Apr 11th, 2013

LG has posted a video detailing some of the features owners of the LG Optimus G Pro can expect as part of a new “Value Pack” update. The new software includes such new capabilities as Smart Video, Dual Camera snapshots, and Pause & Resume video recording.

Smart Video, similar to a feature unveiled by Samsung for the Galaxy S4, uses eye tracking to determine when a viewer looks away from their display, pausing media playback. Dual Camera allows for users to snap a picture simultaneously using the front and rear cameras of the G Pro. Pause & Resume recording gives users the ability to splice together video clips on the fly.

The G Pro Value Pack update is headed to handsets April 12th. For now, that basically covers the device in Korea, but the same set of software enhancements should make their way to other regions as the phone becomes available on a more global basis.

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