The Samsung Galaxy S4: Are you buying? [POLL]


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In front of the entire world, we just watched as the Samsung Galaxy S4 — after months of leaks and speculation — was finally unveiled. There were a lot of corny jokes to go along with a plethora of new TouchWiz-y (er, sorry — Nature UX?) features. Some more intuitive and useful than others (I thought glove mode was a nice touch). You already saw the announcement post, you got a nice spec comparison with the hottest mobile devices on the market, now we simply want to know… the Samsung Galaxy S4: are you getting one? After you take our quick poll, let us know in which color.

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  1. #NeverAgain

  2. No I am getting the HTC one

    1. good luck with that mediocre (non removable) battery life topped with the worst UI bloated Sense

      1. Have you played with Sense 5? It’s as fast as stock Android.

      2. I think that battery life will be enough for most to get them through a full day. Lets not get in to flame wars here lol. Only turn off I have about galaxy s3 is that it fuckin looks the same as the 3, I am kinda pissed off because it seems that Samsung is turning in to another apple. Sell the brand and leave the rest as it is. Galaxy S5 will be probably a design update and the 6 will probably be specs update and same design. Sounds like apple strategy to me. I most likely will choose this over HTC one but I would have to try both out. I am waiting it out this time, who knows that google has in store for us.

      3. *WARNING: If you look above, you may be exposed to the false use of parenthesis!*

      4. I get 1 1/2 to 2 days on my battery depending on how heavy i use it. I use viper4g and they do a pretty good job at battery management. I might be one of maybe 10 people that actually uses their phone as a phone and not a music player movie player or whatever else there is. I do browse a lot and use my cam a ton. the 16gb is enough for me but i also have an 8gb sd card added from my og evo so i know 32 is too much for me on a phone.

        People need to stop complaining HTC is always innovating and trying to set standards and that is what they are trying to do with the ultrapixel cam and non-removable batt. Thats the reason why they partnered up with dropbox to give people 25gb free of storage because lte is soon going to be up and running and u wont need to have your data stored on a physical card. Unfortunately i didnt have a good attempt at trying lte yesterday but the fact that i am getting a signal near my home is a great sign.

  3. Nope. Why? Note 3 to replace my Note 2. Go Note, or go home.

    1. Samsung versus Samsung. Which phone will reign supreme?

      1. Supremekizzle?

        1. You’re drunk, go home..

    2. AMEN!!!

    3. YEAH.. IF YOU LIKE A LOW PPI.. nuff said.

      1. Screen Real Estate > PPI the human eye can’t even see

      2. S4 440ppi vs One 468ppi = visual difference not detectable by 99.99% of world population = STFU

        1. Anything over around 300ppi is undetectable if it’s non-pentile.

          1. Even though it is undetectable and offers nothing more than increased battery drain, it apparently adds to your street cred is some weird circles.

        2. You’re supporting the Note line, not S4 LOL!! Note, due to the larger screen size, has a low ppi, at 267…

          1. And it doesn’t matter to me

    4. Yeah note is always better than s. But the size is not suitable for everyone…

  4. HELL NAH. I’m still buying my HTC One baby!

  5. Still happy with my Galaxy Nexus

    1. Not so much for me. As it stands right now, GS4 is one of my upgrade candidates.

      1. Same here, I’m going to wait to see what Moto, LG and “Sony” have to offer before I replace my vzw G-Nexus…to come to think of it, I haven’t seen a Sony device on vzw since the xperia play. Maybre things change this year and we have more choices to pick from….I’m not crazy about HTC because of their small nonremovable batteries and small storage, and lack of microsd slot…

    2. I’m loving the looks of the Galaxy nexus and speed wise mines still seems to keep up with the best of them

      1. yeah try playing asphalt 7 and tell me how it goes…for what I have noticed unless you overclock the cpu the experience is horrendous…and if you overclock the damn things get super hot…

  6. No new for the Hardware and some excited software features which can be updated for Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II.

    1. DDR3 RAM… New sensors. Better camera.

      1. What’s the advantage to DDR3?

        1. Faster and more battery friendly I think I read by 30% which is good enough reason for me..,with 1080p screens on these phones we need as much power efficient parts as possible.

          1. Thanks for the heads up. Is this the first device to come with DDR3? It’s one of those specs I haven’t really looked into much yet.

          2. Am 99.9% sure it is as I have not heard of any tablet phones with it and I think samsung is a huge manufacturer of rams which may be why they are 1st.

          3. Thanks dude! I’ll have to keep an eye on that for future releases.

    2. I want the S4 for the IR sensor alone.

      1. HTC One has an IR Blaster if that’s what you’re talking about.

        1. I know it does but I don’t like the HTC One.

          1. Typical mainstream guy.. Afraid of change…

          2. More like I prefer to have SD slot, Removable Battery, Unlocked Bootloader, Bigger (and most likely better) Battery and Battery Life, I prefer Touchwiz > Sense 5, Android 4.2 > Android 4.1 (I’m not too sure about this, but I’ve seen various articles say the One ships with 4.1), and Innovative features (some may call them gimmicks).

            The only things I like about the HTC one is looks, build quality and front-facing speakers. The HTC logo at the bottom of the phone completely turns me off of the phone though.

          3. so what you’re saying is that you like the logo at the top of the device and not the bottom… :-)

          4. Haha.. It has nothing to do with the logo being at the top or bottom, it’s the fact that it’s smacked between 2 capacitve buttons when they should’ve just added a 3rd one. They could’ve made the logo a home button or something… but it’s just there to mock you…

          5. I was just messing with you….I myself find the logo out of place, I just wondering why HTC chose to go with only 2 buttons and stick the logo in between…. -_-

  7. I’m hoping Galaxy S3 to be on a decent discount by December when my contract with Verizon is up. Eventually Galaxy S4 will also become a cheap phone, so if there are no other better phones out by then, I’ll probably get Galaxy S4 in a far future.

    1. Amazon already has it from $0.01-$0.99 so by dec the s3 should be at a bargain price…especially with the G-Note 3 just been out by then…

  8. Think i wait for the next xphone to see

  9. Im going with the Note 3, but i loved all those new features they added, especially the air gestures.

  10. My Nexus 4 will suffice until the Nexus 5 and/or Motorola X Phone comes out. Once you’ve had an unlocked phone with awesome dev support, you never go back!

    1. Gladly sold my gnex for a gs3 :)

    2. I couldn’t agree more, I “upgraded” from my Galaxy Nexus to a Droid DNA. I miss that phone so much because of the huge dev community.

    3. That’s one thing I’ll miss when I replace my G-Nexus, but unless vzw gets another Nexus I don’t think I would be getting one. I’m not going to sacrifice great coverage and speed over a device….

      1. This is why Verizon will continue to get away with the BS that they do.

  11. Reasons why I’m buying (so far): the phone physically has not changed much aside from what looks to be a stainless steal band and the plastic, but those small changes have at least made it look less ‘cheap’ and I don’t care what phones like this look like that much since its only the back that really has a style to it since most of the front is screen, features while not necessary – will be neat to try, the battery upgrade, the storage upgrade, and of course the rest of the guts being upgraded. Keep in mind, I probably wouldn’t buy if I had the gs3, but I own the htc one x right now which means, no upgrading my memory, bad battery, long wait for updates etc. Htc one, I feel is making a gamble with the new camera. I have no thoughts but curiosity to see how it turns out. HTC has also let me down on jellybean coming so late, and the new one, still lacks in storage (canada has only up to 32GB – at least with Rogers). so for me, this is a reasonable upgrade. I don’t feel like samsung pulled an apple, because while it may not be as much as people wanted, it is still ahead (so far) whereas the iphone 5 came out and finally just caught up with the rest of the phones. lol so say what you will but my mind is made up. Unless something else comes before this hits stores, or unless the experia z comes to Canada. Then I’ll have to do more comparisons.

  12. I’m gonna tell you why are you all disappointed. It’s because we all already knew the specs from rumors…

  13. Waiting for Note 3, but very tempted to get this. Not even thinking about the HTC One at all.

  14. Life companion lol, makes it sound like a geriatric warning device like life alert.

  15. As a Note 2 owner I see no reason to buy the S4.

    1. Note 3?

      1. Note 4 by the time out contract is up.

    2. No reason for either Note 2 or S3 users but every reason for a Note 1 user like me :-).

  16. Not enough of an improvement over my S3 to upgrade to in my opinion. Ill wait for the GS5 or whatever google phone is out for Verizon in a year and a half…

    1. I think the s4 is directed at s2 owners, newcomers and people switching.

      1. My thought exactly. The majority of people upgrade their device every two years when their contract is up. For what I see the G-Nexus would be the last phone I would get under contract myself. From here on I will purchase my next device at full price to keep my unlimited data for as long as I can…It’s cheaper to buy the phone at full price then to pay for 5-10GB of data/month.

    2. I know a lot of people who still have S2’s and I’m pretty sure they would definitely be happier with this upgrade than the people with S3’s.

  17. Nope. I want the Note 3. Damn you Note 2 spoiling me with your large screen.

    1. *And low ppi! With less pixels anyways!

      1. Not that big of a deal. If it was, no one would buy a 50-60″ 1080p TV when a 24″ 1080p TV has more ppi.

  18. Why the Samsung Galaxy SIV beats the HTC One (imo):

    SD slot, Removable Battery, Unlocked Bootloader, Bigger (and most likely better) Battery and Battery Life, I prefer Touchwiz > Sense 5, Android 4.2 > Android 4.1 (I’m not too sure about this, but I’ve seen various articles say the One ships with 4.1), Innovative features (some may call them gimmicks).

    The only things I like about the HTC one is looks, build quality and front-facing speakers. The HTC logo at the bottom of the phone completely turns me off of the phone though.

    1. I agree with you on every point, and would even add that the larger screen size of the S4 is another advantage over the HTC One. However, to say that the HTC logo on the One is blemish on the device is a little bit of a double standard when the S4, and the S3 before it, has “Samsung” plastered under the ear piece.

      1. Yeah it does but the HTC logo is in between 2 capacitive buttons and looks like it should do something but it doesn’t. Having only “back” and “home” buttons and the “home” button being so out of place just ruins the phone for me. Of course it would be easy to get used to but I would at least prefer 3 buttons, if capacitive/physical (menu, back and home).

        1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I felt the same way about the two button layout initially as well. But after paying attention to how I use the home and capacitive buttons on my S3 after being extremely tempted by the HTC One I noticed that the lack of a “menu” button wouldn’t really affect me. I have things set up pretty well to work around it with my dock in Nova Launcher and Swapps! for my multitasking.

      2. Bigger screen and bigger battery in a phone the same size as the one too which I think people seems to forget to mention..IMO the HTC looks better but the s4 has more for me and looks like the s4 camera will be superior by looking at the leaks.

        1. That’s a very good point, and certainly something worth commending. As for the cameras, I’ve liked the camera quality on my S2 and S3 compared their flagship competitors so I have no doubt it will be quite good on the S4 also.

    2. hTC One will have 64GB unlocked bootloader Developer device out for $650, enough said. Removable battery.. meh, so 2010. SD slot.. if you need more than 64GB on a phone, you are out of norm. Try some outdoor activity.
      I prefer Sense 5 >> Touchwiz.
      HTC ONE design >> Plastic Samsung

      1. Why should I pay extra for something that HTC should’ve done with the original ONE? Just like why should I pay extra for storage when I should be able to just slip in my SD card that I already had into my phone? HTC is going the way of the Apple.

      2. Sense 5 is definitely better looking IMO
        and I agree about the design of the ONE.
        Also agree about 64gb storage being enough.

        I however disagree about the non-removable battery.
        1. If the battery shorts out of warranty, can’t be easily replaced
        2. no option for swapping batteries for power users
        3. the battery in the ONE is too small to use the device as it’s intended without charging multiple times per day.

        HTC had my interest until they announced it having such a measly battery for the phone.

      3. “try some outdoor activity” haha

    3. Agree! I’m a heavy user. I have two extra batteries for my Note 1 currently.

  19. Galaxy S4 FTW.

  20. I’m so happy with my Padfone 2. If I would not own this, I would get the Padfone Infinity.
    The G S IV looks like a nice and solid phone, though.

  21. Underwhelming hardware, zoe > dualcamera, sense > nature, and slcd 3 >amoled. Htc one all the way!

    1. Removable battery > Non-removable, SD slot > no SD slot, Unlocked bootloader > locked bootloader, Bigger battery (and most likely better battery life) > Smaller battery, Physical home button > Big HTC logo that does nothing. Android 4.2 w/ Touchwiz > Windows Phone 8…. I mean Android 4.1 w/ Sense 5. I’d rather have a 5″ Amoled > 4.7″ SLCD

      Only thing I like about the One is build quality and front-facing speakers.

      1. x1000

      2. We need to make some kind of sick hybrid =]

  22. undecided. google is next. i dont think we getting a new nexus phone next month but a phone from motorola instead. then ill make my decision.

  23. There’s nothing that this phone has that I want, that my current Nexus 4 doesn’t already have. I don’t need 1080p, I don’t need an IR transmitter, I don’t need an SDCard. The CPU is only marginally better. The RAM is the same. The other features announced were things I probably wouldn’t make use of, either. I’m happy with my Nexus :-)

    1. I probably would’ve gotten an Nexus 4 if there was at least a 32gb version. 16gb is nothing for me.

      1. 16gb is too less for me anyways with games as big being 2+ GB you can fill it quickly and that’s without putting any other forms of media on it..

  24. Have SG3 and can barely use with one hand. SG4 too big for one handed operation. Will check it out but likely HTC One. Odd that Samsung does 2 oversized phones. Too small for those who want phablet, too big for the one handers.

    1. Don’t worry the Galaxy S4 Mini will come out in a few months time, with GS3 specs but with S4 branding and more S4 looking. It’ll probably be 4-4.5″ with a 720p screen.

    2. I guess you also don’t like eating Whoppers with those tiny hands of yours. :p

    3. The s4 is actually smaller than the s3 and the HTC one even though it has a larger screen and battery and its slimmer.

      1. Boom! Kill em with facts.

  25. Nope, not for me, I’ll check on the next Nexus and either get it or the HTC One when my contract is up.

  26. I personally think this phone is much better looking than S3 even with only subtle changes.
    I don’t need a new phone right now, so i won’t be buying it, but for those who are in the market for a new phone this one has to be one of a few on the top of the list if not the very top.

  27. Recently bought a Nexus 4 but I’m tempted to trade it in for one of these. Some of the new features intrigue me but I’ll wait for reviews and possibly the X phone announcement before deciding.

  28. Waiting for Google I/O and hoping to get some XPhone info… Also, heavily considering jumping to the Note series, if I do stick with Samsung.

  29. If I didn’t love my HTC One X+ so much, I would probably get it in black. Still waiting on the X Phone :3

  30. I thought about a Z10. And now I know I am getting a Z10. Thank you Verizon!

  31. I like the s4 look I don’t mind the plastic feel but the HTC one looks really nice also the best thing to do is go in the store and compare how they both look and feel and also the price difference. Leaning toward the HTC one.

  32. Nope I don’t support Apple like tactics.

  33. Meh I got my note II till it dies…

  34. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more specs on the supposed Moto X phone.

  35. i voted no, i have the s3 ..if i am to buy this year it would be htc one.
    i like the idea of front facing speakers. that said i’m loving my nexus 7 that i just picked up and will probably wait on a new phone for awhile. maybe the s5 with front speakers? :)

  36. lol, all these htc fanboys…

  37. Did that bus driver in Cleveland knock that lady out with his uppercut……nope. There’s my answer!

  38. I’m like in a tug of war right now HTC one S4 HTC one S4 HTC one S4….so I voted undecided….. It’s gonna be very hard to choose…. Ahhhhhhhhbhb…

  39. Friends don’t let friends Touch Wiz….

  40. ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^ ^^^*SPAM ALERT*^^^

  41. With a 64 GB microsd card I can finally bring along my entire music collection including the Christmas stuff. I love the idea of Glove mode as well. I’m buying when I can.

    1. I did read the Htc One Developer Edition is 64GB, in case you want that option.

  42. Heck no! S4 got nothin on my Note 2. I love this phone. The Note 3 better be able to cook dinner or something, because it’s going to be hard to top this phone enough to persuade me to upgrade that soon.

  43. If I do get the S4, it’ll likely be on T-Mobile. I currently have the Samsung Droid Charge on Verizon, with unlimited data, only way I can keep unlimited data is to pay full retail for the S4, I can’t afford that.
    T-Mobile has the value plan, which allows me to pay $199 upfront and $20/not for the S4. Or maybe I’ll get the S3 for a cheaper price. . .hmm. . .

  44. I’m not going to buy it but I will recommend it to friends that need recommendations for an excellent android phone just like I did with the S3.

  45. No; Its got no style. Flimsy plastic; looks like every other samsung phone. They spend way too much energy on SW gimmicks that nobody has asked for or will rarely use.

    Waiting to see what Motorola comes up with. I like Motorola’s recent trend of slimming down the customizations and letting android native ui shine. I like the HTC One design/construction; but they keep forgetting to put a large enough battery in their phones.

  46. Could be a good upgrade for people with a GS2, but not worth it for GS3 or the latest Note imho

  47. I actually want 8″ or 10″ version of this…

  48. I sold my s3 and got the nexus 4 which I really like. So no I won’t be buying s4.
    Nothing made me say wow I need it.

  49. Let me make it simple: because I value Android, I won’t buy Samsung.
    (but rather HTC, Sony, LG, … whatever… or even better: Nexus)

    Samsung is becoming way too powerfull and hegemonic.
    Both within the Android community and in the overall mobile market.

    The possibility is growing of Samsung becoming of a giant, monopolistic, closed and propriatory behemotth that kills all competition and in the end stiffle competion.

    Samsung has become indeed the new Apple, with immense marketing budget that dwarfs all the competitors even all together. How could anyone compete against that??

    We also all know how Samsung is increasingly threatening Google.
    (when exactly will Samsung fork Android and kiss goodbye to openness?).

    In order to maintain a market with healthy competition, ever-improving quality of product and services, and sustained innovation …. then we shouldn’t buy Samsung anymore…

    1. Yeah once I hear confirmation of a split permanently from Android I’ll vote with my wallet for sure. That Htc One Dev edition looks tempting.

  50. Lol, seems like samsun screwed up among phandroids. : D

    1. Not really go back to comments when the s3 came out and peoples were saying the exact same things like no reason to upgrades, its still plastic and cheap, screen is pentile therefore the s2 non pentile is better, same camera etc etc and we know what happened with the s3…many people who say won’t get said phone usually end up getting it after actually seeing and using it in person..IMO this is the biggest upgrade a s device has as…only difference is people expectations were OTT..other than maybe keeping the design similar what else were they supposed to have added?

  51. I’ll buy the Galaxy when they put that technology into a 4.3″ 1280×720, in other words make a phone I can actually use with one hand.

    Until then I’ll keep my company phone until a Nexus comes out with LTE on Verizon.

  52. Option 4: I’m happy with my current phone.

    That being the N4, absolutely no need to upgrade for a long time.

  53. It was supposed to be the fruit roll up phone, with flexible screen, that way when i use Google maps I’d unroll it like a treasure map. I’ll wait and see what x phone is about.

  54. I find it hard to believe she’d make $15k per month stripping on webcam…

    1. Must be one fit lady….

      P.S. He didn’t say what the currency was… you are assuming USD, but dollar sign is used in so many other currencies, such as monopoly ™ money :)

  55. I’ve got a Nexus 4, no interest in the S4.

  56. As an S3 owner, I don’t see this being too huge of an improvement. Not to say the S4 isn’t a great device, but I’ll hang onto my S3 for another year and wait for the S5.
    (especially since it’s being reported that most of the software features will be updated to the S3)

  57. Not a Nexus. Why buy it?

  58. keeping note 2 until Moro x phone comes to vzw or note 3 unless it’s higher I’m 6 3 and this note maybe max size for me. I’ll have to hold it to no for sure.

  59. ill be upgrading as it is time to upgrade, i wont be buying it though

  60. I already got my 4…Nexus 4. And I will be rocking Key Lime Pie, and Lemon Squares, while this thing smells of rotten Jelly Beans.

    1. Sooo are you saying jelly bean is rubbish and you hate your nexus for with rotten jelly bean lol

  61. Not impressed at all. Although it has some nice hard wear upgrades. The phone screen is too big for a standard phone for most people and I think the eye motion sensor is going to be just another Siri gimmick. And its going to cost an arm and a leg. Sticking to my Nexus 4

  62. Why not, I don’t see one thing to stop from getting it. Fast processor, great camera features, more ppi. And the list goes on and on.

  63. From everything shown i have a hard time seeing the galaxy sIV as better than the htc one. I think the only thing i prefer about the samsung is the sd card slot. The fact that samsung keeps going bigger and bigger with their screen makes me mad. My LTEvo’s 4.7in screen is absolutely perfect for me and ive handled the original note but found it way too big.

    HTC’s new speakers are a huge selling point for me because i am always finding myself trying to play music or a video and being angry by my phones mediocre speaker. I also dont know what everyone keeps complaining about on battery life. My 2000 miah battery gives me stellar battery life and i easily make it through the day with moderate use.

    I still have a year on my contract but i have no reason to doubt HTC and i belive they will make my next phone

  64. HTC is quality, Samsung have become un-cooperative, arrogant and offer very little or no support to the hacking community. Sony, HTC or Motorola are next. I have had it with Samsung.

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