Gmail update brings archive, delete and reply features from notification in Android 4.1+


A nice new update is headed for the Gmail for Android app today. The biggest change will be for those who are lucky enough to be on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. Expandable notifications coming from the app will now include the ability to reply to an email, delete an email, or archive an email straight from the notification without having to enter the app.

If you’re on Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, you’ll get a faster search experience, and some typical bug fixes and performance improvements. Finally, those on Android 2.2 and higher can all expect enhanced performance and a new Labels API for third-party developers. There’s not much more to it than that, so you’ll probably want to go ahead and grab the upgrade as soon as possible. You can do just that in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. overdue but hey we have it now. i’m so curious to see what key lime pie will bring

    1. It’s funny cuz we really have no idea in the slightest. Overhauled Google apps? An all new UI? GAAAAAH. Nobody knows.

  2. Too bad the sent mail box still just shows “me” for every damn message instead of the recipient.

  3. Oh yeah. I hope they update the look at IO to look more like the iOS version.

  4. This is freakin’ awesome. Now I might start using Gmail as regular messaging app.

    Next up: GOOGLE TALK

    1. I wish they would implement their UI design like they preach! I mean every Google app has their own way of doing things.

      Google Talk not having copy and paste kills me.

      1. The current rumor is they are working on integrating all the communication apps – that would make sense and would explain why they have been waiting to upgrade apps like Google Talk. Why do so when they will soon be overhauled (or, are already working on overhauling them) anyway?

  5. Can only archive…where’s the delete option? I don’t wanna archive dumb emails from my friends sometimes :)

    1. im wondering the same thing

      1. Open Gmail – Menu – Settings – General Settings – Swiping Conversation List – Always Delete

    2. I think you have to set it up in Gmail’s settings. I got rid of swipe to archive and now it only shows delete for me in the notifications.

    3. OKAY!! I got kinda disappointed when an email came through and my only option was archive or reply. I don’t want to archive anything actually. I’d rather trade that button for a “mark as read” button.

  6. they forgot to mention one very annoying change: it now shows exactly how many mails you’ve ever deleted on the bin folder, in the exact same way it shows the number of unread mails in other folders.
    so it looks as if I have 120 unread mails in my bin.

  7. FYI, this last release also break Light Flow, if anybody’s using that.

    1. Yes, but the developer already has fix in Play Store

      1. Indeed, that was crazily fast!

  8. Nice, but I wish there was also an option to MARK AS READ when archiving, otherwise the Chrome Gmail “Checker Plus” addon, and a few others will STILL show the inbox as having unread mail.

    1. +1000000000000000

  9. They need to do this with Text Messages too. I read them from the notification bar- but then they stay “unread” in the app itself. That is annoying. I just want to flick them away in the notification bar and be done with it.

  10. Also a new “change” is the total # count next to the Trash folder now! I now have a permanent # next to my Trash telling me how many items I have in my Trash folder! Who cares how much I have in my Trash Google? lol

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