Mar 19th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:00 pm

Nuidroid is an up-and-coming company aiming to becaome your next motion controller/remote. It works much like the Kinect, detecting your movement and using skeletal tracking to enable motion-based commands.

The company gave us a quick demo of this technology at NVIDIA’s GTC conference. We can’t say it was the smoothest experience. It was a bit glitchy and many times it didn’t recognize your movement very precisely, but after trying it first-hand it’s hard not to get excited over this features coming to the OUYA.

This is likely an early prototype, so we can expect the problems to start disappearing as the technology starts hitting the market. We are really looking forward to seeing more from Nuidroid – even is glitchy, the experience was very fun!

Cassie (the representative in the video) mentions they are talking to different possible partners, so they are not limiting themselves to the OUYA or gaming. Nuidroid’s technology is expected to come to other electronics and appliances. One example of possible devices with this technology would be TVs, which could use motion tracking as a remote replacement.

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