Apr 8th, 2013

Motorola has gained a bit of a nasty reputation around the development community these past couple of years. The company began locking its bootloaders tighter than the Pentagon does its doors, and developers haven’t found it particularly easy to bypass. For this reason, many in the development community have shunned Motorola devices in favor of more hacker-friendly options from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and HTC.

Well, it looks like something could change on that front soon. DroidRzr.com is reporting that the bootloaders on at least the Motorola ATRIX HD, Motorola RAZR M, and the Motorola RAZR HD/HD Maxx have been completely unlocked. The method has yet to be posted publicly, but the fruits of the deed — done by Dan Rosenberg — were enjoyed by the admins of DroidRzr.com after testing it. The method will be posted there once it’s ready, though users are being forewarned quite early regarding the possible affect this might have on your manufacturer’s warranty.

[Thanks Jordan!]