Apr 24th, 2013

A lot of carriers had a lot of things to say in regards to their Samsung Galaxy S4 launch dates today after an influx of reviews, including our Galaxy S4 review, hit the web. Sprint and T-Mobile had to delay their launches due to inventory challenges from Samsung. Verizon ended up confirming its May 30th launch date, noting that users would be able to pre-order the phone beginning tomorrow. AT&T’s plans haven’t changed — it’s still on track for an April 27th in-store launch.

That leaves US Cellular, the nation’s fifth largest carrier. They didn’t want to be left out of the fun, though, as the company has finally given us a solid release date to look forward to. Their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launching in-store starting April 30th, and as is common with most carriers you can walk away with it after dropping $200 on the counter and signing a new two-year contract.

Don’t forget that the company has been and still is taking pre-orders. Those who decided to fork the cash over early are being rewarded as the device will ship April 26th. A bonus for those pre-orderers is the exclusively free S View Flip case that comes with every pre-order (a $59.99 value). That’s quite the deal, we’d say. If you’re a US Cellular customer and you want in on one of the year’s hottest devices be sure to head over to the carrier’s site and put your money down today.

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