Apr 16th, 2013

It wasn’t exactly a secret that Verizon would be in line for a Samsung Galaxy S4, but with the recent branding snafu the company had with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 it’s always interesting to wonder what they might do different compared to other carriers. Welp, Samsung’s site has just confirmed the art for the device, and from what we can see it will have less in-your-face branding than the Note 2 had.

That is, there’s no ugly logo sticking out like a sore thumb on its physical home button. The only Verizon branding is on the back of the phone, and that’s totally fine with me. It’s tough to say whether this change had anything to do with the PR hell Verizon had to put up with or if they simply did it because they don’t have the same amount of room they had on the 5.5 inch Note 2.

Either way, we’re just glad it’s gone and we’re sure all you potential S4 owners are, too. Now all we need is a release date, though we have a feeling Verizon won’t release those particular details until just before they’re ready to launch.

[via Samsung]

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