Samsung office raided after LG accusations


Samsung’s offices in Asan, South Korea have been raided in conjunction with accusations of technology theft by LG. The dispute stems from the pair of companies’ OLED businesses, with LG claiming that insiders have been leaking top secret data to Samsung. The results of the raid are not clear.

Samsung claims it has no reason to steal from LG, saying they already possesses “the world’s best OLED technology.” Similar claims brought charges against six LG employees last year. LG says the police initiated the most recent investigation, which concerns technology related to OLED TV panels, without their involvement.

[via Bloomberg]


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  1. Can’t we all get along

    1. “Can’t we all get along?”

  2. Pretty sure this is how Syndicate got started…

  3. thanks lg, im staying away from all your devices

    1. Why? If the offices of Samsung were raided, there would have to be enough evidence to issue a warrant. If anything, Samsung is stealing from LG and that shouldn’t be supported by buying their products.

      Either way, I’m not going to stop buying a good LG product if they’re protecting their IP.

      1. It doesn’t warrant was issued. We are left thinking this is not a legal raid

        1. No, we’re not left thinking that. At all.

          Are you familiar with South Korean laws and warrant requirement for police investigations?

          I didn’t think so.

          1. Wow, congratulations! You guessed correctly. I really should make a point to study every single county’s justice system.

      2. Not trying to start a comment war but LG has stolen way more stuff from Samsung than vice versa. Just look at the optimus g pro and lg’s user interface and tell me they did not try to clone Samsung’s UI. This raid is just provoking Samsung to actually sue LG for this.

        1. Most likely that’s the case, I’m merely pointing out what a silly reason to not buy a product from one company over another… If they said anything in respect to service/quality/etc I wouldn’t have felt the need to flex my anonymous internet debate muscle. ^_^

          1. Hey guise… it’s okay. When a company steals from a company that makes crappy ui’s… they both lose. #htc

  4. Interesting.

  5. Kiss and make up. Show some evidence then we’ll see.

  6. LG should just stop. I don’t know anyone with one and I can’t stand using them. The pro is cool blah blah blah but they just don’t have anything exciting. Oleds are just terrible screens anyhow slcd3 on the one is going to make these look like leapfrog phones.

    1. Last time I checked, LG used IPS which is LCD. Unless your convoluted comment was including Samsung AMOLED screens, which also have major pluses over LCD…

      Either way, your logic tree is broken.

      1. “The dispute stems from the pair of companies’ OLED businesses”
        I was trying to stay on topic.

  7. Seems like Samsung has been stealing/ copying from LG for a while now.

  8. Everyone is after the top dog. The fact is very simple, Samsung makes the best Smartphones in the World, they put in the research and lead in the most important field, Innovation, Innovation and yes folks Innovation. Samsung must be laughing at these dopes. LG just shows who they are scared of, the same company every other phone manufacturers are, Samsung. Samsung continues to kill it, The new SGS4 is my next pocket beast.
    Thank You Samsung.

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