May 1st, 2013

google io bacon

Nothing says “we’re getting closer to the spectacle that is Google I/O” like Google posting the official session schedule for the annual developers’ conference online. That’s exactly what Google did this morning, and there are a couple of interesting things to note. For starters, there’s only one keynote this year. Google used to hold two keynotes — one for Android and one for other stuff — but this year it’s cramming all it can into a three hour block of Googley goodness.

Aside from the usually-exciting keynote, there are six main session tracks you can get yourself on. These include Android, Chrome (and web apps), Google+, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps and YouTube. Bonuses will include Google Wallet, Google Glass, Google Ads, and Knowledge graph. You’ll also get a smattering of “tech talks” that will dive into different miscellaneous topics. These sessions are all in addition to the various code labs, office hours and other cool goings-on at the Moscone Center that week.

As usual, Google will be live-streaming various elements of the conference, including the aforementioned keynote and several of the sessions. And if past years are anything to go by, nearly all of the sessions should be posted on YouTube shortly following the event. Head to Google’s site for the full rundown and start mapping out your quest to becoming a better developer.

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