Mar 14th, 2013

Well, this is interesting. One of the folks over at — use CraftyCarper — is reporting that retailer Phones4U is still expecting to ship their silver HTC One tomorrow. If you don’t remember, HTC recently confirmed a delay that would keep shipments from going out until the end of this month, but HTC didn’t quite tell us if all retailers would be subject to those delays.

HTC’s wording also noted that first shipments would be out by end of March, meaning any time between the original date of March 15th and the end of business March 31st. The strange thing about this particular report is that P4U also sent that user a delay notice regarding the black version of the HTC One.

We’re about a day away from seeing if the shipment notification was just an error or if it’s the real deal, but we’ve zipped a line to Phones 4 U to see if we can get their take on things. In the meantime, check your inboxes and let us know if your retailer of choice is sending you any shipment notices — it’s a long shot at this point, but definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

[via, thanks EarlyMon!]

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