Parrot Drone optimized for the NVIDIA Shield [VIDEO]


We have all seen the Parrot AR Drone many times, but this time around they have something a bit more exciting to show us. The company has optimized the AR-controlled drone to work with the NVIDIA Shield and we have a demo from NVIDIA’s GTC conference!

As it stands, the NVIDIA Shield pretty much works like any other Android device, but having access to a comfortable controller pad gives us the ability to be more precise. If you have ever attempted to use one, you know controlling the flying object is no easy feat. On-screen and motion controls make it even harder, so it is nice to see that NVIDIA Shield owners will be able to use the device’s controller with their Parrots.

Another great feature is that one can see the Parrot’s live camera feed through the Shield’s screen. This can also be done with any other Android device, but the added precision of the controller and lack of screen obtrusion makes for a much better experience.

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. What a load of crap. This company has been releasing alpha quality versions of their new client for the Drone 2.0 for over a year. the iOS app works perfectly and they sold the 2.0 as having Android support before it was released and have yet to deliver a product with which one would feel safe flying the device. I’ll never give them another cent and sites like phandroid shouldn’t give them any free advertising.;

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