw away garbage, quickly loses his temper, chucks his trash on the ground, and huffs off. Hilarious. If you’re somehow reading this, mister- you’re an idiot!

What my camera didn’t catch (internal storage ran out, had to stop video and insert MicroSD card) is a homeless gentlemen shoved his entire life savings of trash into the trashcan a couple minutes prior, clogging it up. I found it hard to contain my laughter during the whole thing.

Steve Albright

Above is the beautiful final product: Steve wearing Google Glass, holding up his caricature of himself wearing Google Glass, after recording the whole thing with Google Glass. Google Glasseption celebration: success!


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