Rumor: Sprint adding 21 new 4G LTE cities tomorrow


Sprint’s 4G LTE network isn’t quite as expansive as AT&T’s and Verizon’s thus far, but it appears we could be less than 24 hours away from seeing more than 20 new markets lit up with the speedy data signal. According to information procured by PhoneArena, 21 new markets will get Sprint 4G LTE on April 12th. If true, it’s not odd that Sprint has elected to wait to announce the expansion until the day it actually happens.
The following list of cities will supposedly see 4G LTE starting sometime tomorrow:

  • California: Los Angeles, Contra Costa County
  • Florida: Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach
  • Indiana: Bloomington and Lafayette
  • Illinois: Rochelle
  • Minnesota: Mankato-North Mankato
  • Missouri: Joplin
  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Shelby, Albemarle, Sailsbury, Lincolnton
  • Tennessee: Memphis, Greenville, Tullahoma
  • Texas: Denison, Kerrville
  • Virginia: Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News

The list isn’t exactly filled out with large metropolitan areas, but the trio of cities in Virginia, Los angeles, Lafayette, Bloomington, Mankato, Charlotte, and Memphis should satisfy a good amount of people (balance matters, folks). For Sprint subscribers, waking up tomorrow morning will be like a waking up on Christmas Eve. Either your parents were cool enough to give you your gifts a day ahead of time, or they weren’t — either way, nothing was ever guaranteed.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ooooooooooooohio!!!!!

  2. Meh, I’m guessing I will get Sprint LTE in 4 years from now.

  3. They need to hurry up and light up my part of MD that falls in the DC Metro area. They keep saying soon, soon, soon, and it’s been 6 months of soon.

  4. Ditched Crawl for Verizon 2 years ago after having them for 10 years. I’ll never go back. lol

    1. If you can afford Verizon, I don’t think you’d go anywhere. LoL!!

      1. I’m waiting until after Google I/O to make any further decisions regarding my next device + contract/non-contract.

      2. I had VZW and I can afford them, but, no thanks. Their service in my area and in my working place, the same as Sprint. So, why I should pay more to them.

  5. Leaving Sprint in May. Its like dial up here in Miami. No thanks.

    1. I don’t blame you.

      1. Speeds are pretty darn good for me now in NYC, but I’m looking to go off-contract (preferably) once my current contract expires on 6/1.

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    2. In Houston, speeds are great. But as soon as you get outside of Houston, there it goes.

    3. I agree. Every time I visit south Florida my phone is useless without WiFi

    4. Lol, they say Palm Beach but go to Sensorly and input Palm Beach, Broward and Dade both have more coverage then Palm Beach! What is Sprint thinking? I can answer that I guess, hey our net speeds are slower then a handicapped postman, what can we do, lets lauch a market at 25%, great idea!

  6. Sprint coverage map already shows 4G LTE for Memphis… LA is lit up as well… checking more cities now. add Bloomington and Lafayette… Florida too…

    Seems that this info is true as the official coverage map on Sprint shows all cities listed as LTE.

    1. Their coverage map lies. I live north of Kansas City, MO and their map shows 4G LTE all over the place to include our hometown and where I work. All we get is 3G until we’re practically in downtown KC. If it weren’t for a friend getting us on their discounted employee plan, we’d have switched a long time ago.

    2. I also hate how you have to zoom in to almost street level before the map shows an entirely different level of coverage for 4G/3G… it’s bright orange until you’re about 3 notches from the lowest zoom when it suddenly shows mostly 3G only coverage with tiny spots of “fair” LTE… but when zoomed out it’s full blown LTE. Very misleading. *sigh* Remember the discount, Chad!

  7. Really Sprint? Mankato MN but not Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota?

    1. I’m in downtown Minneapolis right now and I’m lit up with 4G at 6th and Marquette.

  8. I’ve get 4g lte service on my sg3 near Monroe mi for the last week on 75 going to 275.

  9. Sprint sucks. It really does. I’m SO tired of their empty promises. Going on halfway into 2013, and still no LTE for 99% of NJ, including places like the NE Corridor (one of the most heavily trafficked railways in the world). How do they sell phones to normal customers when the vast majority of places aren’t lit up? Most non-tech people don’t base their decisions on roll out dates, instead they just go with what the salesman can show them, which in Sprint’s case is just about nothing unless they use the store’s WiFi. I just don’t get how they stay in business once contacts expire. :/

  10. Denver? Ever? Theres a HUGE hole in their map that covers roughly 9 states… Do you think we can start filling that in. I would love to use LTE on this LTE phone that I’ve got another 18 months on contract with. If my first year with this phone passes without LTE, I will gladly pay the EFT and leave Sprint in the dust, much like EVERY OTHER CARRIER has.

    1. A brand new network roll out doesn’t happen overnight. Not to mention that Denver isn’t exactly a major market in comparison to some of the other hotspots (LA, NYC, Miami, DC, etc..)

      1. Denver is THE major market in the Vast open hole in the middle of
        the country. Look at their coverage map.
        Nothing happens overnight, but they have had more than one night.
        Those places you mentioned have Sprint LTE for the most part, if only recently.
        Verizion has had 4g here “forever”, ATT launched here in Feb, and
        TMobile has active sites here, even if they havent officially launched. Sprint
        has fallen behind their own estimates, and then fallen behind the revised

        I wouldnt gripe at all, if Sprints 3g weren’t the worst in the country too.

  11. Sensorly shows all this great LTE in Philly PA but it’s a shame I have to leave my house to experience it. According to the map I’m surrounded by LTE so I should never have to walk outside.

  12. Really Sprint Greenville Ms. There’s only 3 people out there why not Jackson the capitol of Mississippi. F*#k Sprint time to jump ship. Hello C spire they got LTE all over the state.

    1. There’s more than 3 people out there … my company has a factory there! :P

  13. Funny how Sprints wants to launch LTE on the T-Mobile IPhone release day. I think somebody is worried.

  14. Popping up in areas of Philly, some of Frankford and Olney

  15. I’m in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Wellington more specifically) I can confirm that as of 8:20PM I am indeed receiving 4G LTE.

  16. never again Sprint slooooow network

  17. Around Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sprint LTE is already on but the signal is not constant.

    1. thats how it is in random places across MI

    2. That an sometimes you will get almost 40MB/down and 15MB/up and other towers will get you 768Kbps or slower. It’s really odd. About half the towers give you good LTE speeds and half are slower than 3g?

  18. What kind of speeds do people get on Sprint’s LTE?

    When are they everrrr going to start using the old Nextel spectrum for LTE?

    1. usually between 9Mbps and 22Mbps down and 7mbps-10mbps up….depends. I was in Auburn Hills, MI at Great lakes crssing mall and pulled 9dn-9up. Then I was in Shepherd MI in the middle of nowhare and pulled 28dn-11up. so…..

  19. T-Mobile will have LTE in more places by the end of the year than Sprint, Lol!!! And Sprint has a head start!

  20. So, everyone sound carrying their own office with them in their cars. And busy downloading the bigger files ever been. And I bet everyone, even if VZW good as everyone claiming, people always going to saying not good anyway.

  21. I’ve been with Vzn for 3yrs, I tell the truth, I’m not a mouth piece for a CEO.

    I’m more impressed with the size of Verizon’s network than I am reliability. Dropped calls do exist, and 4G on occasion does drop to crappy 3G.

    But Verizon is rapidly moving their network to LTE for VoLTE, so not too much longer every tower and every antenna will be LTE. So hopefully dropping down to 3G will happen a lot less in the next 6mo’s.

    Good luck to those of you who continue to support Sprint. Perhaps you should check out T-Mobile, they’ll have LTE sooner than Sprint.

  22. Not bad speeds. Has anyone on Sprint’s LTE ever gotten 40+mbps?
    On E. Main St. in Meriden Ct I get 40+mbps quite a bit on Vzn LTE.

  23. This is why I left them Tallahassee has been promised 4g since wimax

  24. I have 7 more months on contract and I will be dropping Sprint. I live in Vegas and having to live with 3G is a pain. when I upgraded my Evo 3D to a Evo LTE I had no idea how much I would miss their old 4G. .

  25. All of these cities have had 4G turned on for months, Sprint does not announce them until they are complete/very close to complete.

    Charlotte has had LTE for over 6 months now, getting denser and denser by the day. Tomorrow will be NOT “christmas morning” for anyone as those with an LTE phone have had LTE in these markets for months and months. Tomorrow will change NOTHING, it will just be a press release.

  26. Joplin MO before St. Louis?

  27. 4g live in west palm beach months ago. Singnal fades in and out though.

  28. Uhhgggg… still no Omaha, NE

  29. The 3G! Ugh! There’s not enough LTE coverage in San Antonio and the 3G crawls at a snail’s pace!

  30. Still no LTE in NYC? Later Sprint. Its sickening to see that they can get a reliable network up in running after a year of empty promises. Get rid of some of these silly retail locations(a store in the flatiron??) and invest more into the network. I mean we have been paying for nothing all these years.

  31. Don’t know what the deal is with sprint but I feel all they do is lie to their customers. 4g LTE is here in Mankato Mn but when I tested it, the connection kept getting dropped and 3g had to take up the slack (yeah right, sprint’s 3g is among the worst of all carriers). And yet all this time I’ve been forced to pay for 4g (wimax) when i don’t even receive the signal. Shame on sprint!

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