Gameloft teasing Iron Man game announcement for tomorrow?


It’s GDC week, if you haven’t heard, and we know for a fact Gameloft has itself a nice booth setup over at the San Francisco venue. The company has started teasing an announcement for March 27th — which happens to be tomorrow — with a picture of a tablet that has some very familiar eyes on them. It looks like our friend Tony Stark could be getting a video game to go along with the third film in this arc.

That motion picture is set to begin rolling May 3rd. Considering Gameloft specializes in mobile games it’s possible they will be bringing such a game to Android, but without any confirmation we won’t be passing anything off as fact. Just know that a major announcement is coming tomorrow, and with people on the ground at GDC you can bet Phandroid will be bringing you everything we can about it.

[via Twitter, thanks Greg!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. as usual iOS first probably.

  2. Too bad Gameloft games generally suck.

    1. gameloft as a company sucks…customer service number used to go now where… now it does… they just do not help you in any kind of way… they are scum…

  3. Hi.
    Sorry to go against the grain but I think that the Gameloft games are very good, has anyone not played any of the Modern Combat or Asphalt Racing, Batman and Spiderman Game’s, if you haven’t then I recommend that you do. They have been around since year dot on mobile, I personally don’t mind who gets the game’s fist because most of them are worth waiting for, Unlike RR3 that to me was a disappointment because of the you had to pay for it. Pick up and play, pick up and wait, more like.

    1. they suck

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