Apr 5th, 2013

HTC announced that the developer edition of their One handset would be available after the device launches with US carriers With AT&T and Sprint announcing an April 19th release for the device, HTC has come clean with details on the launch of the unlocked, unsubsidized, 64GB version of the phone.

The HTC One Developer Edition will be available the same day the regular version hits carriers, April 19th. It’s still priced at $649 without any sort of wireless contract but is otherwise identical in terms of hardware to the 64GB version being sold through AT&T. Pre-orders for the device begin today at 10AM EDT, giving you just enough time to weigh the merits of spending $650 up front versus going the carrier route.

According to HTCDev on Twitter, the T-Mobile version of the HTC One will have an unlockable bootloader via htcdev.com. Looks like it might be the only carrier version going that route. Also, the 32GB SIM unlocked model will also have an unlockable bootloader via htcdev.com, for that asking. Cheers.


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