Available Today: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


Just a quick reminder that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is available for purchase today in the US from a number of physical and online retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and more. Pricing for the WiFi-only version of the slate starts at $399. For the price you get an 8-inch display, quad-core processing, and Samsung’s S Pen experience and included software.

If you want to read up more on the Note 8.0, head over to AndroidForums. If you’re still on the fence about picking one up, stay tuned for our full review to come later this week.

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  1. Will hold out for a version will less bezel.

    1. Have you held a tablet?

      1. I’ve owned the OG Galaxy Tab, The Galaxy Tab 10.1, Droid Xyboard LTE, HP Touchpad. Any questions?

        1. The ones you shouldn’t really have owned.

      2. Have you held an iPad Mini ?

        1. i hate that thing i tried it out at best buy and was like “instant dislike!” it kept thinking i wanted to pull down the notification bar!

          1. OK then. That’s strange to hate something without testing it thoroughly though.

      3. Whats needed is less bezel and inteligent software that can discern actual input from a palm touch from it being held on the side.

    2. Don’t be stupid, the bezel is fine enough, and I want to be able to hold a tablet without actually touching the screen.

      1. If you have an 8″ screen with zero bezel, then you can hold it with 1 hand, by gripping the back.

        1. …and I think that technology has advanced enough that we’re very close to seeing devices with the aforementioned zero bezel design and I’m pleased as punch to see such units debut.

        2. More risk of smashing the screen if you ask me.

          1. depends how you hold it.

          2. You can’t really hold a tablet a million different ways.

          3. About 5 ways

  2. Only if Samsung stops black mailing its competitors.

  3. If the speakers are at the bottom, what’s that speaker for at the top near all the sensors and camera? It looks just like a normal phone speaker. This thing isn’t supposed to be a phone too, is it?

    1. The international version doubles as a phone.

  4. It i not on Amazon been searching and nothing!

    1. I just ordered mine from Amazon. Make sure you type in Galaxy Note 8.0. It still won’t be the first one. Took me a while to find it.

      1. thanks if you have a link that would be great :)

  5. @NIGHTSCOUT you’re an idiot. Maybe some people don’t want to grip it from back. I personally don’t mind the bezel simply because I can grip around the tablet with one hand with my thumb resting on the bezel so it doesn’t touch the screen. So much complaining, sheesh!!!

  6. I bought mine at ten this morning for 426 after tax. The speaker on top is not the US version. It s avery smooth device, but I too thinkthe speaker location should have like the 10.1. No regrets u guys have a great day.

  7. I was sincerely hoping the US would get the same as the international version.

  8. For all those considering getting it now, I suggest holding off. Look at Samsung’s original press release, when they announced the Note 8 back in February! Clearly states 16/32GB memory versions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop the pricing on the 16gb version, when they release the 32GB. Just trying to rake in extra bucks on consumers for the early 16gb purchasers. And making justifications on including the 2 year 50gb dropbox, 25 play store certificate, and all kinds of other B.S.,-A-NEW-ERA-OF-PORTABILITY-AND-EVERYDAY-PRODUCTIVITY

    1. Just because they announced it doesn’t mean it’ll come to America, personally I feel like I’ve waited long enough and I don’t see them dropping the price any time soon.

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