Rumor: Google to unify chat services under “Babble” name


It’s long been rumored that Google would be merging all its chat-driven platforms under one big banner. The idea is to make Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, Google Voice calling, and more all exist as one big service, and with that Google would need a nice name for it all. We obviously have fallen in love with the simple and clean “Google Talk” name that’s been in use since the beginning of time, but new rumors suggest Google could be thinking about going with a different name. has heard that Google has been toying with the name “Babble.” Yup, Google Babble. I must say, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, nor is it any more flattering than all these other cute web 2.0 names that have taken the internet by storm. Still, it’s a name, and should Google end up using it — it’s possible this is just a codename being used to identify the project internally — we’re all going to have to learn to love it just as we have every quirky name out there.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sounds cool but I hope they don’t screw anything up with my Spring/gVoice integration.

  2. Crappy name or not, this is something that NEEDS to happen.

    1. perhaps they will change that name….

    2. after a while names and titles becomes ingrained in our mind and we forget how silly it really sounds….The empire strikes back. Say it slowly a few times. But regardless I agree, I want to see some really new and cool things with google voice.

      1. I agree. Even the most obscure names become the norm after a few month of the product being out.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, and a thousand times yes!

    1. Just once – NO!

  4. “nor is it any more flattering than all these other cute web 2.0 names that have taken the internet by storm.”

    Phandroid. nuff said.

      1. *Touché. ;)

      2. You got a very french name :-)

  5. I wonder if it’s not Babel rather than babble. An elegant name from a more civilized age…

    1. “More Civilized”? Please brush up on your history.

      1. I am pretty sure, TalkingMoose was referencing Star Wars Episode IV here.

  6. So, what will happen to my previous history of google talk/chat and messenger conversations

  7. Google Babble? That’s sexist against men

  8. google talk was just fine

    1. To me, it would be kind of misleading to use the name of one of the services they merge.
      I can’t imagine them marketing a different service, which brings something new to their ecosystem, with the name of the good old thing…
      That said, Babble doesn’t sound particularly good.

  9. Can’t we just call it Goo-Goo Blah-Blah?

  10. Google always seems to have off-the-wall names. But they grow on you. I mean how many people were reluctant against the name “Google Play”?

  11. Holy crap!!!! They’re geniuses!!!! Seriously they had to think about this? Can’t believe how many google chatting services there are.

  12. how about rolling out to a few more places outside of america ?
    how come still no use in of the e.u ?

  13. Should just combine it all and leave it as “Talk”. Makes more sense to me and would be seamless to end user.

  14. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, but the new name sucks (and it matters); hope it gets changed. I’d prefer keep Talk or Messenger as the umbrella term

  15. thank you baby jesus ..!!!!!!

  16. This a move that was forced upon Android imo. iOS and Blackberry have their own unified properitary chat service. Now, Android will have one with Key Lime Pie. So let’s all hope it works well. I can’t wait for Google I/O, the next Motorola Phone (X Phone), and the latest Nexus.

  17. I didnt like Google Play and I wont like this. Then Ill get the hell over it because Android’s awesomeness makes up for Google’s crappy names. As will everyone else.

    At least we dont put a lowercase i (or any letter for that matter) before EVERYTHING.

    1. Like you say, everyone will get over it. A name is just a name. Once it’s popular, the name doesn’t matter.

      1. I agree with Crim that I initially did not care for the Play title

        But after having it around, I catch myself using the prefix “Play” before
        Music, Books, Store, Magazines, etc” when directing friends whilst they use my phone on occasion.

        And I have to say, it does begin to have a ring to it after awhile; it has a somewhat matra-y effect by constantly be confronted that you are “PLAYING Xapp” instead of just opening it. After doing it so much I think I would dislike going back or changing the name now.

        Thus I’m sure I’ll eventually enjoy “Babbling” with my friends;

        Instead of BBM or iMessage, we’ll just “Babble” with each other… (It does allow for some fun playful usages)

        1. Yeah i was thinking that. It allows you to use the word in many ways, that iMessage etc just dont let you.

  18. What was wrong with the name Huddle? They need to bring back THAT name, I was a big fan.

    Where’s the petition for that?! LoL

  19. Babble sucks. Talk or Chat please!

  20. #awesome

    if true

  21. Wave hello to the buzz everyone, it showed up on iGoogle

  22. I’m good with Talk, but if it has to be re-branded, I nominate Google Comms, or just Comm.

  23. Worked so well for Microsoft “Live”….

  24. whatever as long as it still remains the same, i do not care of the name

  25. I’m more opposed to this idea than the Android market becoming Google Play….however, within 2 days of Google Play existing I was in love with it and now I think it’s awesome. (Both as a service and the name, which is obviously more appropriate.)

    But Google Babble??? Seriously?

  26. One question: will it still be XMPP and if yes (most probably) the biggest question: will XMPP federation stay or will google shaft it’s geek-i audience once more?

    1. I cannot immagine them taking XMPP away. It would be suicide for the platform.

  27. Concept: good.

    Name: bad.

  28. But will SMS be integrated like iMessage? I would kill to be able to send a text from my tablet, because I’m on it more.

  29. The problem is that babble is talk that’s long, drawn out, and pointless. OK, that probably fits a great deal of internet chatter, but it’s almost begging to drive people away due to the connotations of the word.

  30. “google babble” might not roll off the tongue, but “babble” seems great to me. Kind of like “jabber”

  31. Ya that name sucks but its got a better chance then g+

  32. I’m sure we’ll all eventually get to love using this, I mean I think it sounds silly now; but eventually we can just Babble with each other (and by saying that we all know that we are communicating through all our Google channels).

    babble me

    let’s babble

    I’ll babble you later

    Shoot me a babble

    I can see how this could be a good brand to use. Similar to how they are moving towards “Play”ing your apps & media instead of just opening them.

    Just that subtle fun spin on things that makes this uniquely Google. Like they don’t need something as obvious as BlackBerryMessenger, or iMessage. They want to something different.

  33. Oh, I thought it was gonna be Google “Bubble” . . . which, I kinda think, is better than “Babble,” except that babble is a close synonym for “talking”. ~shrug~

  34. Love The Idea. This Is Something That Needs To Happen. Not Really Feeling The Name Though.

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