Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC 8X vs ATIV S


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So just how does Samsung’s latest — the Galaxy S4 — stack up to some of the top devices from the Windows Phone camp? Our friends at WinSource decided to do a little comparison and put the device up against Nokia’s Lumia 920, HTC’s 8X, and Samsung’s own Windows-based ATIV S. Some of Windows’ best still stack up to the Galaxy S4.

When it comes to sheer specs things don’t matter as much — after all, Windows Phone is designed to run quite well on limited hardware, and most of them have to use the same chipsets anyway. The real differences will come down to software innovation, and you can read more about that in our announcement post or in our hands-on coming up shortly. In the meantime, be sure to take a quick glance above and let us know if the Galaxy S4 is yanking your arm compared to any of these devices.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why even bother comparing any android phone to a windows phone?…

    1. Well iPhone is obsolete so :p

    2. humm, I don’t know, probably because the “new android” just got the “new” things, like the super sensitive touch and use of gloves, wireless charging, erasing people from photos, language translation, etcetera…

  2. Windows phone SUCK!!!!! ANDROID all the way!!!

    1. Nice evidence to back that up.

      1. Evidence ???

        Just look at their marketshare, or should I say lack of

        The people have spoken !!!!!!

        1. So market share automatically determines how amazing an OS is? You obviously never used webOS.

          1. webOS is a pretty neat OS. to bad hp killed it. T_T

        2. People have spoken ???
          WP is very young as compared to Android or iOS. People, are just starting to discover it. Take a look at consumer reviews at Amazon and you will find satisfaction rate is extremely high.

        3. And you call me a troll.

        4. Lets look at the marketshare. Android started 6 years back. Windows Phone 3 years back. Still Windows Phone had started dominating in several markets when it comes to smartphones. Android market share story : 69% cheap crappy throw away androids 1% good android phones 5% windows phones all of them good :P Thats the reality bro, it doesnt change however you spin it !!!

  3. I think the S4 will kill Nokia off now, Samsung’s marketing budget is bigger than Nokia’s R&D budget…..

    The Samsung specs blow the ageing 920 away, plus the Lumia is crippled by that terrible OS that is WP.

    No way can they compete with this awesome juggernaut.

    1. It’s hilarious how you say that. Some features that are introduced in the SIV are currently in the Lumia 920, yet Samsung treats it as if they invented them, e.g. Super Sensitive Touch, erasing people from photos, and wireless charging. I don’t understand why you guys are so biased towards Android. You obviously haven’t used it extensively, because there is no way you can hate every little thing about an OS. There’s always at least one thing to like. For example, being a former Android user, i love the hardware choice of their phones and their huge selection of apps and widgets which give each device a unique touch. However, I’m sure if you played around with WP8 a little more you would enjoy even a small part of it. So please, don’t be that guy that always makes uneducated “troll” comments. Understand both sides first.

      On that regard, i love the chrome bezel of the SIV, but i wish they would have changed a little bit more hardware wise. Software-wise, Touchwoz needs to stop with the bright, cartoonish colors. I feel like it would deter some people. That said, i love their speech recognition software, the dual-camera, and their finger hover gesture. Others, however, like the Smart Scroll, seem too gimmicky to me. However, people seem to like that, so why not. Haha

  4. Windows Phone is much more efficient, battery friendly, better protected against malware and simply newer than the whole concept of Android. Where Windows Phone runs extremely fast on dual core processors, Android needs at least batgery draining quadcore processors to deliver the same performance.

    1. Because of the lower core count, phones will be cheaper, and thus Microsoft will eventually destroy the low-end smartphone market because iPhone and Android only care about the flagships.

      1. Until the ship drowns… its already drowning ..look into Googles profits even with 70% market share ..this is not going to run for long !!!!

        1. I don’t believe this is a grammatically correct English sentence, nor one that makes sense. What exactly are you trying to say?

    2. battery friendly lol !!!!!!!!!!

      you joking right ??? sure the *update* for 7.8 Update which is just released is also broken lol


      Quote “referring to the battery-draining infinite loop buggy live tiles can get caught in” lol

      As for the lag, I always said WP is only smooth cos it does nothing, no multitasking etc, with WP8, that has changed and now WP8 is laggiest OS out there


      POS !!!!

      PS there are no apps for it, no BBC iPlayer, no Sky Go Player and no F***KING temple run !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Wow, you are referring to a poll consisting out of 10 votes.??

        I own a Lumia 920. Never did I experience any lagging on it, and certainly none as compared to the GS3 of a friend mine. Just google and you will see Android is famous for its lagging.

        No apps?? There are 130.000+ apps are available on WP8. Unless you are obsessed with having all 36 Tetris games on your phone, there is nothing you will miss on WP. Of course you can pick an app not available on WP. Does your Android has Nokia City Lens?

        1. Widows is legend who taught how to use computer people like
          android and apple ;-)

          620 is fast and effective then s3

          And Nokia City Lens and 920 camera..
          its Awesome

      2. Can you please just respect other people’s opinions and leave all of these smartphone disqussions alone?

  5. You have to take you hat off to Samsung….. They are truly at the top with specs and quality. The only hope for Applet is that Samsung may buy them some day and help them design a better phone.

  6. why did you compare to pos windows that no one cares about

    1. That’s Quentyn for you…in an article comparing phone specs he writes:

      “When it comes to sheer specs things don’t matter as much”


      1. I meant in Windows land, because of Microsoft’s hardware spec requirement. They don’t battle to put the most innovative specs inside phones because they don’t need to and, to some degree, aren’t allowed to. It’s the build quality and miscellaneous features they tend to focus on, but there’s no race for sheer raw power in Windows land (and that’s the way it should be). The reason the Android space has gotten big on those kinds of specs is because of the way Android performance is handled. It’s not super optimized for any one chip, so to get better performance OEMs would keep innovating in the chipset game and look to claim best performance through the silicon they had inside. It’s not as much of an issue these days with how optimized Android has become, but the mindset of “need moar power” is still there.

        1. I wish you all compared to Sony xperia z I still think that is the elephant in the room

  7. You have to take you hat off to Samsung….. They are truly at the top with specs and quality. The only hope for Applet is that Samsung may buy them some day and help them design a better phone.

    1. As expected Samsung pimped up the specs, but design-wise Samsung is not even coming close to Nokia and Apple.

  8. Do a S4 vs Note 2 please. Though I know already im waiting for the Note 3, i’m just curious. Wondering if the S4 camera is gonna be better then Note 2’s which suffers from high ISO/noise issues with low lighting and poor software implementation of the flash and color balance. Was curious of any S3 users had this issue

    My Note 1 took better pictures all around then my Note 2, which greatly dissapointed me.

  9. Only Xperia Z and HTC One should be compared to the S4

  10. thank you for the galaxy s3 photo in the comparison !!!!
    you know real pictures of s4 can be found easily !

  11. Galaxy might have more megapixel but that doesn’t mean it can make better pictures. For and eye 5MP is enough. Software is what makes the difference. Picture source: http://lumia920nokia.com/camera-pureview.html

  12. I want an 8x so bad. The reason? The screen. 4.3 with a good resolution and decent hardware behind it. Dear Samsung, HOW FRIGGIN’ HARD IS THAT?!

  13. I guess I don’t see a point in this comparison. Even the description basically says “we won’t know what is best until we use them”. Ok, cool. So… What was the point of this again?

  14. I am biased–I own the Lumia 920. It has its flaws, but I prefer it to ios or Android. I find the iPhones easy to use and very functional–but bland now that I use the Lumia. The Androids can be very stunning and intriguing–but fall a little short when it comes to dependablility, in my experience. But the major issue I find with an Android is that it is sooooooo customizable. I have one app on my Lumia that allows me to customize the color of its live tile and it took me 10 minutes to decide which color I preferred to go with my overall color theme. I remember on my htc Android, the message app alone allowed me to choose a color for each contact for message boxes and the font. It also offered several different styles of boxes and fonts, etc. That was just the messaging app. Add to that the seven screens, the different widgets, the different looks of the app icons and you can drive yourself insane customizing your phone. Then, if you decide to change one thing, you end up changing all seven screens. Lol. Of course, when you get it the way you want it, often you find the battery will not last twelve hours with all that you have chosen to add. That was my experience. I want my phone to be functional, not boring, and dependable. The Lumia has spoiled me.

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