LG E980 hits FCC with AT&T radios, could be LG Optimus G Pro


AT&T could soon be ready to serve up the LG Optimus G Pro as a device with a similar model number has hit the FCC with the carrier’s radios. It’s sitting in the FCC’s halls with the model number LG E980, and has both the GSM and LTE radios necessary to run on Ma Bell’s network without an issue.

The Optimus G Pro is LG’s 5.5-inch refresh for its 2013 flag ship, featuring full-HD resolution, a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 13 megapixel camera, Android 4.1 and more.

If it really is headed to AT&T’s shores it should be a hot item as it still enjoys a spot alongside Android’s current elite crop of smartphones. We got some nice hands-on time with this device at Mobile World Congress so be sure to check that out here if you’re curious as to what kind of smartphone you should soon see donning the AT&T banner.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Sweet, although I will probably pick up the international variant, don’t need ATT slowing down updates anymore than LG.

  2. So it is the same as the Note, except it doesn’t have expandable memory? What about the battery, is that held prisoner also, and not USER-accessible?

    1. lol you really need removable battery on a phone that ;asts 30 hours on LTE?

  3. Been waiting for this to hit the market, hopefully we get a solid release date soon…an up graded version of the note 2 I’m all over it…..

    1. How is this an upgrade to the note 2??????

      1. Lol, the specs of the LG opti pro are way better than the note 2.

  4. Releasing a new premium device before updating their previous flagship to at least 4.1.2 just tells me not to buy an lg phone again.

    1. that’s how many OEMs roll. Nothing exclusive to LG here.

      1. LG has updated the phone to 4.1.2…blame AT&T on this one.

        Hell even Sprint has the 4.1.2 update rolled out to them. So please do a little research before you cry about something that’s wrong.

  5. How is this an upgraded version of the Note 2? Cause it has the Snapdragon 600? Just wait til the end of the year, when the Note 3 has the Snapdragon 800!

    1. Maybe for those who dont have a note 2 its an upgrade, but im with you upgrade how?

    2. LG Optimus G Pro over Samsung Galaxy Note II

      Higher resolution 1080p display, higher pixel density

      Smaller footprint and a tad lighter body

      13MP camera with HDR support

      Faster CPU (1.7GHz Krait 300 vs. 1.6GHz Cortex A9) and Faster GPU (Adreno 320 vs Mali-400)

      True Full HD IPS LCD has more accurate colors than Super AMOLED

      Built-in IR sensor for advanced remote-control functionality (if you care for that)

      Samsung Galaxy Note II over LG Optimus G Pro

      AMOLED screen with superior contrast

      Readily available in stores


      Gorilla Glass 2-protected screen

      S Pen and Wacom digitizer

      Right off the bat, the LG Optimus G Pro trumps the Galaxy Note II with a next generation chipset, giving it an edge in performance and, theoretically, power efficiency.

      LG continues to deal heavy blows in the display department. The Optimus G Pro boasts the best display on an LG device yet: 1920 x 1080 pixel True IPS+ LCD unit. The Note 2’s 720p Super AMOLED display simply fades in comparison.

      The camera department promises to be a nail-biter too. Both smartphones boast Sony-made camera sensors with LG having the upper hand with a 13MP unit, against Samsung’s 8MP sensor. Megapixels mean nothing without good image processing, so we’ll see how the Optimus G Pro stacks up against the Note II, which already proved to be a very solid performer.

      1. Once the note3 is released and trumps all that. Its android always a better spec phone released. Problem for LG, just like HTC nobodys going to buy it.But does seem to be a nice phone, i will give you that much..

        1. I Beg to differ but respect your opinion , i agree with you in regard to the note 3 however that was not what my opinion was on , in regards to HTC i believe you are mistaken as the HTC ONE in my opinion will be a game changer for HTC my first 3 phones where HTC and never had a problem with any of them …..

      2. Note 3 will be LCD.

        1. I was not commenting on a phone that won’t be here for at least 6 months…….

      3. You get a Note because of the digitizer. The screen resolution isn’t going to be as good what you could have without a digitizer but you have an entirely different functionality with it that nobody else is offering.

  6. Lasts 30hrs on LTE? Maybe on standby, but not ACTUAL use!

    Batteries & memory cards should always, always be removable/expandable.

  7. Nice

  8. @ jayshmay – it has removable battery and expandable memory. Please check your facts.

    1. Thankyou ..: ..) Ignorence is Bliss but never an Excuse

  9. If the htc one wasn’t set to come out until say June, I’d for sure grab one of these.

  10. This device is beautiful. The LG user interface just keeps getting better.

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