HTC One Developer Edition also launching April 19th, now taking pre-orders


HTC announced that the developer edition of their One handset would be available after the device launches with US carriers With AT&T and Sprint announcing an April 19th release for the device, HTC has come clean with details on the launch of the unlocked, unsubsidized, 64GB version of the phone.

The HTC One Developer Edition will be available the same day the regular version hits carriers, April 19th. It’s still priced at $649 without any sort of wireless contract but is otherwise identical in terms of hardware to the 64GB version being sold through AT&T. Pre-orders for the device begin today at 10AM EDT, giving you just enough time to weigh the merits of spending $650 up front versus going the carrier route.

According to HTCDev on Twitter, the T-Mobile version of the HTC One will have an unlockable bootloader via htcdev.com. Looks like it might be the only carrier version going that route. Also, the 32GB SIM unlocked model will also have an unlockable bootloader via htcdev.com, for that asking. Cheers.


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  1. If only i had the money for it… :)

    1. Why does it say it’s 32GB onboard memory in the “feature” page? No other 2G/3G/4G bands listed!?

      1. Maybe they updated it but this is what I see on the page.
        64GB Onboard Storage,HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz – GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz – LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US)

        1. Yeap, I see it too, thanks!

  2. Is the dev edition actually clear like ^^^ that? or is that just a cool photo…I ask because the device is metal….so it would not be clear….is the dev edition plastic? what gives?

    1. Plastic? Come on… Transparent Aluminum.

    2. No, it’s metallic backing like every other hTC ONE. The transparent look is just to show that it’s “unlocked bootloader” edition. It’s ALL METAL still.

      1. Still would be a cool to have, I know it’s super nerdy but I’d love a smartphone with a see through body.

        1. or even a window strip….kinda like a computer case with side panel window :-)

      2. Like ALMOST every other HTC One. The Chinese dual sim version posted last week is plastic so HTC isn’t completely against the idea.

  3. so this developer edition will only get 2G/Edge on T-mobile?

    1. It depends on the location. Some areas (like South California) has 2G remapped into 3G under 1900 MHz, so this phone will get HSPA+ 3G with T-Mobile at these locations.
      I do not have exact locations, so you might have to do some research.

      1. airportal.de provides the best approximation of 1900 Mhz support, T-mobile hasn’t provided it, but users use that sight to report areas with 1900Mhz HSPA+

  4. They are also selling a unlocked 32gb version now. It is not bootloader unlocked just sim unlocked.

    1. where can I find it?

      1. just got it. sorry

  5. its $75 cheaper to preorder the 32GB “unlocked” version. Why not just get that and unlock the bootloader via HTCDev?

    1. Because if you unlock it with HTCdev you only get an S-ON bootloader unlock. And I believe that the developers edition comes with S-OFF.

      1. dev ed still has s on bro

      2. What’s the difference between bootloader and S-Off? I’ve had my E4GT for close to 2 years and none of that stuff matters to me. LoL!!

        The main thing is that I want to flash photo-sphere to the phone. Would I need only the bootloader unlocked? I’m guessing S-Off/S-On is the SIM lock?

        Might have to take a trip to XDA.

        1. S-on & S-off have nothing to do with the SIM, it refers to the subset of ADB commands that the SPL (bootloader) is able to run. With an S-off (engineering) SPL, you can run ADB commands with the phone in fastboot mode. This is important because it makes it easy to flash partition images (recovery, system, etc), and is also safer because if you completely bollocks-up your phone, you can always start the bootloader and flash from there.

          You don’t need to know any of this unless you’re flashing roms, etc.

          1. This is why I don’t deal with HTC devices, this S-ON/S-OFF Unlock/locked is too complicated and BS. Moto devices are just unlocked/locked BL and SIM, none of this ‘no flashing!’ with S-ON when unlocked…

            Though nothing beats my Nexus in terms of flashing, f’in love how safe it is, can’t brick it.

  6. Just got an HTC email to pre-order and the offer included this free HTC case. http://www.htc.com/www/accessories/htc-double-dip-flip/

  7. Just a heads up, when u go to the HTC website, u can actually preorder for all 3 carriers! very nice!!!

    1. Thanks, good tip. Unfortunately, the uncarrier plans are not an option with that pre-order.

      1. yeah thats the only thing that sucks about it. but fortunately for me, im registered as an early adopter on tmo so my local store says i have first dibs on the first batch they get in. and with the uncarrier plan can get it for $100 upfront. not a big deal to me but some other people might not like paying in installments, but its convenient nonetheless if u dont wanna pay the whole 700 out of pocket.

  8. Does not support Tmobile 4G on the AWS band. It does support Tmobile LTE on the AWS band but that’s only handful of cities.

    1. TMobile HSPA+ is moving off of AWS to use the AT&T bands. Not sure how many markets have switched, though.

  9. I’d love to get this. I want 64GB of space, but I can’t fathom that amount. Hmm… But if I get it from Best Buy, I can pay for it over the months instead of all at once. Hope Best Buy gets this version as well.

  10. awesome!

  11. Why don’t they just call this thing the ‘uncrippled edition’, since that is essentially what it is.

  12. No word on warranty? Am I just missing it or are they not saying whether it comes with one or not (since that is the trend, dev device = no warranty)?

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