Larry Page: 750 million Android activations to date


Slipped into today’s announcement that Andy Rubin will step down as Android lead, relinquishing the position to Sundar Pichai, was some new info on device activations. According to Google CEO Larry Page, Android boasts 750 million activations to date with over 25 billion app downloads from the Android Market/Google Play Store.

Activation numbers aren’t always a solid indication of actual device circulation, as pointed out by analyst Benedict Evans. He estimates an active user base of closer to 675 million, plus or minus phones that run Android but lack access to Google services in regions such as China as well as second-hand device sales.

Regardless of how you slice it, the figure is fairly staggering. In contrast, Apple’s iOS sits right around 400 million activations, nearly half that of Android.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Hmm,…how much longer til Android reaches 1bln??? End of this year?. . .
    1qtr next year?,…Can’t be all that much longer. The S4 & Note III combined will be close to 100m.

    1. I guess if HTC does the other 150,000,000 we’ll be all set. I’d guess more like 1st quarter 2015 to hit a billion.

      1. Past year +425 million so 1.000 million total should be a peace of cake for 2013…

  2. The geeks won

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