Google Currents updated with audio support


Google Currents has been updated, bringing a host of audio-related functions to the news reader app. These include foremost the ability to create playlists from editions containing audio. Along with that ability comes new in-app playback controls as well as status bar audio controls when Currents is running in the background.

The new functionality could help to grow Currents as a podcast distribution platform while also providing a richer experience for readers and content providers alike. It’s a completely different take on the news reader than Google’s other, soon to be defunct, syndication platform.

The latest update to Currents is currently available via Google Play. Grab at the link below.

Download Link


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  1. Another platform they could’ve integrated Reader into.

  2. or one that we will all get hooked on and in 3 years they will discontinue support for. :)

  3. They should allow for higher-res images! Watching images from the articles through currents is crap right now.

  4. Now how about an upgrade that stops Currents from crippling any device it’s used on?

  5. Hey does anyone know how to get the app to you know read? Isn’t supposed to read out loud to you like Google books?

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