Apr 15th, 2013

It’s no secret NVIDIA is making impressive strides in mobile graphics technology, though the dreams of console-quality gaming have yet to be fulfilled if we’re talking about matching the current generation’s prowess. It seems the mobile world will finally take its first step to that sometime next year, though, as NVIDIA showed off quite an impressive game on early Tegra 5 hardware. Tegra 5 — codenamed Logan —  was tasked with running Battlefield 3, and it did so quite impressively.

We’re sure the demo seen running in the video above didn’t feature the same level of graphics that a high-end PC can push out, and perhaps the graphics settings aren’t even as high as what the PS3 and Xbox 360 can produce, but for a mobile chipset we can’t say we weren’t impressed.

With titles such as The Conduit — a Wii game — possible on Tegra 3, and the likes of Arma Tactics on Tegra 4, we’re already seeing exciting gaming experiences on Tegra in current and upcoming devices. With Tegra 5 and beyond things will only get better, and NVIDIA’s knack for breakneck evolution means it shouldn’t be long before we’re playing some of the same games we enjoy on our consoles while we’re away from home with our tablets.

[via VentureBeat]