Arma Tactics shown off on Project SHIELD [VIDEO]


NVIDIA’s doing a bang-up job getting us excited for the deep gaming experiences Project SHIELD will bring. The latest game the company has unveiled for Project Shield is Arma Tactics, a new war-time strategy game that combines the militaristic action of the Arma series with the turn-based strategy elements from the likes of XCOM.

This particular demo wasn’t exactly chock full of gameplay action, but we are shown how the Tegra 4 chip inside of Project SHIELD allows developers to pull off dynamic lighting and shadows, advanced particle effects, and smooth graphics. It’s nothing to sneeze at by handheld standards, and if these are the types of experiences we can look forward to on SHIELD you can bet will be lined up for one as soon as they’re available. Take a quick look at the video above to see for yourself.

[via NVIDIA]

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