LG Optimus G Pro leaked for AT&T ahead of next week’s announcement


We’ve already gotten intimate with the LG Optimus G Pro when it was unveiled at MWC 2013 a few months back, giving you guys a quick hands-on with some of the hardware and software. Even though that was the Korean version of the device, we’ve known for quite some time what to expect from LG’s launch party next week in New York. Today, the boys at @evleaks are giving us a look at the official press images for the AT&T version of the device, also confirming a few of the Optimus G Pro’s specs in the process.

According to Engadget, there has been a slight change to the hardware. No, we’re not talking about the beefy 3,140mAh battery, or the 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU paired with 2GB of RAM and 13MP camera. Apparently, the AT&T version of the Optimus G Pro will be using a 5.5-inch 1080p full HD IPS display, as opposed to the “True HD IPS+” in the Korean version. We’re not sure how much of a difference it’ll make, so we’ll reserve judgement until our review unit arrives.


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  1. Come to Verizon….

  2. “1080p FULL HD IPS” vs “TRUE HD IPS”.

    Perhaps just different terminology meaning the same thing,or,is there an actual difference?

    1. Honestly, I always thought they were the same and it was just marketing speak. I remember vividly how amazing the Optimus G display looked at MWC. I’m gonna have to see this American version in person to tell you if there’s a difference.

      1. See my comments above

  3. + is always better than no + right? hehe

    1. I’m naming my first born Chris+ Chavez. O_o

      1. How about Chris Chavez Pro?

      2. ultra chris chavez plus hd pro is first name

    2. TruHd ips plus is 1280×768. G Pro according to this is 1080p full hd

      1. The Korean version has less resolution? That can’t be right.

  4. Dear lord let there be a Sprint version. Sprint has loved LG the most recently.. surely.. ?

  5. LG always has great specs but somehow always manages to fall short in real world use, sorry LG no dice!

    1. Have you ever used the LG Optimus G? One of the fastest phones I’ve ever owned.


    1. Dat LED homebutton doe..


  7. This phone has great specs . I currently have an Optimus G and absolutely love it . Ive owned sony,samsung , motorola , and Htc and I can honestly say Lg must of really improved a lot cause I read about people who have had crap phones from them but this is not the case anymore this phone is sleek has a great display and good battery life and is bazing fast. Samsung use to have a reputation for having crap phones I should know I owned a samsung captivate and samsung vibrant lol and now they are sitting on top . I’m glad Htc and Lg keep bringing out these awesome phoes like the Htc one and Optimus G pro it challenges samsung to stay on top of their game if they want to keep there throne.

    1. Yup! I still have the LG Optimus G on Sprint and freakin’ love it. Honestly, people bash LG based on the Optimus One or other low-ends. Nobody knew what LG was capable of until the G and is one of my favorite phones from 2012.

      1. Exactly, the optimus g on Sprint is probably my favorite of the S3 and Htc Evo LTE that I’ve had

      2. That ultimate fail of a phone called the (LG spectrum) taught me a good lesson about LG, and the spectrum was one of best phones hardware wise.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Optimus G line has an awesome lockscreen. The specs appear to be very similar to the GS4, if this comes to Verizon I’ll have a hard time choosing.

  9. Man, I’ve been drooling over this phone for the past few weeks. So glad its coming to the US, especially with “dat LED homebutton”, lol. Seriously, this thing is everything I want out of a phone and I’ll second that LG’s lockscreen is great, especially with the digital clock with the HUGE ass numbers (I hate Samsung’s tiny clock that can’t be changed). Hoping that it goes on sale in the next few weeks for Sprint.

    I’ve been burned by my SGS3 many times since buying it (Bluetooth audio in my car has terrible speaker pop that no other phone makes, terrible signal strength in my apartment where my roommate’s SGS2 has full bars, bad build quality with the white plastic flaking off), so I’m ready to jump to a different manufacturer. I really wished that Sony would have made the Xperia Z for Sprint, but oh well.

    1. Amen on a Sprint Xperia Z! I would be all over that

    2. Xperia Z is drool worthy. But I’ll snap this up in a heartbeat.

  10. I dont see a pen…..:/

  11. Although having the same screen size as the Note 2 (at 5.5″), this LG device’s dimension looks much nicer. It looks much more slim and sleek!

  12. i will wait for note 3 , all these phone announced now are like half better from last year

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