Hands-on: Fieldrunners 2 by Subatomic Studios [VIDEO]


Fieldrunners 2 hands-on

It’s been almost 2 years since the original Fieldrunners debuted on the Google Play Store and after more than 2,500 5-star reviews, Subatomic Studios is back, looking to rekindle some of that magic with their sequel, the aptly titled Fieldrunners 2. We told you guys about it when it was released onto the Google Play Store last Wednesday, and now we’re here to give you guys our quick hands-on.

The game plays very much like the original, although visually, it seems a bit more… HD (can’t say I’ve ever described graphics like that, but it seems fitting in this case). The guys at Subatomic Studios have held onto the whimsical art style from the original, which I have to say, looks gorgeous on my 1080p full HD display. Colors pop, characters are perfectly animated — visually the game is 2D perfection.

Fieldrunners 2 Subatomic Studios

In Fieldrunners 2 there are 3 gameplay modes: Time Trial, Sudden Death, and Puzzle. If those aren’t enough to keep you busy, Subatomic Studios promises over 20 levels, adding up to 20+ hours of gameplay. When it comes to weapons, there are 20 unique towers to choose from and upgrade, with players earning cash at the end of each level to powerup their arsenal.

Yes, there are in-app purchases, and Subatomic Studios has been very upfront about this on their Google Play listing. But IAP are not presented in the same way as freemium titles, make no mistake. Players have the option to “cheat” and spend real world money for in-game currency, but it can be earned perfectly well by simply playing the game normally. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if console games featured something similar — lord knows I could use the help in Dark Souls.

Fieldrunners 2 wm

Overall, I’d say Subatomic Studios did great with Fieldrunners 2. They managed to improve the game in just about ever area, without messing with the formula that made the original great. You can find Fieldrunners 2 in the Google Play Store right now for $3.

[Fieldrunners 2 on Google Play]

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  1. cant beat island 2 in hard mode wtf

  2. Beta testers no discount, booooo

  3. I’m definitely enjoying it. Well worth $3.

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