Game for Fame: Beat our Zen Pinball HD high-score to win a Nexus 7 [CONTEST]


I am super excited to announce a brand new contest series to the Phandroid universe called “Game for Fame”.  The concept is pretty simple: we play and review an Android game and if you can beat our high score (and prove it), you’re entered to win. Win what? Good question! We’ve enlisted our friends at NVIDIA to provide the winner of our first Game for Fame contest a brand new 32GB Nexus 7 tablet!

This week’s game: Zen Pinball HD. Watch the Zen Pinball Review below, take special note of the high score, and make sure you follow ALL of the directions to ensure your entry is eligible.

How To Enter:

  • Watch the Zen Pinball HD Review video posted above and take note of our high score.
  • Download the game from the Google Play Store or the Tegra Zone and start playing!
  • Beat our high score and capture a picture, video, or screenshot of this high score
  • Post your picture/video proof and your name from the leaderboard to the comments section of this post
  • Head on over to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube and post at least one of the following:
    • Google+: #GameForFame with Zen Pinball to Win an Android Tablet from +NVIDIA and +Phandroid
    • Twitter: #GameForFame with Zen Pinball to win an Android Tablet from @NVIDIATegra and @Phandroid
    • Facebook (+ means tag): #GameForFame with Zen Pinball to Win an Android Tablet from +NVIDIA Tegra and +Phandroid
    • YouTube: Show your high score proof as a video response to the above video
Selecting a winner:
  • Everyone who shows proof of beating high score, as explained above, will automatically be entered to win
  • We’ll select one random winner from those who have beaten our high score
  • Winner MUST show proof that:
    • The high score is actually theirs
    • They completed one of the social posting requirements (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube) prior to being selected as a winner.


  • The winner must be 18+ years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Contest entries will be accepted until Sunday, March 24th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • The winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Neverstill Media staff based on randomly drawing a winner’s name from amongst the valid entries
  • The winner will be contacted through the social media outlet used to promote the contest within 24-hours of the close of the contest.  If no response from the winning contestant is received, the prize will be forfeited, and Neverstill Media staff will identify and contact replacement winners until the requirements are met.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, Neverstill Media will choose one – at their sole discretion – for inclusion in the contest. If the multiple entries are excessive, entrant may be banned.
  • Neverstill Media reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this contest for any reason at their sole discretion.

Time to do some thumb exercises for weekend pinballing mayhem! Good luck and enjoy!

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  1. Cool

  2. In the fourth bullet it says to post your proof and your name from the leaderboards. If you are posting a picture of the scores isn’t your name already on the leaderboard? Is there some other name we are suppose to list?

    1. Your username may be different from your actual name. Bottom-line, we need to be able to do two things. 1.) Verify you didn’t cheat and use someone else’s screen-grab. 2.) Easily contact you if you win.

      1. maybe I’m just old but for the social media requirement, all I just need to do is go to one of my accounts and post what is written correct?

        1. You got it! Don’t worry, I don’t consider myself old and I’m still not really into the social media stuff. But it does make for great advertising for the site! Thanks for supporting us!

  3. Only took me one shot to beat that score. Hopefully, I’m just as lucky in the drawing! (My screen name is the same as my androidforums username: Y2Dre)

    1. I didn’t want to make it too hard for the launch of this contest. We’ll see with the next round of “Game for Fame” how easy I make it to beat my score. Of course I may just suck at mobile gaming. :)

      1. So that’s how it feels to have a white glove slapped across my cheek! Challenge accepted and I look forward to the next challenge!

        1. LOL, of course I meant no disrespect.

      2. When will this next round be? I don’t think the post said when you would pick a winner.

        1. We will try to pick a winner as soon as possible after the contest ends. The next round of Game for Fame will be soon (within the next week or so if everything works out)! (Sounds like I have commitment issues. LOL.)

  4. It took me 4 tries, but I finally got it. I’m not really very good at pinball games.

    My username on the leaderboard, as you can see from my screenshot, is foxpaw.

  5. Heres testing my luck.

  6. Third try :-)

    1. Maybe you should have read this:

      Only one entry per person is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, Neverstill Media will choose one – at their sole discretion – for inclusion in the contest. If the multiple entries are excessive, entrant may be banned.

  7. Third try :-) stupid t-9 lol

  8. Here is my score. My name from the leaderboard is collitchboy1

  9. I must suck at pinball; took me (farrellj) ~10 tries to finally beat your 11.6M score. :)

  10. fun game works great on galaxy note 2. will probably buy a few more tables.

  11. Took me about an hour on the porcelain throne to beat it.

    1. Gotta hate toilet ass cheeks. Damn yous technologies!

      1. That and the numbness of the legs when the fall asleep!

  12. Here’s my high score…

  13. Took less tries than I thought it might. This is a screenshot as the game ended. Not specifically the leaderboard.

  14. Well, I wanted to enter the contest but it seems the login screen in Zen comes up completely thrashed on my Infinity. Pathetic considering this game was originally branded “THD” (meaning it was optimized for Tegra devices).

  15. I forgot how much fun pinball is. Here’s mine (TheDrizzle). By the way, I really like this contest. Very cool.

    1. I wish you were giving it away to the highest score. I just got 189,168,258…

      1. That is sweet score

      2. Yeah, nice score! We may do that in the future, we’ll all have to wait and see!

      3. You’re gonna make me dust off the ol’ a500 aren’t you?
        Top score for me was over 700 million. My eyeballs bled for days after. ^_^

        1. And yes. I played zen pinball a lot… too much perhaps…

          1. Whisper still haunts my dreams…

        2. I’m game :)

          1. Alright.
            Gonna charge up the ol’ tablet tonight and see what I can do :)

  16. here goes mine.. luck to all


  17. Thanks for not making us achieve the TOP score or else my weekend and corneas would have been consumed with this game. Cheers for the holding a fun contest and welcome to the Phandroid Team Michael!

  18. I love this game. I was able to get a +23M score but sadly wasn’t logged in. Here is my entry (Simou).

  19. Took me awhile but i did it. Just barely though.

  20. Thanks for the contest! Had fun.

  21. name under swrmplyr
    Took me a while to get this score. I usually get 1mil unless it goes to the special mini mode or a the bunch of pinball bonus. Graphics are pretty nice.

  22. IAmDroid3 (spells LAMDROID3)

    high score = 18,276,102
    FB share =

    waiting to wiiiiinnnn..!!1!

  23. my swarm name is ajm135
    here is a video from my dropbox of me completing it

  24. Thanks for the contest, I actually found the game really good overall! very fun!

    1. Actually felt the need to update my score to 29million =D

  25. Here’s mine.. Good Luck Everybody!!

  26. Yes yes a chance to win me a tablet

  27. Beat the high score by a hair line. Phew! Would be so much easier on a tablet. ;)

  28. Woohoo! I did it. Guest-1176509.

  29. Love the contest idea, great job!

  30. Would be nice to win, hope I do.

  31. When does the contest period end? I want to keep an eye on my inbox in the 24hrs following it.

  32. I’m posting this score again because it’s not showing up after I comment.

  33. Took a few tries, but finally got it. My name on the leaderboard is und3adly.

  34. Let’s try again. Pic didn’t post in previous comment. My leaderboard name is und3adly.

  35. Clever way to get me to give this game a second try. It starts getting pretty addictive once you get the hang of it! Ah, the quarters I pumped into Fun House back in the day….

    1. Yeah, I loved the arcades!!!!!!! Ah the days of no responsibilities. :)

  36. Pinball machines Rock!!It actually took me quite some time to beat your score Michael Link so don’t make next weeks contest too difficult,lol,,anyways
    The name I used is the same as my androidforums username is:KrstalBall oh and my facebook username is Christian Contreras, im also Z1M in one of the screenshots,yea I posted through facebook,,Good Luck to us all!!

    1. I’ll keep that in mind. :)

  37. Here’s mine. Hope i win!

    User name is ..dopefelon306

  38. Game glitched a couple times causing me to fall just short then after that I busted out this score (yaooitsbrett)

  39. Fun game. It was a bit laggy on my Droid Razr Maxx, but still made the most of my chance!

  40. Username is kristopholis

  41. I did good. Fazelanvari

  42. I hope my name matches when I post lol

  43. nm

  44. Here’s mine. Having issues with the image coming up.

  45. My name on the leaderboard is jlavery1981

  46. Took a little while, but I managed to hit 14M.

  47. This Is A cool game. here is my S.S. :)


  48. rapture81g. here’s my screen shot. good luck everyone.

    wouldn’t let me tag NVIDIA Tegra on Facebook. but I still put @NVIDIA Tegra. hope this doesn’t disqualify me. also added on twitter. posted twice her by accident, thought post dissapeared but just rearranged to bottom of page not top

  49. Holy jesus FINALLY I beat your damn score. Damn I suck at pinpall. At least I finally ended up with a pretty decent 21 mil. Oh and my name from the leader board (the only one) is mimsyborogove.

  50. Here is my score15mill user Allord

  51. Beat the record while seating on a toilet lol thought it will be like 100m or something. Shame I’m from UK:-(



    Just barely got in. Difficult board. Or I just suck at Pinball.

    Twitter username: isfacat

    Edit: And proof of tweet:

    Edit 2: And shot of Leaderboard as well.

  53. Here’s mine

  54. This game would be a lot easier on a Nexus 7.

    1. Since you specifically asked for a shot of the LEADERBOARD, here ya go. -Topher Barnett-

  55. Here is mine. I I barely made but I got there none the less. I love Zen Pinball, and I have all of their Android tables.

  56. Nexus 7 would be probably be the perfect form factor to play more Zen Pinball HD. My dad’s HP TouchPad is a bit heavy with its case on for an extended amount of time.

  57. My name is skyhawk4

  58. Fun game, i love pinball machines. I like this contest.

  59. Awesome game and contest. Gonna try my hand at one of the star wars levels next.

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  61. Updated score. Got on a lucky multiball run.

  62. Do Gon

  63. Here’s mine. Is this sufficient?

  64. Here’s mine. I’m Dom.

  65. I’m a little rusty… but not bad for a first try in a loooooooong time ^_^
    Manbo on here,
    original_manbo on there.
    apparently someone already took manbo… pssshhhhhh. It’s only been my gamer handle since, like, forever! Gahh! O_o

  66. How bout giving away some free tables for the game.

  67. Here we are. Good game. A little laggy on my Galaxy Nexus though.

    1. I don’t know how much they will care, but the contest was to beat his score of ~10 million points. Just fyi.

  68. Only 13 million but it still qualifies :)

  69. only 13 million but hey, it works :) ShynesSoAmazing

  70. only 13 million but hey, it works. ShynesSoAmazing

  71. Should really post the “Must be a resident of the US” requirement at the top somewhere… just spent a decent amount of time playing the game to beat the score, then scrolled down to read that I’m not eligible :(

  72. Is there any update on this? Any update on the winner?

    1. Yes, I would like to know this as well.

  73. I’m now addicted to this game…..

    1. Name is mipd1980 on the game and twitter where I shared the the post

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