Official: US Cellular Galaxy S4 shipping to pre-orderers April 26th, launches in-store April 30th


A lot of carriers had a lot of things to say in regards to their Samsung Galaxy S4 launch dates today after an influx of reviews, including our Galaxy S4 review, hit the web. Sprint and T-Mobile had to delay their launches due to inventory challenges from Samsung. Verizon ended up confirming its May 30th launch date, noting that users would be able to pre-order the phone beginning tomorrow. AT&T’s plans haven’t changed — it’s still on track for an April 27th in-store launch.

That leaves US Cellular, the nation’s fifth largest carrier. They didn’t want to be left out of the fun, though, as the company has finally given us a solid release date to look forward to. Their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launching in-store starting April 30th, and as is common with most carriers you can walk away with it after dropping $200 on the counter and signing a new two-year contract.

Don’t forget that the company has been and still is taking pre-orders. Those who decided to fork the cash over early are being rewarded as the device will ship April 26th. A bonus for those pre-orderers is the exclusively free S View Flip case that comes with every pre-order (a $59.99 value). That’s quite the deal, we’d say. If you’re a US Cellular customer and you want in on one of the year’s hottest devices be sure to head over to the carrier’s site and put your money down today.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m finally leaving Sprint for US Cellular, and am excited to be jumping from my Photon 4G to the Galaxy S4. The main reason for me leaving Sprint is simply consolidating bills, and by joining my wife’s US Cellular plan, we’ll be saving $30/month PLUS getting much better coverage in our area.

    After 4 years of Sprint, it’ll be nice to finally be using an Android device on US Cellular.

  2. I don’t kno bout this s4 any more I jus read a new updated review a few min ago, a lot of these analysts are downung their s4 experience, I mean I kno u have to actually touch it myself to see but when they say the phone features was laggy, inconsistent and determined as bloatware. It made me say wow to see this commin from different analyst. I hope when I test it that won’t be the case otherwise it’s a no go for me. Oh and no-one please say retarded stuff to me, if u do, you know where u can kiss. And I’m out

    1. Whomever posted the reports you read must have zero credibility. I’ve been an iPhone 4 user for 3 years now and I have been playing around with my girlfriends S4 (AT&T) and it’s the sweetest damn phone I’ve ever seem. The phone is fast as all hell, ZERO lag, the visuals are stunning, and all voice command options work perfectly. I noticed it had Google search on the front screen with a microphone icon so I pushed it, then I said “San Francisco Giants” to get the score and the damn phone told me the score and what inning they were in with a page showing the info. I could talk to you about the features the phones have but we’d be here all damn night. Just get your own hands on it and see for yourself. Unfortunately some “journalists” are paid for their reviews.

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