Win tablets, phones, or Google Play gift cards by tweeting your #favoritethings


If you were itchy for more great contests Google has one that you will want to participate in. The search giant is asking everyone to tweet their favorite things in regards to entertainment from the Google Play Store. On Twitter, following the Google Play account and using the hashtag #favoritethings with a link to one of your favorite items in the Google Play Store will get you an entry to win tons of great prizes.

Here’s a quick example of what your entry would look like:

My favorite movie on @GooglePlay is Toy Story #favoritethings

It’s worthy to note that you’ll only get one entry per person, and you’ll have to submit proof of said entry over at this link — simply tweeting alone won’t get you into the rabbit’s hat.

So what’s up for grabs, you ask? How about ten Nexus 10s, seven Nexus 7s, four Nexus 4s, and one hundred $10 Google Play gift cards. I know, it sounds like I just wrapped up singing the “12 days of Christmas” song. We’re not exactly in Christmas season yet, but with this big giveaway it sure feels like it. Entries will be accepted until midnight on April 24th, and you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States to play. Be sure to read the full rules and terms here. Aaaaaand… go!


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’ve got to enter this contest.

  2. Entered… lets see what happens… LOL

  3. Im so going to do this!!!

  4. Why is it always only in the US!

    1. It would be nice if it said this upfront. I chose my favourite app (Android Lost), posted my tweet (, followed @Google Play , went to the form and “Be a United States resident at least 18 years old”. Thanks for wasting my time Phandroid. I should have known this would be suckky as it was connected to Twitter!

  5. Waiting for the g+ version.

  6. Just entered.. hope I did it right! Lol!

  7. Ack, you lost me at twitter.

  8. Damn you Phandroid, you just had to spread the word of this :-( there goes my chances of winning

  9. Just entered. Now I guess it’s just a matter of waiting.

  10. puke a little when i saw pos win tablets in headline

  11. I have Twitter for contests and stuff so I entered this for the Nexus 10. The only sweepstakes I’ve won was a gift card, an iPad which was stolen like a week after I received it and airline tickets but I’d be freakin’ ecstatic if I won this and got a Nexus. I’ve been wanting an Android tablet forever but can’t decide what to save for.

  12. Only for US residents… WHY GOOGLE WHY!? This Australian living in Canada feels so UNLOVED now! I’d love a chance to win any of those prizes, even if it’s just a $10 play store card!

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