Google Fiber app now available for all Android 4.2 devices, Google Fiber still only available in Kansas City


Good news! The Google Fiber remote app is now available for all Android 4.2+ devices. Bad news! Google Fiber is still only available to those residing in Kansas City. For those lucky enough to fall within the realm of Google’s envied broadband service, the ability to control their television will no longer delimited to the Nexus 7.

The latest update to the app enables browsing of shows and movies on any device running the latest version of Android (that would include that shiny new Samsung Galaxy S4). The user interface has also been tweaked to provide a simpler, cleaner experience.

Google Fiber launched last year as an all-in-one broadband internet and fiber television service. Fiber boasts some of the most amazing consumer broadband speeds around and offers several internet/TV packages at tempting prices. Currently, Kansas City, KS is the first test market to receive the service. Google hasn’t announced any plans to expand their Fiber offering.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Er, and not even all of Kansas City has it. They’re still SLOOOOOWLY rolling out the installs for the first phase. That won’t be done until the end of this year. We’re still waiting on them to even offer it to the rest of us in the city and the greater metro area.

    1. it takes a long time to roll out fiber installs, this is not an overnight project considering the demand

    2. Yeah I live just north of KC, but I don’t think we’ll be in the next phase even though their “Coming Next” gray map has us just inside the border. I realize it’s a slow rollout, and I appreciate them wanting to get it right the first time, but I’m still kind of “meh” when I drive by the Google Fiber billboards in downtown. What’s more frustrating (and off topic) is that we live 15 min north of downtown KC (Sprint’s HQ) and can’t get Wimax or LTE signals.

      1. Downtown KC isn’t Sprint’s HQ, 119th and Lamar-Nall is in OP. It’s pretty awesome around here too.

        The rest of us haven’t even heard of plans to roll out google fiber. I’d rather live in the ‘burbs of JoCo than downtown though. Same with the other side of the border, Blue Springs/Lee’s Summit etc.

        1. Ok, so Sprint’s HQ isn’t technically in downtown KC… but it’s just a few minutes away. My point is that KC (in general) is known to be Sprint’s HQ as far as the rest of the world is concerned, so you’d think the area would be saturated with a legit signal for miles and miles around. However, after living in North KC for about 3 years, I can confidently say that they aren’t pushing a 4G/LTE signal north of Barry Road, at least not one that we’ve ever picked up. Ugh, I just looked at, and it’s a complete lie. The orange LTE color is painted all over the place, to include where I live and far beyond. Maybe if my phone was the size of a bus?

        2. And for anyone thinking “dude, just shut up and switch carriers” … I probably would have by now if it weren’t for the substantial discount we’re getting for having previously been on a Sprint employee’s discounted plan.

  2. Yeah, it sucks living in an area that is not even slated to get it. :(

  3. “the ability to control their television will no longer delimited to the Nexus 7.”

    Presume that was supposed to read “ longer be limited to the Nexus 7.”


  4. Less than 10% of the initial people who signed up have been installed and it’s been 6 months since they did the first install. I live in the northern part of KC and we’re “next” to be able to sign up but at this rate it will be 2015 before they get around to putting it in my house.

  5. I live in kc mo, haven’t heard anyonetthat has this yet. Maybe they need more workers to lay the fiber.

  6. My fiber install date is around the middle of spring time.
    And now I’m going to have 2 nexus 7’s

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