Was Andy Rubin too stubborn for Android?


According to Samsung’s chief product officer Kevin Packingham, working with Andy Rubin wasn’t always the easiest task. “You weren’t going to get him to deviate from [a] position,” he said. In other words, Rubin was stubborn. Ouch. Did it have anything to do with recent moves at Google to place a new person at the head of Android?

Speaking on Rubin’s replacement, Sundar Pichai, Packingham said,”[He’s] a super nice person, he’s very collaborative.” OK, so that doesn’t tell us much about what’s going on behind the scenes at Google, but it seems that, at least in the case of Samsung, Pichai has a better working relationship with OEMs.

Could this lead to even greater Android innovations down the road? It’s certainly possible. If Rubin’s vision didn’t allow for the input of other collaborators, not only is that bad business but it’s also bad for the platform in general. Though much of Android’s success is owed to Rubin, change is never a bad thing.

[via San Francisco Chronicle]

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  1. “change is never a bad thing”, in that case, please change your ownership of all your belongings to me!

    1. Not necessarily bad, because if he has a bunch of crap. By changing ownership to you, hHe’d be getting rid of it all to (hopefully) buy newer, better stuff.

  2. In other words, he wouldn’t take any bribes to favor Samsung’s interests in the open platform ecosystem.

    1. Andy wouldnt call Google now, S-Voice.

  3. Andy is Android… So what are you talking about?

    1. He should to have made Android a non-open OS and in that way control it just like iOS.

      1. Oh hell no.

  4. Apparently Andy isn’t an sSheep kinda guy

  5. Stubborn is what eventually got Apple to push updates to Verizon iPhones. Look at the mess the Galaxy Nexus is, I actually appreciate that about Apple, that tell everyone else how it is. Apparently it didn’t work for Andy.

    1. I have a GNex and it is not a mess.

      1. No….but it doesn’t fully live up to the nexus brand either.

      2. Google Wallet?

    2. GSM Galaxy Nexus is just fine. The Sprint and Verizon versions may be a different story though.

    3. Andy has nothing to do with Android phones being pushed to carriers, even the Galaxy nexus. That responsibility still fell on Samsung. The only mess with the Galaxy nexus is that verizon is a pain in the ass and knows they can get away with forcing them to load verizon bloatware and blocking updates. With apple there’s 1 phone, and its the most popular single phone in the US. Verizon has to bend will to them or lose that one and only device. With Android, Verizon can play hard ball because there’s always another OEM to go with.

  6. Uh…. The article talks about Samsung’s comments about Andy. Yet, the picture shows ASUS’s CEO…. I’m hoping that was intentional and you don’t think that guy is with Samsung.

    1. Man watcha talking bout all Asian android oems look alike.

    2. lmao

  7. -.-

  8. Reading between the lines on this one, I reach precisely the opposite conclusion. This isn’t an uncommon situation for a developer, and resisting the commercial pressures to focus on long-term, quality development ultimately results in superior software.

  9. Android is where is right now because the OEMs, but they have to be open to include features from the OEMs skinned Android devices that would allow a much unify experience and will improve the total ecosystem.
    Android is evolving very well, but the stock version is getting boring and OEMs have showed capability to include nice and fresh feature but just available in some devices.

    1. Boring? I prefer stock holo. I mean I didn’t mind some of Samsung’s features in touchwiz, but i couldn’t stand looking at it. I think OEMs need to go more stock.

    2. yeah give me Samsung’s shitty software implementations like, S-Cloud and S- Voice and Wallet.

    3. Going to completely disagree with you on that. After trying out sense 3 and 4 and the gs2 and gs3 touchwiz I would rather not go with anything but stock. Literally the only feature I miss from Sense or Touchwiz is better contact syncing with facebook and twitter… otherwise there really isnt a single stand out feature from any UI that I think out weighs the complete absence of lag on my Nexus 4. And touchwiz continues to be a very unattractive design imo. I’m glad Andy stood in the way of implementing some of Samsung and HTC’s insanely laggy features.

      1. We wouldn’t even have a Note if they didn’t implement stylus features plus multiview.

        1. You are right. Im currently using an AOSP/PA ROM on my note to change DPI per app, but I miss some of the Samsung Apps like Smart Stay and Rotation, SNote, multiview and some stylus gestures. Not all Samsung SW is bad. The worst part is the TOO colourfull and childish launcher, settings and all the “2.2” Green color that is still part of the skin

    4. Your right on point. The average Joe wants what Samsung does with android. Its not just a skin they add features.
      Trying to get people here to understand or admit is hard.
      I have nexus 7 and sgs3. Touchwiz kicks ass!
      Sure native android is great for power users and tech type people but the millions of average users wet their pants on the new software features Samsung dropped at the S4 show!

  10. you dont need to be a Jew to see what an ignorant fool you are.

  11. This sounds like Andy didn’t give in to putting in slow bloated fad software or give samsung preferential treatment >.>

  12. This is a dumb article. Andy Rubin stood for what he believed in, was strong, and fought to protect the integrity and interests of Android and Google. That’s what he’s supposed to do.

    1. How is the article dumb? its just reporting what the Samsung guy said

      1. Should have been entitled: “Was Andy Rubin too stubborn for [Samsung’s vision of] Android?” :P

  13. thats dumb if that were the case the gaza strip would be overflowing with cream cheese, spoiler its not.

  14. stop trolling

  15. You are offensive and a biased person . A Jew hater it seems.

  16. I’m sure techies will blast me here but its a good thing
    Samsung’s android kicks ass and is what the average people want
    Yes I mean touchwiz. I’m with azrienoch on this one. It is not a skin, it is and has become a new android altogether, and its good.

    1. Not to be picky, but I think with the S3 and on, the name was changed from Touchwiz to “Nature UX”.

      1. The latest version of TouchWiz, Nature UX, has been released on the Galaxy S III. It boasts a more refined user interface as compared to the previous version…..

  17. You forgot the lox. Oh and watch out people freaking love the killer Jews!
    Look at how we kiss Israel’s ass.

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