AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S4 passes through the FCC as SGH-i337


With preorders set to begin in a matter of weeks, we’re entering the final pre-launch stages for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S4. That includes a quick jaunt at the FCC, where the phone has appeared under model number SGH-i337. The proper LTE band 17 support is in place and, as you can see by the handy image compiled by Engadget, the dimensions line up accordingly. If further proof is necessary, the model number lines up with a previous UAProf listing with specs matching the Galaxy S4.

AT&T will offer the GS4 for $250 on a new two-year contract. Pre-orders will start April 16th, though a specific ship date has not been announced.

[via FCC]

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  1. do we know yet what storage the 249.99 version they’re selling has?

    1. 1tb because I said so

    2. I’d assume the base 16gb model, has there post didn’t mention which one (and it’d be odd to not mention the cheapest one IMO) http://blogs.att.net/consumerblog/story/a7788764

  2. i337? Is that a play on “l33t”?

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