Samsung Experience Shops begin rolling out in Best Buy’s across the country


We knew they were coming, but today marks the official rollout of Samsung Experience Shops in Best Buy’s across the country. Their newest location has just opened up shop at the Best Buy in New York Square, with CEO JK Shin along with CEO of Best Buy Huber Joly on hand for the event. To celebrate the launch, Samsung put together a nice little party, even going as far as flying out musical guest Bruno Mars for entertainment.

Samsung plans to open up more than 1,400 Experience Shops in Best Buys all over the country by early summer. That’s a whole lotta Samsung devices. Looks like Samsung is ensuring everyone will know all about the Samsung Galaxy S4 in time for its debut on just about every US carrier under the sun. Providing they can meet the “overwhelming” demand.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Bot my Galaxy Note 2 @ BB in Kennesaw, GA w/ a Samsung section. The Samsung employees were extremely helpful & assisted in setting up my new phone. Very pleasant shopping experience.

  2. A bit off topic… I may be showing my age, but back in the day, no self respecting musician/group with any sort of actual artistic talent would ever whore themselves out for an electronics company.

    1. Huh ?

      1. Just my little opinion on the state of popular music today… in this case Bruno Mars.

    2. The times they are a changing. Marketing worked its way up in the last couple decades to the point that people follow a brand like they used to follow a religion. It’s very easy to see Apple worshippers would not leave those religion, they rather pay more for a product that offers less, this is just one example, we Android users are not much different, we adore our green little robot. There is nothing wrong with that it is just a different time.

    3. Gosh! You’re old, really old!

      1. Yeah, I already yelled at some kids this morning to “get off my damn lawn!”


    4. Back in the days people made music because of LSD, now they make it because of USD ;)

    5. Artists do anything for a paycheck today.

    6. I expect it of fluffy pop guys like Bruno Mars. But I was disgusted by Foo Fighters at the Apple 5 release event.

      Seeing a legitimately talented band whore themselves for an electronic gadget is painful.

  3. I am just waiting to see what Apple reaction would be! Samsung open it just cross from Apple section.

    1. Apple can you and blank themselves! When they start making products that can compete again then we’ll be ready to listen to them.

    2. In looks alone this puts the apple section in best buy to shame.

      Fwiw best but is looking at doing something like this thought the store; if this is well received by consumers we will see the entire store transform.

  4. No that doesn’t look like an Apple store at all…….

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth

    2. it doesn’t, you’re right. it’s missing the horde of people using computers they’ll never buy. ;-)

      1. Well someone’s buying all those iPads….

        1. Buying iPads, sure… but the macbooks and imacs — not so much. Incredibly expensive web browser launchers, those are.

    3. try making a store with demo devices look much different, bars with devices. There isnt alot of wiggle room. You act as if apple invented to retail store LOL had to say that one but really almost every device display looks like that

      1. You’re blind. Really? the minimalistic white tables? The clear gadget stands? the stainless steel, blue, and white color choices? Complete rip off from Apple. Walk into a Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile store, they do NOT look like that.

        1. Oh im sorry I never saw where apple patented the colors blue an white. ITS SAMSUNGS COLORS LITERALLY IN THEIR LOGO. Any best buy you go to look like that for laptops and other tabs just alot bigger. I better not continue this fight because your profile picture must mean your from anonymous and you’ll hack me xD

          1. If you can’t see that Samsung copies Apple, then this conversation is over. No point for me to try to convince you to see what you already should.

          2. so im to believe that apple is completely original and has invented everything they use in their products? Thats what you should see

          3. Look. I hate Apple. But if you’ve been inside an Apple store in the last 3 years, that is what they look like. It’s too much of a coincidence that Samsung is doing this. Samsung has already been proven to copy Apple.

  5. Good! Free those stuck in the “IPhone Matrix”!!!!!!!!

    1. Brand loyalty is nothing new. What I can’t understand though is why you guys hate on people who buy apple products so much when you are all just as guilty. Look at yourselves in the mirror you’re becoming everything you hate. Rabid fanboys who can’t see why someone else would like something different. I even see y’all chew up Fans of lesser android phones. My point is I wish apple lovers and droid lovers would just stop hating on each other as people and try to get along better.
      Those of you who wish for apples death are the ones who make me sick. That’s loss of American jobs you’re asking for what the hell is wrong with you?

      1. i hate apple for 1. poor business ethics. 2. suing instead of innovating. 3. patenting things they have yet to create physically. i love apples design with the iphone, ipad, macs, etc but i cant support a company who bullies and sues other companies for the use of an lower case “i” in the front or the word pod or even an apple as a logo. side note these companies i mentioned have nothing to do with electronics at all so it isnt about competition. its about greed.

        1. I love how you dodged my burning questions and went straight to fanboy talking points like this was some kind of right vs left politics discussion.

          1. Why do y’all insist on hating on and trying to change the mindset of other consumers to hurt a company you happen to dislike ( btw apple isn’t the only one suing all the other companies are suing each other too )
          I dislike alot of stores but I don’t insult the people who go there and call them sheep. I just don’t go there.
          The way capitalism works is if apples strategy is that bad it would have sunk long ago but it’s still reporting billions in profit. So yeah… People like apple products and will continue to buy them. Get over it and enjoy your android.

          1. Well i didn’t comment on the hating aspect of your comment because i for one do not do that i merely share INFORMATION as to why i dislike a company. (You know like how i did in my reply comment to you.) i didnt once bash apple but also used “I” and not “people” in my comment like “i cannot support a company…” if i was a fan boy i would’ve said “people or no one should support a company that makes crappy phones they should get an android.” but i didn’t i shared MY feelings for the company. i actually said i love the design of their products so maybe you should read my entire post instead of jumping my case over something i left out of my previous comment because i dont give iphone owners verbal onslaughts because i dislike apple. I cannot speak for others sir.
            CHECK and MATE

  6. To all the people saying how Apple is going to feel about this: I work in the Taylor, MI Best Buy SES (Samsung Experience Store) and all of the Apple reps that work in the Apple section of the Best Buy love us, setting all skirmishing aside, we all get along and actually help each other out. I admit, I’m not the biggest Apple fan out there, on the contrary, I hate them. But I won’t prevent myself from helping Best Buy out and help a customer with an iPad. The same can be said for the Apple reps, they don’t mind helping us out by selling a Galaxy Note 10.1 or a Galaxy Tab 2.

  7. I stopped by a BB last weekend to check out the G Note 8. The “Samsung experience” consisted of me walking around the Samsung experience area and finally seeing about a dozen Note 8 boxes locked in a lower cabinet, then I walked around looking for anyone in the area that could actually help me and finding no body.

    Thus I walked out.

  8. Ooo!! As much time as I spend here, I should get a job there. =.P

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