Xiaomi Mi-3 pictured in the wild, could be one of the first handsets running Snapdragon 800 [RUMOR]


With all the quad-core processors hitting smartphones this year, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU remains one of the most coveted. This might have something to do with processor’s 4 cylinders firing at a blazing 2.3GHz. While we most likely wont see the 800 hitting these shores until the end of this year, it looks like China could be one of the first in line when the 800 drops. Reportedly the next-gen Xiaomi Mi-3 phone will have the Snapdragon 800 housed inside and that’s not all…

Word has it that by the time the Mi-3 is released, it will come out of the box running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, along with the next version of MIUI as a topping. And let’s not forget a 5-inch 1080p display, 13MP camera, 3,000mAh battery and anything else considered “high-end” these days (like an aluminum body from the look of these supposed “leaked” images).

Of course this is all rumor at this point with no word on pricing, but going by Xiaomi’s previous Mi-Phones, we can expect it to launch for around $310. Like always, there’s a slim-to-none chance these will ever make it outside of their homeland of China. If it looks anything like the above pics, I might be making a trip to China sometime in the very near future.

[iT163 via UnwiredView | Images via GizChina]

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  1. Hey look its the HTC One…. oh wait the Mi-3 you say ?

    1. Which people say also looks like the iPhone so… the Mi-3 looks like an iPhone -_-

      1. Well it does look like the back of the iPhone somewhat but i think it resembles the Blackberry 10 more. This device looks like a 4th generation iPod touch(Look at the volume buttons) from the back combined with the HTC one.

        1. The front looks like the Z10 and the back looks like the One. It looks nothing like an iPhone or an iPod.

          1. and Z10 looks like oppo find 3

            find 3 was on the market long before the z10

    2. My thoughts exactly

    3. I think it looks more like the old hTC HD2 with aluminum backing + the square camera lens.

    4. so rectangular phones with aluminum bodies look alike…im okay with that

  2. The official MIUI said this was fake already. Based off the top picture.

    1. Don’t ruin this for me, Nathan. I already bought my ticket. O_o

      Also, link?

      1. I was personally more excited about the rumored specs for the Nexus 5, although they were too good to be true.

        1. Those rumored specs and that concept image that supposedly leaked are 100% — without a doubt — completely and totally fake.

          1. Yeah I never took it seriously. Although it’d be great.

  3. A look all phones are gonna be square with different sides get over it!

  4. moar core is hard core

  5. It appears to be HTC One on the front, HTC HD2 on the back
    looks great

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