Samsung Artist Uses Galaxy Note to Draw Caricature of IFA Attendee [Video]


IFA 2011 came and went and before we move on to the next big event, I wanted to show you guys this video from Softpedia of a Samsung artist using his whopping 5.3-inch Galaxy Note to draw a caricature of one of the show’s attendees. I would think drawing would be a bit wonky on a small tablet like this and if you were thinking the same — you would be wrong. Using nothing but what seems to be a native drawing app on the Galaxy Note and it’s included touch input/stylus pen, he does a pretty good job at recreating his subject in digital form. Looks like HTC is up for a little competition whenever Samsung decides to bring the Galaxy Note stateside.

Thanks, Peter!

Chris Chavez
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  1. we’ve seen it before… Samsung keeps copying from its competitors!

    Doesn’t such a big company have engineers to develope some original stuff rather than copying others?

    1. Practically everything has been created!!! Stop hating hater

    2. Considering art is a form of copying which from your video are you referring to. The ability to draw a graphical image using a stylus? Or demoing what your product can do.

  2. Sucks the rumored price is $1000!!

    1. I don’t see the problems, don’t most people pay this price?

      1. What are you talking about?
        Do you know any cell phones for $1000?

  3. VZN might getting this phone because they are not getting gs2.

    1. Sorry man,
      GSM version only so far…

      Sim cards carries rule

  4. AWESOME!!!! Great capture :) shared this with the fans over at project Advanced Technology and Design Korea. Keep it up guys!

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