Sony NSZ-GS7 gets upgraded to Google TV V3


Just yesterday, we learned Sony would be offering a new remote for owners of its NSZ-GS7 Google TV box for $50. The remote is identical to the original save for a new microphone shoved inside for use with Google TV version 3. We didn’t know it would only take a day for people to begin receiving upgrades, though, but that’s exactly what our friends at are reporting.

Alongside general bug fixes and performance improvements, you can now use voice search (again, thanks to that remote), Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, and the new PrimeTime guide feature Google introduced a while back. The upgrade should be hitting your device on its own, but users should be able to go through the usual channels to check for themselves if it hasn’t shown up yet. Let us know if you’re seeing it in the comments below.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I get more content out of my Samsung Smart TV, than from Google TV.

    1. @nightscout13:disqus Which gtv do you have? I’ve got both the Logitech Revue (which I absolutely do NOT like), and the Sony Blue-ray/GoogleTV. I hate the remote on the logitech, it’s too big and I’ve already had the left control button fall off, and on top of that, the Netflix app is super-buggy. However the Sony works pretty nicely for me. I’m pretty satisfied with it. In fact, I was thinking of replacing the Revue with the Vizio Co-star.

      1. I had the Revue first, I was one of those BETA testers for it, then I got the Sony version with Bluray built-in. Hated both of them. My Samsung ES6580 TV does DLNA, Amazon prime, Netflix, Skype, you name it. No additional box or remote necessary.

        1. for a $1700 tv i’d hope it does all of that :) I just hope something’s released for sub $200 that’s worthy of the name ‘Google TV’—Revue is out of the question for me at this point.

          1. yeah, do NOT buy the revue, I don’t care how cheap it is. I’d recommend the vizio co-star (only 99 bucks), I think it could be promising. It’s both cheap, has decent specs, a nice remote, and on top of all that, Vizio is still actively developing it, none of which you can say about the revue. :-P

      2. Oh I would highly recommend the Co-Star as a Revue replacement. I replaced my Revue when the Co-Star was first released and since the V3 update it has even replaced my Sony Blu-Ray/GoogleTV as my primary streaming device.

  2. I really wish google didn’t all but abandon google tv. It has so much freaking potential. I have hundreds of dollars I’m willing to spend on this product.

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