Battlefield 3 shown running on Tegra 5 [VIDEO]


It’s no secret NVIDIA is making impressive strides in mobile graphics technology, though the dreams of console-quality gaming have yet to be fulfilled if we’re talking about matching the current generation’s prowess. It seems the mobile world will finally take its first step to that sometime next year, though, as NVIDIA showed off quite an impressive game on early Tegra 5 hardware. Tegra 5 — codenamed Logan —  was tasked with running Battlefield 3, and it did so quite impressively.

We’re sure the demo seen running in the video above didn’t feature the same level of graphics that a high-end PC can push out, and perhaps the graphics settings aren’t even as high as what the PS3 and Xbox 360 can produce, but for a mobile chipset we can’t say we weren’t impressed.

With titles such as The Conduit — a Wii game — possible on Tegra 3, and the likes of Arma Tactics on Tegra 4, we’re already seeing exciting gaming experiences on Tegra in current and upcoming devices. With Tegra 5 and beyond things will only get better, and NVIDIA’s knack for breakneck evolution means it shouldn’t be long before we’re playing some of the same games we enjoy on our consoles while we’re away from home with our tablets.

[via VentureBeat]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What a bullshit post! This video has nothing to do with Tegra 5. This was an old video showing battlefield running on Kepler. Quentyn, get your facts straight!

    1. Mobile Kepler… aka Tegra 5’s Geforce ULV GPU.

      1. The Tegra 5 is rumored to run Kepler architecture. Mobile Kepler is a Mobile GeForce, like the 705M (which is brand new).

        1. Well, Jen-Hsun Huang calls it “Mobile Kepler” in the video (1:25).

          Can’t really argue with the CEO.

          PS – It specifically says they were showing off Tegra 5 hardware.

          1. Exactly, “Mobile Kepler”. Nowhere did he say Tegra 5. So what is your point?

          2. He also mentions at around 1:50 that “about 2/3 of tablet users love this and we hope to bring them the next generation”. While they might not have said Tegra 5, it isn’t much of a stretch to think between the graphics demonstration and talking about tablets that this is a tegra chip, presumably the next in line(Tegra 5).

          3. Kepler mobile is referring to the GPU in the Tegra 5.

          4. He’s comparing it to an iPad… clearly comparing nVidia’s upcoming mobile SOC to an existing mobile SOC in a currently available tablet device.

            They’re not going to hold an event to compare a mobile SOC to a laptop GPU.

  2. did i hear him say that this was running on an ipad? The ipad doesnt run off a tegra 5 last i checked.

    1. No, the graphics they compared it to were running on a current gen iPad.

      1. Oh okay, thanks.

  3. meh… always with the hypes… nvidia

    1. I kind of agree.

  4. ya so in more than a year from now it will be released. it’s nice but what a tease

  5. DirectX capable mobile hardware is huge.

    I know many of you will hate reading this but keep your eyes on Microsoft. They’re the ones who stand to benefit the most from this.

    1. open es 3.0 and 4.0 is competitive too based on open gl 4.0, if one can port like Valve is currently doing the benefits are great.

  6. Wait!? Tegra 5!! I thought the Tegra 4 was coming out!?

    1. So is Intel’s haswell processor but I’m sure Intel is working on the next generation Broadwell too.

  7. I don’t buy it. I just don’t, sorry. Mobile computing is so far behind desktops right now. Consoles… well they are running on nearly decade old hardware right now.

    1. Let me know when you can fit a gaming-class desktop PC in your pocket.

      1. That’s what I’m trying to say.
        A: They use well over 500watts of power
        B: That 500+watts of power needs to be cooled off somehow
        C: Components of that power are big!

  8. He is a little off on year 1999 vintage graphics, currently you can play gta3 with higher textures than the original which came out late 2001, currently ( since end of 2011) for the ipad 2 and 3, and now you have the ipad 4, and soon, ipad 5! Which are actual products, when kepler based tegra comes out in an actual product apple will be up to ipad 6.

  9. Yeah, that’s nowhere near even PS360 levels. Mobile devices still have years before they catch up to these old ass consoles.

    1. Agreed. The day I’ll be seriously impressed with mobile gaming devices is the day a unit is showed performing on the level of today’s high-end PC GPUs. If they showed something performing on the level of their GTX670 that would be something to get excited about.

    2. You do realize that was filmed from a camera, it could have looked a lot more impressive if we were there watching.

  10. i dont think i would download a 10gb game in to my phoene. and if future games reach that level of graphics they wont cost $7 like now

    1. But those $7 games are also not nearly as good as those that cost $60. This brings mobile gaming to a whole new level. Also 10Gb is not that much on a 100mb 4G connection.

  11. Please put this in the next nexus 10 for the love of love

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