LG Thrill 4G getting Ice Cream Sandwich


We thought the LG Thrill 4G was all but dead, but it looks like AT&T hasn’t forgotten about the device after all. It was one of the weirdest launches we’ve seen as AT&T first revealed the device with a slab of black tape covering the device logos at a last-minute affair in Las Vegas, and the fanfare for the device wasn’t all that great, either. In short, it was one of those devices you just felt was dead, but new life is being breathed into the thing.

Details about an impending Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade have popped up on AT&T’s support page for the Thrill 4G. The upgrade will be administered through LG’s Mobile Support tool, which means you’ll need a PC and a USB cable to grab this one. It’s a small price to pay to get Ice Cream Sandwich, though, especially when we all thought Gingerbread was the end of the line for the Thrill 4G. Here are some of the new features you can expect:

  • QuickMemo: Instantly capture any screen image on your phone, so you can add comments, drawings, humor&and share your personalized message with everyone.
  • Cheese Shutter:  Activate the Cheese Shutter camera setting and take photos or self-portraits simply by saying Cheese.
  • New Lock Screen Actions: Conveniently jump directly to a specific application without unlocking the homescreen.
  • Home Screen Folder and Favorites Tray:  Group your apps and shortcuts logically by simply dragging one onto another.
  • Redesigned Gallery App. & Photo Editor: Easier to manage, show, and share photos and videos than ever before.
  • Quick Setting Buttons: From the Notification Bar you can now set shortcuts to many features such as Bluetooth Toggle, Wi-Fi Toggle, Sound Toggle, Airplane Mode, and more.

With that, it’s best to leave your hopes for Jelly Bean on the back burner. That’s not to say it’s not possible — after all, we didn’t expect the jump from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich after all this time — but the Thrill 4G is well beyond retired in AT&T’s device lineup and we’d be surprised if any new non-critical development spurs. Head to AT&T’s website to learn more about how you can get your device stepped up to Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via PhoneDog]

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  1. I’m sure the 12 people that still own this device are ecstatic.

    1. I only came to this article to say that no one cares about devices like this, let alone their latest updates. Filler news.

  2. I actually have this phone still

    1. …. I’m sorry to hear that.

    2. Not as your primary phone I hope.

  3. Heh, just found this phone in my room recently (bought it off CList about a year ago for$100). Time to update and put it on eBay.

  4. The phone is actually not that bad. It’s pretty snappy and with a different launcher it’s pretty decent. The last update (gingerbread) is what killed the phone with ghost calls and text messages. I have this phone to my 11 year old son. He likes it.

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