UK will get Galaxy S4 with quad-core Snapdragon 600 and LTE


We’re getting a better picture of which version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in certain regions of the world as we inch closer to the flagship phone’s launch. Earlier in the week we added Sweden to the list of countries that will see the quad-core Snapdragon 600 variant of the phone at launch. Now, a statement from Samsung confirms the same for the UK.

“Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a 1.9GHz Quad-core AP or a 1.6GHz Octa-core AP. The selection of AP varies by markets … In the UK, the Galaxy S4 will be available as a 4G device with a 1.9GHz Quad Core Processor.”

The 1.9GHz quad-core model will also launch in the US and Canada. The major deciding factor is the on-board LTE radio. It’s safe to say regions without LTE access should see the Exynos 5 Octa-equipped GS4. As for the UK, the statement does not definitely say the UK won’t see that model, only that the LTE version will be available. That leaves open the door for both versions to become available, but the likelihood of that is unknown.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. I can’t make a decision until I at least see a dummy model and have it in my hand.

  2. Too many great options around the corner. If moto indeed has customizable phones I’d be interested 100% I’m also a fan of HTC as they were my 1st droid device’s being the eris and the incredible (which I loved) and the thunderbolt although before the thunderbolt It was time for a new UI so I got the Droid X. Then back to HTC for the thunderbolt. I went with them for the LTE. Then the disastrous bionic. Now of course the SIII. my point is if HTC does indeed release the One on VZW it goes without question thats my device or a rebranded variant. Then there’s the Nexus and Note III. which is for sure in my pocket. Luckily I have two upgrades. So decisions decisions.

    1. my pathway has been: Eris, DInc, Thunderbolt, Rezound… still waiting for the final verdict on VZW’s One (first they are, then they are not, then they are… arrgh!) As much as I love VZW (yeah, one of the few), I might jump ship to follow the One.

    2. I started with the Droid X and then went to the disastrous thunderbolt, the welcomed the upgrade to the Droid Bionic, then RAZR Maxx, and finally the Galaxy Note 2. The only disappointing phone I had was the thunderbolt. The two phones that were the best was the Droid X and Note 2.

    3. Yeah, I’m waiting the 6.3″ Octa-core Note 3 too.

    4. Sorry, no HTC One for VZW. They would rather you check out that Droid DNA instead! Hate to say it but they are going to loose this Android war.

  3. They really should have changed up the design a bit. Metal frame. Two front speakers would’ve been nice and of course deciding factors.

    1. Metal is heavy and phones made in metal are bulkier. Just look at the HTC One. It is larger despite a smaller display and smaller battery.
      And metal doesn’t make your phone to last any longer anyway.

      1. Not true at all

        1. Very true derp

      2. Plus, once metal gets scuffed from a drop or so, it’s really pretty sharp.

        1. … and plastic will break or crack from a drop or so.

          1. I haven’t seen any GS3’s with cracked plastic, I’ve seen a lot of cracked displays but never the plastic.

      3. i cant speak for the build quality of many other phones, but my two HTC phones have survived so many drops (caseless) with minor bumps n scuffs. My palm pre had pieces chip off after its first drop and when i traded it in after one year it was falling apart left and right. I haven’t dropped my nexus 4 yet.

      4. What’s funny is that *EVEN* the RAZR Maxx is slightly THINNER than the HTC One, and it fits a huge 3,300mAh battery in there. :)

        Bulky metal is for nouveau phone snobs who think it’s “premium” for some nebulous (apple) reason.

        1. Yeah why can’t we all be satisfied with sub par materials? Specially when the phone will sell at the same price on contract, never mind the fact, One has a better screen, camera, front facing speakers,twice the internal memory than the standard S4, better design and material build. So yeah take that Apple and HTC, Samsung fans have tacky tastes and are alured by s- hitty gimmicks, and they’re not backing down.

          1. Have defending your htc one all year! :)

          2. I think you _ a word. lol. If Samsung keeps releasing bargain bin, fisher price inspired phones, with a tacky gingerbread era skin (touch-giz) and cheap Apple knock off gimmicks like S -Cloud and S- Voice and Wallet. I will have fun (p.s. I think thats the word you were looking for) because its too easy!

      5. Heavy? Do you even lift bro?

    2. They can’t jack the HTC One’s design LOL.

      1. yeah they can its samsung, its how they roll, and if you think other wise you’re a sheep.

        1. Just like HTC stole unibody designs with no removable battery or SD card slot from Apple and then stole the Metro UI look from Windows Phone.

          1. You barely computer literate orangutan, HTC was making smart phones before apple, they are even one of the first companies to make a touch screen phone. HTC was selling aluminum body phones while apple was selling the plastic 3gs. If Microsoft believed HTC was stealing their metro design, MS wouldn’t be shy about litigating.

          2. First off… My aren’t you racist? Second, I never said anything about aluminum bodies, I said unibody. Even if your point is still valid, it wasn’t meant to be a serious statement… It was a joke. Third, I know HTC was making phones before Apple, I had an HTC Mogul (Even though that came out after the first iPhone). And nobody can say that the homescreen of Sense 5 doesn’t resemble Metro UI.

          3. Racist? I called you an Orangutan and YOU associate that with race, how am I the racist? The home screen in sense 5 is what you make of it, since you know blinkfeed is not the mandatory home screen.

          4. Sorry for accusing you of being racist. I’ve read many of your comments and I’ve never seen you insult anybody like that, so my defense mechanism kicked in which is, “It’s cuz I’m black!” lol. All jokes aside, I never knew blinkfeed wasn’t the home screen, so thanks for that info.

          5. Yeah, my bad I should start drinking decaf. Best of luck!

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        1. Your roomate’s half sister is a prostitute

        2. Where did the other half go?

  4. The Nexus needs a Snapdragon 600 with LTE.

    1. Nexus needs the 800 or Tegra 4!

      1. And a 4K resolution screen that is 25″ big.

        1. Good luck with that in your pocket.

  5. HTC One argument… GO!

    1. Put the helmet back on

  6. I thought the 8core processor was a joke at first…

  7. Samsung needs to get rid of plastic…and make a real classy highend phone.

    1. Why should they? To sell less phones?

      1. To show they are spending time,effect and money in to design of their produce, not just buying plastic for $5 and using it on their phones

  8. I’m waiting for a Snapdragon 800 to reach smartphones!!!

  9. I can’t believe people don’t think —6.3— isn’t toooo big for a smartPHONE!!!

    1. A phone can be any size.. you weren’t suggesting that the word “phone” means “small”, were you? Nah you’re smarter than that

    2. It’s too big for a smartphone… But not too big for a phablet :)

  10. I thought that they worked out the LTE kinks in Exynos, WTF Samsung!

    1. In last years Exynos, not this years.

  11. For me It was LG chocolate – voyager – bb storm (I know) – DROID X – rezound. I love my rezound but it’s far behind in terms of software and battery life, I never liked samsung before but I might jump ship now, HTC let me down, they were my preference but unlike samsung who just gives you options and jam packs their phones, they cut corners with battery and memory, storage is very important for me, I have a 64 gb card full of music and I don’t want to downgrade in any form, otherwise why upgrade in the first place? So I’m probably going to go with Samsung, on top of that they update quicker, oh and I’ll never go moto again

  12. With the low 1.6 GHz clock speed, it is better that America got the S600. Is the 1.9 GHz enough to convince me to ditch my S3? Nope, I will wait till Google I/O or for the latest Nexus or the Note 3.

    1. Its not all about that ghz you know just look at intel and amd amd is far weaker on per core performance compared to intels line at the same ghz and it uselally takes overclocking amds by at least another ghz to even consider matching intels speed at stock settings. Once you overclock the intels they blow anything amd has out of the water on single threaded applications

    2. That’s like saying the T-Mobile SGS2 with 1.5 ghz S3 snapdragon was better than the original SGS2 with 1.2 ghz Exynos.

      Just so you know, it wasn’t.

  13. Snapdragon S600 is more than enough. At least we can expect the note3 to have the octa core.

  14. The article title could have also been called “UK will get Galaxy S4 that the modding community will actually support”!

  15. Why the hell does this happen I want what the phone was made with not a secondhand AP for LTE which is not even necessary for a cell phone in the first place. This kinda decision blows my mind. Bet money that thw note 3 drops with the octa core AP and works with LTE and it will be the same versio. It was launched with

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